[Closed] January 2022 Social Media Moderation Budget For Near Protocol Bangladesh Community

Guild Name:- Near Protocol Bangladesh
Funding Scheme:- Monthly
Total Fund:- 600$ Near
Near Wallet:- tafsirul555.near
Near Owner Name:- Tafsirul Islam Mahin

I want to create Near Protocol Bangladesh Community. That’s why I’m doing a Funding Post today.

I have already given a post to create a community group and Twitter ID. With which I will develop Near Protocol in Bangladesh. That’s why I have to giveaway, bounty to present it in front of everyone. That’s why I need a Near Fund. Through which I can always do easy marketing.

My Plan to work Near Protocol Bangladesh:-

1:- I will do AMA with Bangladeshis every month. Where I will highlight the Near Protocol for Bangladeshis. Where I will give 5 best questions with 5$ near reward

2:- I will manage different types of events on Twitter. BecauseTwitter is a social media where very good marketing can be done.Where I will give 5 winners as a 5$ Near prize every Friday of the week. In this way, there will be 4 Twitter Events per month

3:- I will organize Trade Volume with Bangladeshis every month.Where Bangladeshis will do the highest trade volume and I will give 5$ to those who will do 400$ Near Volume. I will give it to 15 people in total

4:- we’ll organize the weekly prize distribution randomly.So that everyone stays with Near Protocol Bangladesh.Every week I will give Near Giveaway to 50 people at 2$ as a Group Activity Reward

5:- I will hold a meeting with the big YouTubers of Bangladesh who do Crypto Making in Bangladesh every month. Those who will take the Near Protocol to the highest level in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi has 2 Best YouTube and the other two Best Telegram Channel. I’m talking to them, two will take YouTube 100$×2 and Telegram Channel Two Owner Will Take 50$×2

Here Two YouTube channel:-

1:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1uRg7x8x2NUwiYnEgNUWg


Here Two Telegram Channel:-
1:-Telegram: Contact @onlinebidda24
2:-Telegram: Contact @Solutionspark1

and through them I will promote Near Protocol.
My previous Guild Post :- Near Protocol Bangladesh Guilds New Post

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Good morning dude. Is it proposal for Ecosystem Growing DAO or Marketing? Thank You.

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Marketing in Bangladesh

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Ok, thank you. Tags fixed.


Okay, when will Approve happen? :blush:

Good evening !

As I see, Near Protocol Bangladesh doesn’t have dedicated tg group or channel. It’s just a part of some crypto channels there are promote other blockchains and coins.

Unfortunately, I can’t support it.

Have a great day!

JC forbids Telegram Group and Channel to open. He says, before the fund is approved

These are my community

@marketingdao-council please check. I want to work with Near Protocol

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Do you have a Bangladeshi-focused NEAR Telegram community? Or is this exclusively in external communities?

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JC forbids Telegram Group and Channel to open. He says, before the fund is approved

Who is forbidding you from opening a Telegram?

JC says, before the fund is approved than I create Bangladesh Community

Hi @Tafsirul555 , let’s at least have the social media accounts (i.e. Telegram) started and have work done before we proceed with the payout. This will help establish your credibility and ease the concerns of other community members here. You can consult with @stanisnear @GiuseppeBk of NEAR Italy who recently started their regional guild by doing work first before getting their first payout. I understand this has gone on for months but I hope we can finally get this sorted.


How do I get started my all near marketing plan without a fund?

Hey @Tafsirul555 ! Drafting a proposal does not guarantee funding, unfortunately. I want to clarify that I don’t necessarily “forbid” you from creating a group without funding, and we’re not withholding funds from you; given the conversations we’ve been having, we now request to see proof of work first and compensating you for those efforts (and other succeeding initiatives).


There is no fee to create a Telegram group or start a community. It’s activities like that we’d love to see before distributing funding.

We want to be able to support you to grow that community, but it should be created out of a love for the NEAR Ecosystem rather than a desire to get paid.


Okay JC. Tell me how to start Telegram. I gave you a message in Inbox

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Okay sir, can you help me with this?

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Hey buddy , it’s as simple as that to create a account in Telegram. Its absolutely cost free.

1.Go to telegram
2.Create New group with suitable name.and that’s it.

It needs constant efforts.

3.Now share it to the people who wants to join your group.
4.Reach out to other communities to join your Group.
5.Post current and neiche happenings on Near Ecosystem.
6. Post bounties and opportunities to earn Rewards.
7. Onboard new people to the Near ecosystem and much more.

You can see gradual raise in followers or memeber organically.

Good luck.