[CLOSED] Near Ukraine Guild | Social Media Marketing for Community growth in August

Hi community and @rc-admins :wave:

We have compiled a list of community engagement activities to continue our active growth within the Near ecosystem

Near Ukraine Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

About us :raised_hands:
Fast-growing guild based in Ukraine, aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of developers/entrepreneurs/enthusiasts within the Near Protocol ecosystem

Funding :bank:

Previous proposals :scroll:

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Socials :v:

Contributions :man_technologist:

Reports :page_with_curl:

Proposal :bookmark_tabs:
Creating a collection of informative and educational materials that aim to attract newcomers to the ecosystem, while also supporting existing builders and highlighting the advantages of growing within this community

Our goal is also to expand the number of engaged users in the Near Protocol ecosystem who regularly utilize applications like NearSocial , IAmHuman , and so on

Target audiences :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

  • Experienced Software Engineers in Web2.0
  • Blockchain enthusiasts
  • IT entrepreneurs
  • Blockchain developers that have been experienced with other networks

Value of Proposal :top:

Content Channel Details Category Expected deliverable USDC per month
Social Media Telegram Telegram Assist community members 7 days a week/Provide a summary of the latest news & partnerships/Encourage people through fun & educative activities Core focus > Social Media 2-3 daily news 1000
Social Media Twitter Twitter Tweet a concise summary of the latest ecosystem events, news, and partnerships/Encourage daily to impress as many people as possible/Giveaways/Challenges Core focus > Social Media 1-2 daily tweets 1000
Contest Rewards * Encouraging users through Zealy to create Near Social accounts, register for IAH, vote, and engage in other on-chain activities throughout the month Core focus > Social Media > Other > Contests, Airdrops Zealy rewards 600

Total :moneybag:
2.600 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

Our community serves as a gateway for developer traffic to the Near Protocol
We collaborate with various dev communities such as Kyiv Ethereum Club, NodeJS Recipes, CryptoHome community, and many others
Our goal is to expand our marketing activities and we are in need of funding to achieve this

Additionally, we plan to expand our team, so if you're interested in joining our guild, kindly send us a direct message :incoming_envelope:

If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them
Have a good day :raised_hands:


You left out near social i think :grin:

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Could you clarify the kind of contest here?

How many winners are you expecting, and what should they use the widgets for?

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I apologize for my mistake, but the Web4 widget contest was not scheduled for this month.

The full 600$ budget is being allocated towards Zealy rewards, as it has shown great effectiveness over the past month.

I’ve updated the proposal as well.

Thank you for your proposal

I assume you people are a developer-focused community, but why is it that your proposal always focuses more on social media ? We need to see more widgets and components being build saw your previous IAH check it is actually cool. If we can make use of it and maybe further expand it, that will be great.

Please categorize your proposal as follows;

Add how much you are going to give out as rewards and giveaways too.

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Attracting new people is crucial for the growth of any community, and there must always be people arriving. Social media marketing does this job.

We collaborate with DevHub & Marketing DAO to develop widgets, organize offline meetups, educate, and more. In the previous month, we hosted a Dev meetup in Kyiv that attracted 44 attendees. Currently, we are working on building a Mystery Box widget to make it easier to distribute rewards for contests.

When it comes to Regional DAO grants, our budget is limited to $3000. Unfortunately, we cannot put all of our plans into one proposal with this limitation. The proposal we’ve presented is specifically aimed at achieving the I-Am-Human/NearSocial KPIs and fulfilling our marketing targets.

We’re going to spend 600$ on rewards according to the proposal.

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I am trying to support your proposal, however it is hard for me to locate specific KPIs mentioned here.

In terms of widgets expected by month end, number of contests by end of August, number of people to follow your near social, etc.

Could you clarify?


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After discussion on telegram, i am happy to support.

Thanks for great work brothers.

@marketingdao-council @Dacha


To maintain transparency and openness, I’m copying key points from our conversation in Telegram.

According to Regional DAO targets and KPIs, we agreed to gain 1000 user on-chain transactions this month

Hello @IgbozeIsrael ! How RCDAO will track them?

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The community uses their sputnik account and engages in zealy contest that are easy to track.

We will rely on that for now while the on-chain dashboard is still in works.


@rc-admins is the proposal ready to be moved to the Approved phase?

Thank you for your work guys.

I support this proposal.

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After considerstion from all admins, and MDAO guidance, moving to approve. Wait for update concerning funding.

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for support.

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Hello. Unfortunately, we were informed by MDAO that due to limited budget they can get from NDC trust in V0. RCDAO proposals cannot be supported now.

We hope to restore funding for contributors in V1 when RCDAO can have access to funds.

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