[Closed] Seven Vision DAO | Marketing September 2022

Dear @marketingdao-council, we are seeking approval of our marketing budget this month.

Project: Seven Vision DAO Introduction

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Last month’s report: N/A (this would be our first approved proposal)

Successes this past month (August):

  • Approval for our first month of funding from the Creatives DAO council and successful completion of our goals. → Report.
  • Onboarding of our newest member @Shivaani specializing in social media management / marketing / promotion support.
  • Launching of our store on Mintbase and minting of our first NFT!

Moving forward and building on our momentum, we have a busy upcoming month including:

  • Presenting our DAO and our work at the upcoming NEARCON event on September 13th, with our community collaborators, Primordia DAO.
  • Hosting our first global online gathering event for the NEAR community and beyond, taking place on October 5th. → Vibes and Wisdom Project Explainer.
  • Develop video content for our new Voices of Wisdom project, to be utilized for youth education (high-school - university age) → Voices of Wisdom Project Explainer .

Our main marketing goals are to properly promote these events with at least 4 posts a week (and 4 stories) on each of our social media accounts.

All of our promotion for these events will include mention of “proud community members of NEAR” or a similar message.

This will be introducing NEAR to new audiences through our network including our email list of over 1000 subscribers and our social accounts:

Additional Goals

  • Promotion of our Satori NFT to encourage creation of new wallet.
  • Ongoing education of community members for the NEAR ecosystem.

Metrics for Success:

  • Social media promotion of the mentioned events on our various social accounts (at least 4 posts per week) including promotion of NEAR.
  • Over 25 attendees at our gathering on October 5th.
  • Building our following by increasing our social media numbers by at least 10+ new followers for each above-mentioned accounts.

Funding Details for September

  • Creation of new promotional graphics showcasing our Voices of Wisdom project, Vibes and Wisdom event and other projects, including NEAR. At least 7 new professional original content pieces (by @sevenvision): $300
  • Creation of promotional flyer for the Vibes and Wisdom event: $180
  • Social media management (by @Shivaani) of the Instagram, Facebook accounts (4 posts & stories per week) + media content organization and preparation: $400 @ $100/week:
  • Gathering and organizing past content + editing / developing for social media (stories and reels), promoting upcoming events / projects (@queenblessings). At least 7 unused or revamped content pieces: $240

TOTAL: $1120 USD in DAI Stablecoin

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: queenblessings.near through @queenblessings

Thank you for your consideration :yellow_heart:

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How many new users did your work attract to the Near ecosystem during the month of August? What does your NFT give you as a gift for registering a wallet? How many wallets were created thanks to your work?
Thx :blush:


Hi @pathfinder

To be clear, we were not approved for marketing funding last month so we have not had a budget or extra time / energy to specifically promote for this or keep track of the metrics that you are requesting. This past month we have been busy producing / creating the art itself and our time has been limited to complete our Creative DAO project goals. Upon being approved of funding we will be able to bring on our newly onboarded social media manager help who’s responsibility can be to keep track of metrics in this way, along with promoting specifically to attract folks to the NEAR ecosystem through promotion of our work supported by Near.

We would like to set up the NFT to connect with a special VIP access page of unreleased content, but we have not yet set that up and are just learning. Would love any suggestions / links / pointers for how to do this.

At this point there are 6 owners of our Satori NFT but I am not sure how many of those are new wallets. We are new to the ecosystem and have just received our first round of Creative DAO funding last month. Since then we have onboarded 1 new member and are in conversation with at least 4 other community members who are interested. We believe that the upcoming virtual events we are hosting and are asking for support to promote will provide more opportunity to attract folks, especially as our niche is unique.
Thanks :butterfly:


Hi @queenblessings

Thank you for your proposal. While I can see there’s something really interesting creative opportunities behind this project, I’m struggling to see how it directly creates value for Near.

It’s a no from me on this one. However, I’ll make a suggestion for possible future opportunities.

If you were fundraising for the creation of your next film and using NFTs as a way to crowdfund the project. Every level of NFTs gives all sorts of benefits for the holders… that would be a very cool endeavor.

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Thank you for your proposal,

I am glad that the team has been able to continue working and make progress with the initial grant from Creatives DAO.

Considering that the project is still quite early stage, and the relatively small size of the community, etc. I believe it would be best for it to continue to operate through Creatives DAO.

I do not support this proposal at this time.

We are focusing the limited amount of community resources from Marketing DAO to initiatives that can have the biggest impact across several key areas of growth.

Hello, would you like to apply for a Mintbase grant?

Have a great weekend!

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