[Closed] NFT Art Contest 2022 - Halloween/Day of the Dead

October and November are the dates for celebrating Halloween and Day Of Death (Mexican celebration), 2 very colorful celebrations that deserve an ¡art contest!.

What is the Day of the Dead celebration?

Mexicans celebrate the death in their own way, this means that during November 1st and 2nd, people visit the graveyard to put offerings to the dead’s relatives and friends, who are believed to be back in those days to the world.

In 2008, the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

What is Halloween?

All Hallows’ Eve, celebrated in many countries around the world, includes parties and trick-or-treats done by kids in the street, asking for candies and other gifts given.

How to participate?

1- Mint an artistic work related to Halloween or Day of Deaths (Mexican festivity) on nativo.art.

2-Follow @NativoNFT accounts on Twitter.

3-Publish an image of your minted artistic work in this post, the url to the detail of your NFT and a little description about the relation with the country.


The best designs will win the following prizes.

First place

  • 10,000 $NTV tokens
  • $100 USN tokens

Second place

  • 6,000 $NTV tokens
  • $50 USN tokens

Third and fourth place

  • 2,000 $NTV tokens

Important dates

  • Last submission date: October 29th, 2022. Update 26, Oct
  • Winners announcement: October 31th, 2022.


Please make sure your artistic work it’s 100% of your authorship and this is related to Halloween or Day of Death. Remember you can participate with more than 1 piece.


  • Who can participate?

On this contest everyone can participate (artists, people in general), just need to follow the steps and automatically you will be participating

  • How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen by the team of Nativo NFT, considering the best artistic work done.

  • Can a single artist win 2 awards?

An artist can be a winner ONE single time. but can participate with more than 1 artistic work (NFT).

  • Can I mint múltiple artistic work (NFTs)?

Of course! You can participate with all the artistic works you want, but remember just one artistic work by the artist can win.


Sounds awesome.
What do you define as artistic work?
Does a photo is Halloween suit and minted in nativo will be considered?

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Yes, photography can be considered for this contest. :slight_smile:


This is a great opportunity to develop your ideas about these great festivities


It’s fantastic that contests are held focused on traditions, good luck to all :smiley:

I’m wondering who’ll mint my new favorite nft based on this celebrities! :star_struck: , see you on October 31th :jack_o_lantern:

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Fantastic. Can it be a painting, transform to digital and turn it into NFT?

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Yes, it can be physical painting turned into digital :slight_smile:

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excellent initiative to preserve Mexican customs :skull: :mexico:

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Great opportunity to spread the traditions through NFTs


Loving this bounty already


This is beautiful, I love digging into different culture to acquire more knowledge…am up for it


It’s interesting to see how you guys are working hard to keep up the customs and traditions in the web3 space. Keep up the work.


Les comparto mi nft para participar en el concurso del Día de los muertos :

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Here is my entry!


Kapre is part of Filipino mythology. Kapres are large humans who live in forests and giant trees while smoking cigarettes. Halloween is his one of the best days in the Philippines. Because on this day people can play their favorite horror characters and one of those horror characters is Kapre.


Should I put it on sale or not? @cloudmex-alan

Not mandatory, but always a good idea :wink:

Please what’s the deadline for this bounty and how do we mint?

Here is the information about deadline

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