[CLOSED][Bounty] NFT Art Contest - Near Venezuela & Nativo NFT

Good morning artists community! We’re back with a new contest this time collaborating with NEAR Venezuela and Nativo NFT where you can participate to win 50 USN

How can I participate? Very easy! Just follow the next steps:

1- Mint an artistic work related with the culture Venezuelan* on site Nativo NFT. Link → https://nativonft.app/
2-Follow @NativoNFT and @NearVenezuela accounts on Twitter.
3-Post an image of your minted artistic work, the url to the detail of your Nft and a little description about the relation with the country.

4-Like and Retweet out competition tweet using the hashtag #CulturasLatinas #NativoNFT

Invite all your friends to support you and that’s it! following this simple steps you will be participating to win 50 USN

The winners will be the 3 best artistic work and will be selected by the Near Venezuela and Nativo NFT community

This contest will end on 12/06/2022 and the winners will be announced on discord and twitter on 13/06/2022

Links to out social media to questions and comments:

Twitter → https://twitter.com/nativonft
Discord → https://discord.gg/Wfe5vh3qYQ


Please make sure your artistic work it’s 100% of your authorship and this is related to the culture of the country Venezuela. Remember you can participate more than one time


Who can participate?

On this contest everyone can participate (artists, people in general), just need to follow the steps and automatically you will be participating

Where can I learn how to mint NFTs on Nativo NFT’s?

Every 2 weeks, on Thursday there is a workshop by Nativo NFT where everything about NFT’s and how to mint it’s explained. If you have any questions you can ask on Nativo NFT discord server → Nativo NFT 🎨

How will the winners be chosen?

The guilds Near Venezuela and Nativo NFT will choose the 3 best artistic works

Can a single artist win 2 awards?

An artist can be a winner ONE single time. but can participate will more that 1 artistic work

Can I mint múltiple artistic work?

Of course! you can participate with all the artistic works you want, but remember just one artistic work by artist can win

Good Luck everyone!


We are very excited of announcing our first collaboration to promote LATAM Cultures over the world!

Venezuela is a beautiful country that have a colorful culture, we expect artists from all over the world can take coverage of this!

Thanks Sam for all the support!


Good luck to all and may the talent of LATAM be demonstrated


This is a excellent collaboration, I think this is a great opportunity to artist from venezuela to share their art!


Excited to see all the artistic work from Venezuela, This is a great opportunity to demonstrate this to the world


Amazing! Nativo NFT comes to Venezuela, great opportunity to growth the NFT community in LATAM :fire:


I hope the LATAM talend could be show up to the world throw this ,beginning from venezuela artists community. :earth_americas:


Hey glad to see this, taggin my partners from the @creativesdao-council so they can be aware of this great initiative.

@Cryptonaut @williamx @blusw @kc_sollano @Paul


Hi, here my submission. Though not minted yet.
This art depicts the culture of the venezuelan people. It portrays a lot of message from the musical culture to a notable name, a notable song, a notable instrument and a funny quote :blush:.



I find this NFT Art Contest wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very useful for the purposes sought, promote Venezuelan culture through the NFT’s. Also a great opportunity for creative design artists who know the customs and history of our country.

One question. May I ask if photographs are accepted in this contest?

Since a photographer’s vision is also an art driven by photographic composition and subsequent message for the interpretation of anyone who might offer.

Thanks to NEAR Venezuela and NativoNFT for this idea, I fully support it. We need more contest and similar activities related to NFTs. We have a lot of people in Latin America who still don’t understand them and we need to grow the Community, especially in NEAR. :rocket:

Thank you @user1 @cloudmex-alan @Cristian @JoseCanales99 @FritzWorm

It seems positive to me.


What a great and exciting idea! I will love to see all the artistic expressions of Venezuela’s culture.

I have the same question as @jblm : are photographers allowed to participate in this contest?

Either way, I wish the best of luck to the artist that participates.:blush:

Big hug :hugs:


For sure! Photography is accepted, as well as other art techniques you could know!

We expect both of you being participating on this contest @jblm @ame9986 !


Great! Do you need help to mint this NFT? We can support you on the Nativo NFT discord server.


yes please… i need help


How do i join the discord?


Here is the link: Nativo NFT 🎨

The server is focused on spanish language but you can use the International channels for english speaker


Kinda low on Near that’s why I can’t mint it.


Wow this is immaculately exquisite masterpiece :heart::heart::heart::heart:


very happy and excited about this draw and I know we will see a lot of talent in the art that will be presented.