[APPROVED] Sept 2021 Social Media Moderation budget for Near Turkey - CoinNET

Funding scheme: monthly
Report about last months activities:
Near Turkey last months report & future plans - Community / Guilds - NEAR Forum

Twitter: Increasing Near Turkey Twitter account followers
Expected amount of users by end of september: 5000+
Idea: Talking to influencers and promoters to post about Near on Twitter
This will bring us an audience on Twitter and we could reach out to more people from Turkey by getting more likes+rt on our tweets.

Telegram: Increasing Near Turkey Telegram Users (currently +2000 users)
Expected amount of users by end of september: 5000+ Users
Idea: 7/24 support in Near Turkey Telegram group from 4 admins
Continuesly sharing news about Near in the channel
Sharing Near on other community groups on Telegram, for example on Exchange turkish groups
Kucoin Turkey / Huobi Turkey

CoinNET Website: Creating 5 Near articles and sharing on our website
Sharing a Near banner on our website and redirecting users to the Near Homepage
Expecting + 5000 views on the article
PS: 2 professional editors will create the articles

Youtube: Creating a Youtube Video on a 75K+ channel
Topics: Why you should invest in Near Protocol, Use Cases, Staking, Community…

Merchandise: Creating 5 credit Card holders with Near Logo on it and doing a giveaway to 5 people who are hodling / staking Near.
Shipping will be done by us.

Further activites can be added (eg. AMA session) we are open for any ideas :slight_smile:

Total requested amount:

Near wallet ID:

Wallet owners Name

Hey @cizi31 ,

Awesome to see these ideas!

Can you please share all metrics and links for the channels you’ve shared? In regards to YouTube, can you share:

Watch Time , Average Percentage Viewed and Average View

Additionally, can you define how you’ll measure success?

I can see the payout address is your own. Since this is a NEAR-Turkey focused initiative, how about creating a NEAR Turkey Guild and leveraging that to expand reach and impact even further? Funds can then be requested directly to the DAO and disseminated to appropriate parties to improve transparency and accountability

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Hi @David_NEAR ,

first of all thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

about creating a NEAR Turkey Guild account: I think thats a good idea. That would also help us manage all funds and also expand it further. I have some questions regarding that:
Who will create the NEAR Turkey Guild account?
Who will manage it, may I do that?
Shall I create the account on wallet.near.org ?
Requesting directly to the DAO… you mean the SputnikDAO right ? - sputnik.fund/#/

For me, success means building and achieving something. That fulfills me and, despite a lot of work, is something I can look back on. Success is when individuals or associations of individuals achieve their goals and thats why I set targets above. If a defined goal or a goal recognized as worth striving for is achieved, it is referred to as success.
Our aim as CoinNET Team is to let people know all about the project and not only focus on trading. We got also some ideas from community members to take part on Hackathons also.
Maybe the Turkey Guild account will be the beginning for such activities. Also other turkish communities can participate and be a part of NEAR Turkey.

here are some links to the channels and youtube metrics:

Telegram community groups:

Some of our 10+ references are:

Website: www.coin-net.com

Twitter CoinNET: https://twitter.com/coinnethaber
Twitter Robin Trade: https://twitter.com/robincryptoo
Respect Trade Twitter: https://twitter.com/RespectTrade
Promoter Jacob Stamp: https://twitter.com/imjacobstamp
Promoter Hernan: https://twitter.com/hernancaire

Youtube analytics:

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Hey :wave: ,

You can create a DAO on SputnikDAO here but it’s best you familiarise yourself with Guilds first here.

Apologies, let me be more clear in regards to how you’ll measure success:

Do you have any tangible metrics for the content creation/social media channels? E.g - x amount of impressions on Twitter, x amount of views on YouTube etc.

Awesome stuff on the YouTube stats :tada:

Additionally, can you please resubmit your proposal in USD value, rather than NEAR. This is something we may be moving toward in the future.


Hi @David_NEAR

Thanks, I’ve created a new DAO now SputnikDAO
May you please check ? :slight_smile:
We can expand councils also in the next weeks / months

About Website Traffic please check this link: Domain Overview | Semrush
We’ve redesigned our website thats why you will not see statistics from last years.
our traffic is mostly from turkey as the articles are in turkish language.
In the next months I am thinking to create the website also in german / spanish and english language.

About Twitter: Currently we have about 11k+ followers https://twitter.com/coinnethaber
If we share an article about NEAR on our website www.coin-net.com
the article will be automatically shared also on our CoinNET Twitter account.
About impressions I can send an example from our pinned message:

I am also sharing news / articles from my own Twitter account: https://twitter.com/cizi31/status/1428703086395236355?s=20
You can check the like+rt there

My goal for the next months is to find an admin who can continuesly share news/articles about Near in turkish language on the NEAR TURKEY Twitter account and I will help increasing the followers there to 5-10k members: https://twitter.com/near_turkey

About Telegram traffic: For that please check all channels I sent above, or maybe also check this group stats as an example: Telegram: Contact @robintrades
Thats one of 3 community channels

About YouTube stats: please also check additional to the stats I sent above the video about NEAR

the video has about 10k+ viewers, we are sharing the videos in our NEAR Turkey Telegram channel for newbies, it’s really helpful. As next I am thinking to create further explanational YT videos about NEAR with the latest updates in turkish language.

About proposal:
to prepare all stuff I sent above and expand Near Turkey, what about a monthly budget of 5000$ in NEAR (500-550 $Near at the current price) to turkey.sputnikdao.near ?

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Why don’t we proceed with a budget of ~ $2,500 and see how progress is after one month? We’ll be able to assess the impact of all the initiatives and move forward with an amended budget depending on the results.

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Hi @cizi31 great work on setting up the Turkey DAO.

As part of the Marketing Vertical DAO I am also keen to see funds channeled through the Sputnik DAO platform. I would suggest that you reach out to find people to join your DAO as council members.

Good to see that you have provided stats on You Tube and Telegram channels.

I agree with @David_NEAR regarding an initial budget of $2,500. I would add that it is important to keep a record of how this money is spent and show results from the initiatives.

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing the proposal!

A few general comments; as a Regional Guild, I would suggest looking at the Playbook that Near Hispano has been implementing and that has yielded astronomic results:

  • Due to the early stages of the Near Protocol, their focus has been on developers first, with very strict goals around enrolling new developers into de Near Certified Dev course, training and retaining devs (placing them with teams within Near ecosystem, bounties, hackathon participation, etc.)

  • I note that you have included developers as the third cohort to target; if faced with limited resources (time or money), I would prioritise them.

From my experience, growth happens when there are many active ‘agents’ in a region. We already have a few heavy hitting Near Core + Community members living in Istanbul. I believe that with a local Guild’s efforts we could grow the community there (contributors, not just numbers on a Telegram group) and have local projects - solving real problems for real, local people - launching soon.

In regards to content creation, I’m wondering how much of the content has already been created in another languages. Ideally your Guild only has to translate it and deliver it. This would greatly reduce the workload while ensuring we have consistent, high quality across all communities. (i.e. ‘What is Near’, etc. should be well documented by now…)


Hi @David_NEAR @cryptocredit

Alright, let’s start with 2500$ and see how the progress is after one month.
I’ve created a new proposal, hope thats correct:

The proposal is as discussed for turkey.sputnikdao.near monthly budget.
Please let me know if anything is wrong.

I will create a new forum topic by the end of the month and write about all marketing stuff we did with some statistics.

PS: please forget / reject the proposal with new council, it was created unintenionally…

Thank you!

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Hi @satojandro

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

I will note everything you sent and discuss with our Team.
Last month, a turkish developer contacted me about taking part on Hackathon’s. I will get in touch with him again and ask other community members to participate.

I am in contact with some turkish influencers and community groups to join us so that we have many active agents soon. I am currently working on that.

About content:
Mostly our editors are translating the articles as you said. But there are also some organic self written articles about Near in turkish language.
Maybe it would be good to create a Near Medium account too and share all articles there.


I have approved the proposal in the community squad DAO, but the payout target is not going to the DAO that you created: SputnikDAO

Instead the target is your personal address. Since there is only one council member on the Turkey DAO, I don’t see this as being a large issue, but it would be great if you could transfer the funds from your personal wallet to the DAO address if this proposal passes :ok_hand:t4:.

@starpause seems like many new users of sputnik.fund are getting confused because it autofills their logged in account, I have also made this mistake a few times and we have had many people make this mistake in the creatives DAO. Is there any way to REMOVE this “feature” and make it so that users have to actually type out the target address for payout proposals? I feel as though this would make it much clearer to new users what is happening.


Hi @mecsbecs

I realized that after creating the proposal and I couldn’t edit it afterwards :confused:
The column autofills with your .near wallet account.

Yes, you can be sure I will transfer all requested funds to the DAO. I will also share the transaction here with you.

Thank you for understanding!

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That’s okay, it shows your personal wallet on the SputnikDAO anyway so I think it’s all alright.

I’m personally confused as to why the payout is being requested from the Community Squad DAO however, since this is a social media moderation project and was being approved by the Marketing DAO?

On the Community Squad DAO, I will be voting this payout proposal down as it was posted with the wrong DAO. Good luck with your work!


well that solves that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :upside_down_face: :ok_hand:t4:


Shall I send the proposal to SputnikDAO


What do you think? @mecsbecs @David_NEAR

Hey! Send it to this one

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Thanks. Done :white_check_mark:

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Hello, how can I join the member organizations?


Are you looking to be a part of NEAR Turkey? Or something else?

NEAR Turkey have a Telegram Community here if you’re interested in reaching out.

Awesome to have you on board :tada:

Here is report Near Turkey September / October 2021 report - #2 by cizi31