[Introduction] Seven Vision DAO

Hello NEAR fam,
We are Seven Vision DAO, a digital extension of Seven Vision, a sovereign media production studio with life-affirming values for transformative times.


We produce dynamic audio-video content specializing in documentaries and music videos, weaving emotionally-compelling storytelling, to inspire visions of a better world. Our work is significant and timely because we present themes that connect sovereignty and decentralization with indigenous values, in a way that people all over the world can relate to.

Our educational content highlights indigenous wisdomkeepers and culture-bearers who carry important knowledge for humanity. We are developing youth education workshops, utilizing our videos, designed to bridge the elder teachings with the youth (high-school age), and provide a connection to timeless wisdom for communities that may not otherwise have access.

Our in-person and online events are a way of bringing people together in celebration with music, video, dance, storytelling and elements of ceremony (not specific to any religion). This often includes an element of setting the sacred space, highlighting and acknowledging our universal connection to each other and the elements of life. We believe that setting a clear intention and establishing a sacred container is a key component to creating experiences where community can come together with heart to heart connection, with potential for us to awaken a personal vision of a better world for the seven generations ahead.

Since founding in 2021, we have:

We were able to make all of this happen with only some small grant funds, personal investment and 3 active team members. With additional resources and collaboration, we will meet our goals with more ease and efficiency, and we will have more opportunity to carry through with our creative visions at full capacity.

Our next steps are to:

  • Onboard a dedicated social media / marketing manager.
  • Continue to organize and host community documentary screening events involving indigenous elders, talking circles and community ceremony.
  • Submit our documentary to film festivals.
  • Continue to produce an ongoing Wisdomkeeper documentary series with indigenous elders from different parts of the world.

Moving forward and our greater vision is to:

  • Launch our official public documentary release, connected with NFT series.
  • Onboard another video editor to help share the workload.
  • Hold a series of youth workshops utilizing our video work as an introduction, along with guest artist mentors / facilitators from our network, indigenous elders, and providing nature connection experiences.
  • Develop and expand on our dynamic learning module to Web3, as a home for our audience, creating a sovereign media channel with interactive educational and community dialogue components.
  • Based on invitations in our network, travel to Egypt and Ghana, West Africa to produce documentary projects in alignment with our DAO, to highlight indigenous elders and cultural wisdom, for transformative times, to re-awaken our tribal consciousness as humanity.
  • Acquire land with a fresh water source for permaculture and sustainable living and working, with traditional, Earth-based values and in relation with the indigenous people of that land.

We believe that we are in the greatest time ever for world-wide collaboration and we are thrilled to be a part of the NEAR ecosystem and Creatives DAO community. Feel free to get in touch and we look forward to creating and growing together!

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