[CLOSED] Seven Vision DAO | Marketing | August 2022

Hello dear @marketingdao-council and NEAR community, here is our marketing proposal for the month of August.

DAO: Seven Vision DAO Introduction

Earlier this year, we completed our original, one-hour documentary, Voices of the Wisdomkeepers , featuring four prolific indigenous elders from Turtle Island (North-America) and West Africa sharing wisdom-keys for creating a better world for future generations. We have not yet released it publicly because we are exploring the best approach to how it can be released and our next step is to submit it to select film festivals, with aligned themes. This will help us reach wider audiences and provide opportunities for expanding our network to promote our work and our movement.

One of our main themes is to showcase compelling videos containing indigenous elder wisdom for communities that may not otherwise have access and simultaneously connecting themes of sovereignty and decentralization with indigenous values, in a way that people all over the world can relate to. Moving forward, we will explore ways that our documentary and accompanying work can be connected with NFTs, to bring new audiences into the Web3 space and build in collaboration with the Near community.

Achieving our goals this month will allow us to stay on track with our goals of building our audience and taking steps towards our greater vision of establishing a sovereign and decentralized channel on Web3.


Seven Vision DAO has an Instagram and Facebook Page (launched earlier this year) a Telelgram Channel (just launched this month), and a Youtube channel (evolved from a previous channel), that has a following of 1.45K subscribers.


At the time of writing this proposal, Seven Vision DAO’s Instagram account has:

This upcoming month will be our first month of posting regularly with a more specific marketing plan, especially highlighting our documentary and elder-wisdom.

The main marketing coordination and social media management will be done by @queenblessings, the assistant coordination and content creation will be done by @sevenvision with additional video editing by @jackie_c.


  • 4 or more posts on our Instagram, Facebook and Telegram channels (2 images, 2 videos) + at least 4 stories per week.
  • Sharing of 1 or more articles / stories of aligned content (themes: sovereignty, media control, free media, resistances happening (especially related to environmental protection of sacred sites and indigenous news).
  • In addition to our new content, we will organize past content (documentary and and behind the scenes video clips) and set it up to be posted in the following months, to maintain consistency.
  • Submission to at least 6 film festivals, ideally with aligned themes to our documentary.

We are aiming to reach the following numbers by September 6th (one month):

  • Instagram: 150 followers (+14)
  • Facebook: 140 followers (+26)
  • Telegram Channel: 20 (+16)
  • At least 10 new email subscribers
  • At least 6 film festival submissions

Please note that growing our current YouTube channel is not a main goal because our long-term vision is to set up a decentralized alternative, and help people transition over.


  • $400 @ $100/week: manage the Instagram and Facebook accounts (4 posts & stories per week) + media content organization and preparation.
  • $300: Creation of original promotional graphics (content: 8 images and video 2 reels) and cutting and organizing past video clips for social media
  • $300: Researching, submitting, and handling further film submission process 10 hours @ $30/hour.
  • $240: Film festival submission costs 6 x $40 (average).


NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: queenblessings.near through @queenblessings

Thank you :yellow_heart:

Seven Vision Links:

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Good evening, I see you newbie for Near Community, introducing post was created 7 hours ago, but you already requested funds from Marketing DAO and Creativies DAO.

I’m suggesting you continue to work with Kin DAO?

By the way it would be great to see the interview and understand what a value for Near Community?

Community paid to your DAO $800 for interview with Kin DAO founder. How can I watch it?

Are you seriously? Sovereign media production studio doesn’t have a professional equipment?

It’s no from me, have a great day.

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Thanks for your proposal.

I am excited to see Web 3 empower and create new ways for special interest groups to gather and rally behind meaningful causes. However, I feel like a distinction needs to be made between the Marketing DAO funding the entire operations of these groups and the Marketing DAO empower initiatives that grow the NEAR Ecosystem.

I am not able to support this proposal at this time. In reaching this decision I have also considered the fact that you have already been funded by other community funding verticals

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We have been involved in work with other DAOs since April, 2022, when we also created our DAO. Since then, we have been educating ourselves about Web3, the Near community and involved processes.

We are following the guidelines for How to submit a funding proposal to the Marketing DAO and we are continuously learning about protocol for interacting on the Near forum moving forward.

Here is the intro snippet. The full video will be released this month.

We already have our own professional equipment and we are not asking for a rental. That budget item says "Video production including a 2-camera set up, shotgun microphones and all professional equipment (half-day): $550 – that is referring to video production with 2 videographers, with all professional equipment included.

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Hi @satojandro
Thanks for your response.

That makes sense but we are curious, regarding a similar proposal [Approved] Marketing INA DAO August “A DAO that specifically supports persons who identify as female, their goals and creative projects, regardless of origin, skin or colour.”

They are similar to us, in the sense that they are basically marketing their movement and specific niche. What makes what they are doing different from what we are doing?

Can you explain why being funded in the past reduces our likelihood of being funded again? That doesn’t seem to be the case with the majority of DAOs. We were under the impression that past funding would help build trust for our work.

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Hi team – thanks for the proposal. You have good quality images on your social media and seem to be up to some interesting/cool projects. That said, I cannot support this proposal at this time – there’s not enough clear connection to expanding the NEAR ecosystem (which is one of our mandates for allocating funds) coming through the proposal for me to support. I would recommend building your foundation so you can show some audience growth and traction and possibly resubmitting in the future with a more clear outline of how your activities will bring new audiences and engage existing audiences within the NEAR community.

I also note that on the Marketing DAO tracking sheet, there are three other council members who are not in support. Due to the lack of majority support from the council or the community, I am closing this proposal out.