[CLOSED] South West Near Club of Nigeria Campus Tour in Yoruba Language


Southwest Club of Nigeria is a community operating from Ibadan, Oyo State, the South West of Nigeria.

Our mission is to connect builders in the South West of Nigeria to the platform that will help them grow to the extent of contributing positively to the NEAR by building dApps that will be useful for Near Protocol from Africa.


Name Role Social Handle
Name Role social Handle
@Officer LehLeh Team Lead Officer LehLeh (lehleh.near) | Near Social
@Tobiparadise01 Council tobiparadise | Near Social
@Shozy Council Shozy (shozy.near) | Near Social
@Hayyhux Com Moderator Aryorsammy hayyhux🎙️ (aryorsammy.near) | Near Social
@Esther SMM christerlight | Near Social

Social Media Handles

Social media Links

Twitter https://x.com/SWNearClubofNgr?s=20

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/southwestnearclubofnigeria?igsh=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @southwestnearclubofNigeria

Near Social: SouthWest Near Club of Nigeria (southwestnearclubofnigeria.near) | Near Social

Last report link:

Event KPI

wallet Creation: 50-100
Near Social: 50-100
Transaction on-chain: 500-1000+ (20% from Old members & 80% from the new members)
Retention Rate: 70%


This is a live event put together in the South West region of Nigeria, Ibadan, Oyo State with the aim of onboarding developers within the higher institutions in local dialect (Yoruba) in order to have a deeper regional penetration.

This project is aimed towards onboarding developers including students, faculty, and blockchain enthusiasts. who has what it takes to create useful and meaningful dApps to improve the Near BOS and the ecosystem at large.

The targeted Institution of learning is University of Ibadan which happened to be one of the premier UNI in Nigeria. The SWNCN will be collaborating with the student union of University of Ibadan, Nigeria to make a meaningful achievement out of the event.

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Coordinating Developers:

  1. Mayorwise Technologies 1
    @mayowajoseph | Linktree
  2. DexterityLogics

Expected Participants: 100- 150

Venue: University of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

Project Timeline: June, 2024

Target: we target to onboard 10-15 developers.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Creation of Improved creative experience on BOS and other Near dApps

  • Creation of Near Wallets with keypom.xyz and utilization through bounty participation and on-chain activities like Activities on BOS.

  • Onboarding of creatives developers into the ecosystem whose focus is only creation of useful dApps that will help the growth of the African continent and Near Ecosystem at large

Event Budget:

Event Venue $200
DJ & Sound $150
Multimedia (Visual & Audio) $150
Event Merch ( Branded T-shirts) $200
Banner, Posters & E-flyer $150
Refreshments $150
Educators (2) $100
Wallet Creation with Keypom.Xyz $300
Logistics $50
Near Token Give Aways $50
Council Stipends $400
Total $1,900

Target Wallet: southwest-near-club-of-nigeria.sputnik-dao.near

@AfricaDAO for Visibility

Do you have a developer in your team? If yes, where is their GitHub profile to verify their experience with tools on NEAR?

Also, I would like to refer you to the funding cap document [UPDATE] AFRICA DAO Proposal /report format you know that the amount asked for this event without Dev experience but only marketing is out of the DAO structure, given the KPIs.

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Hello, South West Near Club of Nigeria, its nice to have your proposal.

My concern is your area of focus for the Campus tour.
What activities are you going to carry out?

Secondly, the coordinating Devs u mentioned their webpages seems not to reflect developer activities.
can you please share their Github profiles. thanks

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  1. Onboarding of creatives developers into the ecosystem with the sole purpose of focusing creation of useful dApps in the ecosystem.

  2. Creation of Near Wallets with keypom.xyz and utilization through bounty participation and on-chain activities like Activities on BOS

  3. Creation of utilization of Near dApps

  4. Creation of dApps on BOS to help creatives expand their creativity.

  5. Creation and activation more account transactions on the Near Social and other Near dApps.

We will be using the services of expert developers to coordinate this event for a desired result.

These are the GitHub Profile links of the Coordinating Developers:

  1. Mayorwise Technologies:
    Mayorwise001 (Mayowa Tomosori) · GitHub

  2. DexterityLogics
    abdulgbangba (Abdullahi Shittu) · GitHub
    Shittu Abdullahi

On the funding Proposed… I will go through it again and make needed adjustment.

Have they done anything on BOS before?
Their personal GitHub doesn’t show them having any repository relating to NEAR



They are newly onboarded but have vast experience in web3 space.

Thanks for your proposal.

Unfortunately, i won’t support for this round.

Keep improving your community engagement and better alignment and apply next round , if we got a new structure or another funding direction.

Thanks for the work you have been doing, at this stage I will advise you focus on improving your community and to align your community structure with that of the DAO for the next round.

I’m not able to support at the moment.

@OfficerLehLeh_01 at the moment not much can be done in terms of BOS activities in your tour which is very key NDC guideline.

i will advice you continue engagements and establish partnerships. hope to see you in the next round.