[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ next international month influencers cycle

Hey guys, can we get some clarity on this, please? Are you both working with the same YouTuber?

+, LiteLiger generally gets a relatively low amount of views by the looks of it.

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LiteLiger has a strong community of followers. They are gamefi players, NFT collectors, and DeFi users. These are enthusiasts and not casual watchers.

I am the one who reached out to LiteLiger and the Wizards’ Guild funded his NEAR video. It appears that if the Wizards’ Guild does not receive funding, then the Stars Guild will continue with the videos.

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David, thanks so much that you saw that!
Saw that @JThompson123 just submitted their proposal for funding guild:

We will change Lite Lidger to Maestro:

He asked less and is spanish, so next cycle will become as international as it can get.

After budget recalculation we might get 11th video.
Ill see till morning if our teammates had some cool ones in their pockets.


Good evening. The channel with sh*t coins again.

Lite Liger’s channel is not too much active. 30k followers and average 280-600 views. Also, the blogger promoted Wizard Guild in last video.

As I said it’s very important to have public Community discussions, pools, voting. Stars guild should be transparent community which works for Near Ecosystem (not only for Flying Rhino clients and particular guilds).

It’s a no for me.
This proposal seems have really turned into a challenging case to review given how much has spilled into the comments. Yes there is a challenge to do discovery, outreach, and manage the content of these influencers. However, given the size and reach of the influencers, I agree that the pricing is still a bit high for my liking. Nobody is asking anyone to work for free but the level of reach and work involved doesn’t merit the price points being asked.

In the future, it’s helpful to get something a little more structured together and potentially resubmit.

Hey @Klint,

Can you drop some tangible tips for amending this to something more appealing?

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Ready for $600

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I’m going to jump in here because I’m not sure that you are aware of this DACHA but most of these messages from Youtube personalities and promoters are fake. You pay them to produce a video or promote your project and they run off with the money.

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I contacted directly with YouTube influencers from the list. But it’s a good point work together with community to find our best bloggers, not fake entities .

About Agent fee of 200 USD. It will remain as it is. I value work of my teammembers and so the community of NEAR should.

Before on previous proposals everyone was chill about that.

Dear @marketingdao-council think this proposal is more than discussed.
Am bringing it to Astro DAO for voting.

Please do not submit it to Astro before it is approved, as per our guide:

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Still no from me . Propose come back on February with plan of improvements, collaborations with Near Ecosystem Guilds.
Feel free to call me 24/7 if you need some more explanations from me.
@kmotiv tg

Thanks and have a great day!

Agreed. I also would like to see if there are ways you can collaborate with other guilds and hopefully @Klint will provide suggestions on amending the proposal

David, read guide three times, what did i miss? :thinking:

Yessss, it happens. A fresh one that got today.

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Hey, this part says not to post in Astro until approved

Got it!
So waitin’ for @marketingdao-council to approve it or deny.

Hey @marketingdao-council
Have added Lite Lidger back, since i see that @JThompson123 proposal on Marketing DAO seems to be downvoted.
And added https://rubic.exchange/ as one of additional topics for youtubers.

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @jcpacion let me know if this proposal would be approved and can be sent to DAO for voting.
@Dacha rejects, still he/she can downvote it on DAO voting.


Generally, Stars Guild does some awesome legwork in the ecosystem.

That said, I’m not a marketing professional so would defer to @Klint and/or @so608 for advice on how this can be improved.

On another note, are you working directly with the projects you’ve outlined in the original proposal? Or have you chosen them yourself?

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My experience of being in they tg group

  • my post was deleted, when Fustao team member came to the group and asked help with promotion from the project budget , I proposed choose any blogger from Stars guild and pay directly to a YouTuber .
    So, weird. Probably, they wanna get rewards from the project and Marketing DAO? Great example of the same collaboration
  • overall Tg group is still inactive

  • couldn’t find any collaborations with Russian, Indian or any other Gulids.

  • I within 15 minutes reduced YouTuber rewards on $200

I will approve it, as soon as they start work with community.

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