[REPORT] Seven Vision DAO | August 2022 Monthly Report

Hey @creativesdao-mods council,
Here is our final report for our August Proposal: [APPROVED] Seven Vision DAO | Creative Funding | August 2022

Project Status: Complete

Project Name: Seven Vision DAO → Introduction

Council members:

  • queenblessings.near
  • sevenvision.near
  • northernvision.near
  • shivaani.near

Current DAO balance: 25 NEAR

AstroDAO: seven-vision-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Original Metrics for Success

  • Successful hosting of 1 documentary screening event with attendees participating in a community talking circle. - Changed our Plans (see explanation below)
  • Completion of 3 short videos (between 2-5 minutes each) of elder wisdom to be added to our channels. - Completed :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Onboarding 1 new Seven Vision DAO member, providing education and introduction to the NEAR ecosystem and Web3 :ballot_box_with_check:


  • Coordination of educational offerings corresponding with our documentary Voices of the Wisdomkeepers, with potential partners / collaborators including:
    • Workshops at Buckman Elementary in Portland, OR
    • Consuelo “La Peña” Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA
    • Unity Through Creativity Bay Area, CA
    • Water protector and creative community in Albuquerque, NM
    • Bloom Network, international community of people and projects working toward regenerative cultures.
  • Minting of our first NFT with satori: Seven Vision Strike NFT
  • Ongoing NEAR ecosystem education for enrolling more community members into council.
  • Onboarding of a new member: shivaani.near !


We were not able to schedule the “screening and talking circle” in August, due to the delay in receiving funding, we did not have adequate time for promotion.


Instead of hosting the documentary screening event, we have pivoted and turned our efforts and resources into focusing on an opportunity to present at NEARCON, in collaboration with Primordia DAO and Lowkeygiant, to further engage with the community by offering a visual presentation of our work within the virtual space.

Connected with this upcoming event, we have:

  • Engaged in ongoing promotion of NEARCON including through posting our recent video produced for The Kin DAO showcasing visuals of our collaborative work this past year.
  • Created of our Seven Vision Mintbase store! → Seven Vision
  • Minted our first NFT on Mintbase → Golden Alchemy
  • Committed to ongoing promotion highlighting our work as proud community members of NEAR.


  • Total requested / approved: 1940 USD.

Update (09/09/22): All payouts have been made:

Payout to quincydavis.near ($890 total)

  • Council work: $160
  • Video production, directing and cinematography (including all professional equipment): $600
  • Creating presentation content for NEARCON virtual presentation: $90
  • Artist presence and presentation at NEARCON: $40

Payout to queenblessings.near ($1050 total)

  • Council work: $400
  • Video production assistance, 2nd camera and coordination: $190
  • Creating Mintbase store $30
  • Creating presentation content for NEARCON virtual presentation: $90
  • Artist presence and presentation at NEARCON: $40
  • Honorarium for 3 indigenous elders interviewed: $300 (to be paid to each elder off chain)

Thanks! :yellow_heart:

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