[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for Mintbase promo

Hey marketing people of NEAR,
Since NEAR need plenty of attention to NFT projects we will start with Mintbase.
All of selected youtubers gave stories about NFTs so as a task for them will be to show Mintbase from inside, how to join, create NFTs and users can trade or sell them.

This one is for Mintbase promo:

Here are Mintbase Stars:

Prestito Crypto will make a general review showing steps how to work with Mintbase share content on his Twitter and TG also.

Average +2k views, +8k telegram followers +5k Twitter followers

Firoz also will go with the general Mintbase review.

Waiting from him +1k views. Maybe not a big ammount, but love quality of his work and he wants to go longterm, so fine reviews for other NEAR projects will be given.

Andy Blockchain Andy - YouTube gets around +2k views on general reviews, additionally he will get attention trough his +20k follower twitter about Mintbase.
His channel always has wide discussions in comments, so it’s cool from his side to make NEAR noticed.

In general feel that will get more than +5k views and +25 on influencers twitter.

Budget for youtubers (calculated on todays 7.5 USD per NEAR):
Prestito Crypto 130 NEAR = 1000 USD
Decentralised Chain 65 NEAR = 500 USD
Blockchain Andy 195 NEAR 1500 USD

Promo bounty for NEAR Stars Guild per 3 videos 25x3=75 NEAR = 550 USD

In total for Cheddar Farm promo for October: 3550 USD

Wallet starsguild.near owner is guild leader @Zhunda

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Let me know if posting DAO proposal in that type is fine.
If any additional info is needed, ask. Wanted to keep it short and understandable.

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Another great proposal. Good work!

Look forward to seeing the reports on how your influencers get on.


Payout ammount recalculated and gathering last updates from Mintbase team.

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Resubmitted Mintbase promo and RefFinance promo to DAO let me know what needs to be done to get both DAOs approved so we can run the work with youtubers? ))

Or just go with NEAR Stars Guild DAO proposal with our plans and budgeting for three months and include it there? Still, would be fun to get results as videos and posts before we post it.

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Can you please submit them to Astro if you haven’t yet? We’ll be officially announcing the move soon:


We’ve just been funded so we’re ready to go with this

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Thanks David,

This looks cool.
Same DAO just on antoher platform?
Ahhh, ok, will ask you after for some help in new DAO creation for Guild if i won’t make it.

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Yeah, we’re all migrating to AstroDAO (which is awesome btw!)

Check out the guide here.

Do let me know if you need any help with the migration :tada: