[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for RefFinance promo

Hey marketing people of NEAR,

This one is for RefFinance promo:

We have chosen seleced youtubers that have knowladge and skills for reviewing more like financial crypto topics.
Here are RefFinance Stars:

Love the style of LJ Alves:

He doesn’t ask much, looks into long term and has +3k views on average. Will also give NEAR more attention trogh his social media channels.
He will perform a livestream answering questions about NEAR more concentrationg on RefFinance and by showing sample how to work with it.

Crypto Space is another giant with +15k views on video average. https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoSpaceUSA
Amazing ammount of views to cost rate and indepth look.
For promo he will also give the pinnced comment for promo, so will make a bit.ly link for this purpose too.

Both youtubers promote projects in nice individual way concentrating on their followers. So with around 20k views will get attention and people outside NEAR community to stake, farm and make swaps on RefFinance.

Budget for youtubers (calculated on todays 7.5 USD per NEAR):
LJAviles asks for 80 NEAR = 600 USD
Crypto Space asked for 400 NEAR =3000 USD

Promo bounty for NEAR Stars Guild per 2 videos 25x2=50 NEAR = 375 USD

In total for RefFinance promo for October: 530 NEAR or 3975 USD

Wallet starsguild.near owner is guild leader @Zhunda

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Let me know on this one if its fine too.
If any additional info is needed, ask. Wanted to keep it short and understandable.

Hi @Zhunda thanks for reposting your proposals. This one looks great!

Just one thing… have you contacted the Ref Finance project leaders to ensure they know about your plans with the influencers?

They might have something in particular they would like to announce…

Yeah, sure will.
Yana gave some updates that new pairs are added, still believe catching them will have more news.
Will look for some youtubers that might have an AMA, would be cool since RefFinance is one of the drivers of NEAR.

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Kitchen Guild is already holding an AMA with Didier Pironi


Nice, let’s wait when it’s online.
Will catch up RefFinance team and see other person for AMA or maybe this month just with major updates.

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Sorry, what does it mean ?

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A bounty for effort per each video that contributors make.

Idk, thought of plenty versions like certain % of budget that influencer asks, or a fixed $$$ +% but strong 200 USD per performance seems like most reasonable.

These are ok for me, just be sure to file the correct NEAR equivalent when approved by other council members!

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Thanks for feedback.
Will add it to DAO by next days, still waiting NEAR CON to end so that admins will give us propper uptades on RefFinance to promote. )

Recalculated ammounts and submitted to DAO.
Info about RefFinance for scripts is collected from their admins.

The proposal has been approved Astro and paid.