[PROPOSAL] NEAR Metaverse Magazine #02 + print edition for #01

Proponent: Metaverse DAO
NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Project Timeline: January 5th – 31th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to build the second number of NEAR Metaverse Magazine to showcase artists and metaverse events from NEAR, and to make a print edition for the first edition.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is because it us a way to systematize and to showcase near artists and metaverse events, with a historical perspective, building a periodical, that could store the relevant information for the future. The printed edition #01 is a way to stimulate collectionism and the relation between NFTs and delivery of a physical piece, making a bridge on NEAR between Metaverse, NFTs (on Mintbase) and the β€œreal” world.

The project: To make NEAR Metaverse Magazine #02: a magazine focused on near artists and near events on metaverse, made in a site and in pdf, by screenshots and photos from events and artists and texts about them. We will also publish interviews with near artists and guild leaders with metaverse presence, and a section about tokenomics and near protocol. The idea of this project is to keep building this monthly magazine for future research, stored in our connection center. Beyond that we will print the first edition and make the NFTs available for a price that covers the shipment of the printed edition, but we will need funds to print.


January 5th:

Start curating the artists: music and video.
Start writing the texts.

January 30th:

Launch the magazine, if possible with the interview from the prize winners, from another project.

January 31th - February 4th:

Accountability report


500 usd in NEAR: Get the material for the magazine (with the DAOs and the artists) and build the magazine (site and pdf) with graphic design with images and texts (form and content) + google form for us to previewsly know all near metaverse events : JohnX

200 usd in NEAR: Diagramming professional for online and print edition.

{Not part of the funding request: 500 usd in near: Printing 1st edition [we can take that resource for printing from our treasury, that has enough to doing this]}.

TOTAL: 700 USD in NEAR (+ 500 usd in DAI already in the treasury)

Final Products: . Our products here would be the own online magazine in pdf format minted on mintbase and the data base of near artists and metaverse events within it, inasmuch as the printed version for the first edition.

Metaverse DAO


Hi, Happy year 2022 everyone! :rocket:
Where I get the digital version of NEAR Metaverse Magazine, #01 ??? :heart_eyes:
I appreciate the feedback, thank you very much.

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We are still building this project, but we hope that we can send it to everyone who collect the nft. We will list the nft in a month when we get the magazine ready. :slight_smile: thank you so much for the interest. Here our mintbase historical store: nearmetaversehistory.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

Project Report

NEAR Metaverse Magazine #2

Project Status: Completed

Project Accounting: We published and minted the #2 Magazine on time. We spend all the resources we intended.

* 500 usd in near for the editor @JohnX
* 200 usd forthe diagramming professional @beetlejuice

Updated Project Timeline:
The publishing happened at the dates foreseen.

Final Products: 1 near metaverse magazine on site and minted on mintbase. The printed version from the first edition was not made, because we still did not receive the approval from Marketing DAO.

Maybe to make a printing version of all the magazines could be an unnecessary task, given the time and resources spending in doing so. Nevertheless, it is interesting to make a printed version from the first number, what we shall do next month, in case we receive the approval.

Next Steps:
The magazine is a successful project, so we intend to keep building it.

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