[Proposal] Future is Near Music competition (Reloaded) 2.0

Hello, community.
The Future is near music competition is a challenge designed to celebrate music and the art in the Nearverse.
In its first edition, artists from around West Africa participated in a 5-week duration until one winner emerged: cryptomuse01.near Future is Near Music Challenge 1.0
In the 2.0 edition, we intend to bring it to the entire community worldwide and, we look forward to having artists from Nxm, Daorecords, C1 guild, and other music-inclined Dao’s to participate.


  • An Instrumental or beat will be provided to the artists and they are required to write and sing a song about Near being the future without using the exact phrase “The Future is Near”
  • They are to create a minute video of them singing their songs and tagging us via Twitter.
  • In the third week, winners will be announced.


  • Creation of new banners
  • Design of motion graphics
  • Hosting of Twitter space
  • Twitter ads.

Council Blaqk Stereo

Time duration:
3 weeks

Music records will be minted to our mintbase store


  • First Runner up - $280
  • Second Runner up - $120
  • Third Runner up - $70
    Total prize cash = $470

*Requesting: $1,000

Budget Break down price
Banner design $100
Beat production $100
Motion graphics $250
Twitter space hosting $100
Twitter Ads. $150
Prize money $470
Total $1170

Hi @Hawwal, also the same question with other competition, do you have any target group of audience to onboard through this competition? Since this month Blaqk Stereo DAO host 3 different competitions/contests, is there any value added besides an activity for existing community members to participate?

Propose to reduce the prize here, $400 is enough to hire a CM contributor in Open Web Sandbox for a month. I don’t think it must be this high to be attractive.


Hello @williamx
Thanks for the input, this is targeted toward artists in west Africa here, from data I collected in the first edition 1.0 I realized a bigger price range would attract more artists to participate that way I could introduce them to the Near protocol, onboard them, get them engaged with our various platforms and make more NFTs in the process. However, I will take your advice into consideration and rearrange the prize budget in order to conserve funds.

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