[Closed] "Picto Show Shuffle", An Internet Radio Show and Workshop

“MTV and Music Production Tutorials in the form of an Internet Radio Show”

Picto Show Shuffle :tv::musical_note::video_camera::books: (an Internet Online Show and Workshop) - July 2022

Proposal Background

Picto Show Shuffle is the brand new pilot multimedia internet show based in Mexico :mexico: produced by Picto Show Records (pictoshowsrecords.near) that seeks to aggregate and grow ecosystem community through music in different formats, from music production tutorials and tips from previous projects (Necropalooza 2020, Necropalooza 2021, Break My Heart Festival, as well as the last RAVE the EARTH fest) to make mixtapes and compilation to adapt more user to MintBase.io around the globe via streaming, as well as to encourage the organization of online events to be part of the stream schedule.


This time we brought to you an official Internet Radio Show in order to make a platform to aggregate and rebroadcast artists we’ve been conecting and collaborationg through the agency in the last 2 years to bring more talent to NxM via music this live show + production tutorials as well as onboarding process (wallets, and airdrop) and also Minting music productions, we would like to organize our pilot of this new brand Internet RadioShow. :space_invader: :sparkles:

“Picto Show Records” is a label/agency that seeks to give a home and aesthetics to internet core music from Mexico and Latam to the world. It can be anything from a DJ video set, to snippets and upcoming material from artists. :minidisc:


Project Planning

As we mentioned before, we plan to broadcast +10 hours of music videos +20 hours of just music, and production tutorials, all of these during the first 2 weeks of July, in order to get accurate insights on the performance of this project, in the production team we find a lot of value in engaging a community in terms of learning. It’s planned to be broadcasted on Twitch.

:clapper: = INTERNET RADIO SHOW (MTV type programs)
:paintbrush: = PICTO WORKSHOP program (Music Prodcution Tutorials and Tips programs)

We plan to start from July 1st, with a quantity of eight programs, which will be minted in the form of a complete mix of the respective program of the day, and in the case of music production tutorials, the samples used will be minted to provide accessibility. Each show will have an approximate duration of 2 to 3 hours and will be broadcast at 12 PM Pacific Time.

How much do we need to fund this?

The numbers are around 470 USD .

We would be requesting:

Music production programs: $50 USD
Inernet and Twitch Hosting: $200 USD
Blog article for local and national distribution and Advertisement: $100 USD
Funds to distribute to the artists broadcasted: $100 USD
Concept artists and direction designs: $20 USD
Total funding requested: 470 USD
Near Wallet where funds shall be transferred: pictoshowrecords.near

Also, I have recently added more speed to the Internet host so the quality this time is improving for sure. So don’t worry, it will be high quality programs, you don’t need worry for that :slight_smile: :person_raising_hand: :fast_forward: .


We’re going through key times for growth and adoption of web3. We think this project will ignite the sharing of knowledge in smaller artist to improve and learn more from Music Production and Web3, where we face something that has never happened before: Latinamericans building digital infrastructure for Latinamericans through the globe. We like to think of this project as some of the beginnings of this format.


As already mentioned, this pilot is planned to last two weeks, but we hope to make more editions of this style in the following months, mainly because of the culture that exists around this concept.

The main vision for the event is to expand our values and initiatives to a virtual scale and to give latin american artist an opportunity to promote themselves in a unique environment.

We hope that our proposal is reviewed and accepted and we can make history together. We are positive we can do a whole lot to drive up onboarding for the Near Brand and we look forward to being approved by the NXM family @vandal @Paul @Monish016


Update regarding Picto Show Shuffle :musical_note:

Gm NxM fam, I hope you are having a nice week, so I just wanna post abt the new promo video just dropped yesterday in all socials (youtube, instagram, fb), as we start tomorrow (July 1st) first workshop where we will onboarding and make some production showcase @vandal @Monish016 @Paul

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You can directly download the stems and even support us by buying the master track with 0.5 near =) . Tomorrow we will have workshop stream and show stream throughout the day tomorrow (Sunday, July 3rd, 2022 @ Twitch)


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It’s really nice :+1: i wish you all the best :blush::heart::100:

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tysm for the feedback :raised_hands: :love_letter: you also invited to join tomorrow and watch 2nd day of the show or even the workshop

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Gm NxM fam, I’m rolling the auction on 1/1 tracks stems from #SHUFFLE Workshop Day 1,
Auction starts at 4.99 Near, the collector will have access to this beat with stems plus another modified track as a gift :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll appreciate if you collect this beat, tysm for your attention :heart: #Music4Life

We about to start with Day 2 of Picto Show Shuffle, hope you can hop into the stream :slight_smile: (Twitch)


  • Workshop Day #3 will be available later today.
  • “Link in bio” are now updated.
  • You can now TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS in Twitch Channel (do it right now).
  • Stems from Workshop #1 are now totally free.
  • Stems are now available in @tamago.stream and @nxmlive 's @mintbase_ store for purchase.

Picto Show Shuffle Day #3 || Show Day

Available Right Now on Twitch to rebroadcast :slight_smile: Stay tune for tomorrow’s show !! :heart_eyes_cat:

Dear @ComandoBurrito
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. Feel free to submit your report in the next round.

Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines below:
:point_right:Events: [GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Events

Dear @Paul

Hope you doing well :blush: If you can tell me exactly how to adapt the actual model, I think we could reach to an agreement if there’s any guideline the project doesn’t match with the actual proposal.

The things is I already spend for more Internet speed here in my country and that’s why the stream quality has increased exponentially compared to before.

As I said before we are growing a lot and faster in terms of insights, we can even decrease the funding requirement, I could understand this type of event could be produced with at least 250 USD in this occasion.

Thank you so much for your attention, support, and time investing and reviewing this kind of projects, I hope you could understand my situation :smiling_face: best wishes :sunflower::pray:

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Hey, @ComandoBurrito feel free to join on NxM community call this Friday on telegram chat!

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Gm @Paul , here I am, I cannot write in the NxM chat, I think I got reported by some moderator and I don’t know why :confused: but I am here in the telegram call

Should be fixed, as when I checked no restrictions were made on your account. Is it solved?

I think it’s fault of telegram automated ban system, banned will end 12 jul :confused: