[Closed] October 2021 Social Media Moderation Budget For Near Protocol Bangladesh Community

Guild Name:- Near Protocol Bangladesh
Funding Scheme:- Monthly
Total Fund:- 600$ Near
Near Wallet:- tafsirul555.near
Near Owner Name:- Tafsirul Islam Mahin

I want to create Near Protocol Bangladesh Community. That’s why I’m doing a Funding Post today.

I have already given a post to create a community group and Twitter ID. With which I will develop Near Protocol in Bangladesh. That’s why I have to giveaway, bounty to present it in front of everyone. That’s why I need a Near Fund. Through which I can always do easy marketing.

My Plan to work Near Protocol Bangladesh:-

1:- I will do AMA with Bangladeshis every month. Where I will highlight the Near Protocol for Bangladeshis. Where I will give 5 best questions with 5$ near reward

2:- I will manage different types of events on Twitter. BecauseTwitter is a social media where very good marketing can be done.Where I will give 5 winners as a 5$ Near prize every Friday of the week. In this way, there will be 4 Twitter Events per month

3:- I will organize Trade Volume with Bangladeshis every month.Where Bangladeshis will do the highest trade volume and I will give 5$ to those who will do 400$ Near Volume. I will give it to 15 people in total

4:- we’ll organize the weekly prize distribution randomly.So that everyone stays with Near Protocol Bangladesh.Every week I will give Near Giveaway to 50 people at 2$ as a Group Activity Reward

5:- I will hold a meeting with the big YouTubers of Bangladesh who do Crypto Making in Bangladesh every month. Those who will take the Near Protocol to the highest level in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi has 2 Best YouTube and the other two Best Telegram Channel. I’m talking to them, two will take YouTube 100$×2 and Telegram Channel Two Owner Will Take 50$×2

Here Two YouTube channel:-

1:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1uRg7x8x2NUwiYnEgNUWg


Here Two Telegram Channel:-
1:-Telegram: Contact @onlinebidda24
2:-Telegram: Contact @Solutionspark1

and through them I will promote Near Protocol.
My previous Guild Post :- Near Protocol Bangladesh Guilds New Post


Thoughts here @marketingdao-council ?

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Plans are not specific. Could you please show us detailed budget with all marketing activities?
Thank You!


I am post in Sputnik a total of 120 Near Fund. With which I will implement my plan

Plans are not specific. Could you please show us detailed budget with all marketing activities?
Thank You!

How much budget do I need to write that side?

Total Fund:- 600$ Near

Yaa, Total as 600$ Near . And the concerns I have raised will be for that. Read my post again. I have some changes

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hey Tafsirul, here are my suggestions and comments about your proposal.

what kind of events? please be more specific about it. give some examples

how will you monitor this ? you need to run API’s on their exchange but in your case this seems impossible.

if you will do so please share the google form you will be using in this event. so that people can see what have been done/will have done, how people are chosen/will be chosen and are they really an active member of your community channel or not.

this is a very good idea. please share the influencers social links how many followers they have(please provide these with links and screenshots) and be more specific about what they will do. e.g. ‘this twitter user will post a tweet about the Near protocol’ …or… 'he will shoot a 5 min video about the wallet and staking in Bengal…etc

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Twitter Event Means like this :-

User Trade Near And Given me Trade History . This is how I will choose

Yaa, If my fund is approved, then when I start working, I will share the form link as proof next month

They all have over 15,000 members, of which about 5,000 are active every day. You can visit them by visiting YouTube and Telegram Channel


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If it is 600USD worth of NEAR, I’ll let it through. Will wait for the other council members to decide.


Next November I want to start from the 1st November. What do you say? @jcatnear

I concur with JC, if the proposal is only for $600, I’m inclined to let it through.

However, I do want to note that this kind of proposal is problematic as the Council has very little to no data points to go by when making a decision other than the promises of the proposer.

For larger amounts, we would request to meet with you over a call to get to know you better and explore some of these points in depth.

The trend I have noticed and would personally advocate for is one of Social Capital; there are many contributors to the NEAR ecosystem who build relationships and trust due to their ongoing engagements - accessing funding for these people enables them to do more. These are often referred to as ‘passion projects’ community members carrying out work that they would’ve done anyway for free, but we want to recognise their efforts and enable them to increase the reach of their impact.

  • What is the State of the Bangladeshi NEAR community right now?
  • What has been your involvement with the Bangladeshi Community Right Now?
  • What do you think could be achieved within that Community if you are able to access funding? How long until we have (the first?) NEAR Certified Developer from Blangladesh? Validators/Staking Nodes? Projects building on NEAR? Etc.

Bangladesh Community I want to create this month. Community has not been created in Bangladesh yet for the budget

I want to start from the November. What do you say? @jcatnear @marketingdao-council

This is awesome but is there any chance you can please respond to the questions from @satojandro? :raised_hands:


Hi @Tafsirul555 i am also happy to join a call to hear more about your ideas

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Hlw, okay, How can I join

I would like to partake in this bounty how can I start???

Happy to schedule a call with you @Tafsirul555 but I think it would be a good idea to respond to the questions from @satojandro first

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