[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ next international month influencers cycle

@David_NEAR asked for additional input from the marketing advisors about improving this proposal. My goal with this comment is to suggest a few simple things that I think would improve this proposal.

This proposal has a LOT of information, and there has been a lot of debate about various aspects of it. I think it is fair to argue that it is impossible to know how some of these videos will perform until they are produced – it is somewhat of an experiment. If this proposal is approved, then my advice to the MarketingDAO council is to closely review the performance of the marketing activities here before the next funding cycle.

As for specific improvements to the proposal, here is what @Zhunda outlined for the total budget in the proposal:

For YouTubers, I would like to see the proposal include:

  • The call to action you are going to have for each video. Sure, the videos will mention/promote/inform about Near, but what will the video and/or description do to capture those viewers and encourage them to become members of the Near community? I want to see a specific call to action for the videos mentioned in the proposal and then statistics/numbers reported in a reasonable time period after the videos have been published.
  • For Agent Bounties, I understand how much work it is to make the deals with the YouTubers. I take no issue with that. What would make this more compelling to me is if you also proposed to create a “database” or spreadsheet or list of YouTubers and their costs and make it public so that members of the Near community have this information. That is a huge benefit to the community.
  • For Administration costs, I also understand that admin costs are necessary. To make the proposal stronger, I want to see a proposal for how much activity you plan to do on your promotional channels. Instead of “takes care of our Telegram,” for example, I want to see “has a daily presence on our Telegram” and/or “Will post 10 times on Twitter for each video over a 4-week period.” I don’t aim to tell you what amount or posting or how many times etc are right, you’re the expert there. But I think the MarketingDAO should know what you plan to do on those fronts before funding the proposal.

@Dacha with due respect I deleted your messages it was full of sarcasm and some how stopping Stars Guild from possibly collaborating with upcoming projects …
The NF wants to see how Stars Guild can collaborate and help other project
We were ready to help and you are coming with these

“Elliot Mayer:
Good morning Danny. You have two ambassadors from Near Community. One of them - Council at Near degens shilling team. I believe he can help you with promotion”

“Elliot Mayer:
Good morning. Fustao can choose any YouTuber from Statr’s guild list and pay them for promotion”

Indirectly pushing Stars Guild from making an impact/helping other communities
This shows lack of professionalism
Coming to Stars Guild to publish that

Told @Zhunda to caution you on this attitude or you will be banned from the Group

Secondly I don’t understand what you mean by inactive
I keep the group running everyday
We have bout 65 members
@Zhunda is making pools
Trying to see how to give everyone in the community a chance
And all you do is come up with controversial
Attitude in the official Telegram Group of Stars Guild

I wanted to call you out for your attitude am glad You made this post

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Hey David, half was chosen by team.
Another half, the one that we will concentrate this time, will be NEAR projects that contactaed us directly. Aim is to give more visibility to newly established projects:

From two projects waiting for details.
Idk, some are really massive projects so two vids can be easily given.
David, if you got any projcet on your mind worth shown up, please share. ))

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Post was deleted cuz you tried to convince project authors go on their own with youtubers, that’s agains our guild guidlines.
For Hidden Gem will give another topic to advertise, not octopus.
Inactive TG as Twitter, cuz nothing much to post or discuss.

Hey Lorriane,

My vision of call to action.
For example lets go with Hidden Gem Team if they advertise Rubic Exchange.
Make their own review, tell a story about Rubic, make an additional shoutout about Vietnam NEAR community and to join their chats in description.
In description in Vietnamese write down info abut Rubic, share their web and social media links.
Under it share guilds TG and other social media accounts.

We could use bit.ly to see how many clicks it gets. From past practice on 10k views just 5-10 clicks. Why? I think cuz people feel shady clicking on bit.ly, original website links perform better, still then cant tell nothing about stats and a small SEO bonus it gets. As mentioned before, people don’t read descriptions 2-5% may look under video, after they skip to next one.

Here’s mine:

But for others, i don’t ask it. Some are pro managers and they have huuuuge lists of influencers, and they don’t work only with Stars Guild.
Even sharing my list i feel bit guilty, cuz other poeple outside NEAR community can use it and spam out youtubers.

It’s maybe not about how many posts are made but about stats growth. The most important factor for me.
To keep them in box giving “you have to make 20 posts for month” ok, can be done. To make a post cuz post is needed is easy. To keep people entertained something more needs to be done. We shared some NFTs for sample, was working great. 10 vids this month = 10 posts for sure + sharing some uptades about guild and repost top info from NEAR projects and guild. I don’t see what more can be done.

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This is your pivotal issue. Your guild don’t want to work with Community.

The reason why I suggested to contact with @IgbozeIsrael , because he is one of the best Near Community contributor who successfully completed many projects with Marketing DAO and onboarded over hundred new members. Instead of delete my message you needed contact with ambassadors and choose together YouTubers for promotion. This is true Community work.

I thought the second ambassador from Degens team , boy he’s not.

What’s wrong with it? They came with own Marketing budget , just give them a list of bloggers for choose (together with ambassadors).

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It’s come to my attention that one of the members leading your guild may be working as a social media manager for a private company, OIN Finance, that you’re servicing.

I’d love to hear your views on this

We had a chat with him in December.

They came for help for free advertisement.

Who? Maybe is not.
Even if is, what’s so bad about it?

  • plus $200 agents fee
  • 7.6k views the same YouTuber

  • :arrow_up_small: $650

The issue is that you’re trying to use Community Treasury to promote private marketing companies’s clients.

Once again, to get approval from me I wanna see active work with community, transparent rates , and community chosen YouTubers , topics.

Have a great day.

Didn’t go for free advert bro.

Why I contacted you was for a different project. The team only said the price is too high for them to pay.

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Have any ideas how you can assist Stars Guild?

I think you need to start implementing something.

Why do you use our youtube video’s link for this comment? Could you delete it?

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Last time we asked, he wanted 900 USD (becomes more popular), will ask @JThompson123 to negotiate for prices.

Ok, Dacha, for you can remove Oin.Finance for this round of advertisement.

Work with community. How you imagine it?
By myself i show my face on NEAR meetups, invite guild leaders to add their topics, so much work is done and you still are unhappy with that.

Transperant rates? All the info is given in proposal, what more?

Community chosen youtubers? We follow community recomendations, maybe if they are not shered then we are already doin fine? We are open always for ideas. We choose only those that create quality content / reasonable prices / audiance and views.

Topics? People write in TG or personal DMs for adverstisment. Still same things are asked on meetups.

It seems that for you perfect work from our side would be connecting each person here on forum, giving them list of youtubers and asking “please send your favorite ones we will ask pricings” and give me topics for advertisement. Right?

Maximum needed prework is already done and published in proposal. I think that’s the meaning of proposlas, those are business plans with a workplan.

Dacha, am trying to find a compormise.

The Wizards’ Guild received funding of 60 $NEAR for Liteliger’s last NEAR video. I had to wait 2-3 months for him to produce the video and he only created it after NEAR reached approximately $15.

He has a line of paying customers so I negotiated $1000 USD with him to produce 1+ video per month going forward, which he agreed to. His price keeps rising each video he produces, so I planned to lock him in at $1k to ensure he is motivated, on schedule, and we retain him as a working partner so he doesn’t move on to promoting other projects.

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  • You have a public form - request to order promotion on YouTube, and any Community member, Guild, Influencer can fill out the form (first come first service); Again, it should be open form with 24/7 access for everyone - name, requested project,
  • Community members able to chose any YouTubers from your list or suggest own;
  • After that , Star’s guilds agents starting work with the requests, exclude all projects which have own Marketing budget or promoted by any private marketing companies, work with YouTubers to get the best rates, then
  • prepare a list of YouTubers for promotion for Near Community and Marketing DAO councils, advisors here on the forum, then
  • Community and Marketing DAO review your proposal, bloggers (at the point you should be ready replace YouTubers or remove some of them).

Overall I believe, you need to work closely with community members.

Instead of shilling Flying Rhino clients, use Stars guild twitter to promote videos which were produced and paid from Community Treasury.

In the other hand, if you disagree with me, Flying Rhino can pay to your guild for the promotion. Here is a link on the opportunity.

Ps: Man, it’s just my opinion. If I got you right (and you mentioned about it before) you can call to @Grace and get approval for your grant without any annoyed questions from me :blush:

Furthermore, you can try yourself as a Marketing DAO council, propose yourself, when pull of candidates will be opened.


Splenid, you have visualised things that we are doin already. Will use your pic.

Thanks for idea for form. Will create a post for that.

For this one Stars Guild main idea is to give extra boost for advertising, no matter if it’s private company or guild (or it’s projcet), everyone is on tight budget, for us mission is to cover the most projcets that we can.

They assist with SMM, we assist with Youtbers (at the moment), so bit different help for projects.

For the third time they are changing guild financing model, i have no idea why previous ones failed. For now its on pause. Got message from Grace. Still, team is ready to work now and we don’t want to waste our precious time. )))

Thanks for offer, but naaah. Im not the one who enjoys criticizing, for me community building and workflow is my mojo.

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It’s about prevent double payments, even if some DAO’s have generous budgets.

Not about criticizing, it’s about suggestions from one of Marketing DAO council.

Please, jump into my report , how many proposals were approved


Dear Marketing Council @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors
I think we fully did our homework:

What needs to be done to make this proposal approved?
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit @alejandrom @jcatnear

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