[proposal] planet lukukul: a collection and a community pt2

hello, i’m reespect, a rap artist based in lagos, nigeria. i have had the most freeing experience in music since i joined this community and for that i’m very grateful.
i created my genesis nft:

in may and now it’s time for something a lot bigger, a whole new world stacked up on the genesis.

planet lukukul.

planet lukukul (look who’s cool) is a dystopian planet for cool people, where the priority is to let everyone just be, because being exactly who you are is cool. on planet lukukul we do not discriminate on any level and we accept people as they are.

the collection once executed is also going to be the community.

the collection will have 5 characters from an animated story related to the planet lukukul.

the animation is going to be attached to the lead single from my next extended playlist.

planet lukukul:

-it will have a website, a twitter and a store on mintbase

-it will have 333 editions with 100 sent to genesis holders

-the art will be drawn by an artist i will onboard

the roll out gifs and videos will be done by an animator i will onboard.

-it will be published on physical magazines with focus on near and the forthcoming ep.

-it should be available on the 18th of august following an onboarding event, but i have to start work immediately.

i’ve attached a video of my proposal to make it easier to consume:


i would love to collaborate with afrostar guild on this.
this will lead to an immediate handshake with the planet lukukul community and when it time for the physical event, afrostar guild will be on every branded material.

the end result of this project is going to onboard new individuals and collectors into the near ecosystem.


website and website design: blaqk stereo

animation video: $400

compensation for artist: $200

publication: $200

mixing and mastering ep: $200

total: $1000

wallet: reespect.near

@sterryo @bgem


Hello! =) I remember a nice call with you Reespect

All the best!

One question, can you add a breakdown on the budget?

For example, the animation video how long is it? The compensation is for just one artist?

What is the publication tasks, can you elaborate further?

Big hug :love_you_gesture:


yes, definitely, i can.
the video is 3:52 seconds, the length of the lead single.

the compensation is for the artist working on the roll out gifs animation and the overall collection.

i’ll be working with two artists. a primary one (to create the collection) and a supporting artist (to help with roll out arts).

as for publication, i want to get some magazines (currently looking at lucidlemons, drummr africa, nativemag and boomplay) to write articles about the music with the story from the perspective of near, the web3 and the collection.

if you have anymore questions, just let me know.


nice proposal, @reespect this will come through out july funding! thank you.

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i truly appreciate that :pray:t5:

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