NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ first influencers DAO [Fixed]

Hey dear community members. Would ask for some support.

To build up a strong NSG ( NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ ) , test workflow structure and see upcoming challenges we want to ask funding for supporting 2 BIG youtubers and 2 Vietnam influencers.

Step 1.
Recently I did homework reviewing and connecting few dozens of popular and least known youtubers. Here is the list:

Those are most favorable ones putting subscribers amount / average views amount and bounty that each creator asked:

George ( ) 243k subscribers / 80k views average / 900 NEAR (4500 USD) on outcome those will be ≈ 5 cents per view
He will give a shoutout about DAO opportunities to get more attention for “active doers” to join NEAR community.

Crypto Space ( Crypto Space - YouTube ) 101k subs / 15k views avg / asks 600 NEAR (3000 USD) on outcome ≈ 20 cents per view

Will take a look on whole NEAR project in total.Gona let public know what are Guilds, DAO’s that we got and could get some attention Rainbow Bridge, feel that DEVs should have a peek on it. Also will ask to metion

And Steve ( @holuongduc ) helped to get Vietnam influencers coming on board.

Kênh Trading (ênhTrading/ ) 11k subs / 4k views per video average / asked 100 NEAR (500 USD) ≈ 12 cents per view
Kênh talks more about indepth financial metrics of crypto, we will ask him explaining a bit about products, Guilds and DAO system, to explain background of whole NEAR Protocol project.

GFS Ventures - The Hidden Gem ( ) 12k subs / averege 5k views
GFS Ventures team for one video will make full review about NEAR protocol and second one will create an AMA session with Vietnam Guild member (to be announced).

All of these youtubers are reputable, well known and really trusted in crypto field. They got their own vibe while promoting crypto projects. We believe that they can give meaningful impact on NEAR Protocol network:

A) By giving a good visibility for investors looking for reliable and potential source where to hold their funds. Even if each sponsored video brings 10 investors it pays out all advertising expenses.

B) Making shoutout to NAER community in whole. Most worthy are new members welcomed on board who want to share their thoughts, interact by doin’ some creatives or catching up talented developers, content creators, managers and leaders who are looking for crypto communities to invest their time and strength.

C) Public reputation and brand awareness for NEAR. The more people talk about certain project online (and offline), greater attention and trust score will be created also by other public personas. Good chance to make chain reaction that will convert in interest from other bloggers and news makers. Let’s stay on hype cuz it will also give an increase on worth of NEAR coin.

Step 2.

After publishing DAO on Sputnik when voting process continues, I’ll contact each guild in search of news on what certain announcements, NEAR project or any activities need to be talked about by promoters.
Since at this DAO we work with 4 influencers, three topics should be mentioned. If you got any ideas which one are good, let me know in comments.
After with George, Crypto Space, Kênh Trading and GFS Ventures will work on video scripts so that each one NEAR event/news are mentioned.

Step 3.

Go further and gather people for NEAR Stars Guild, those who would like to work with national influencers. Get missing squad members who would like to become a spoke person with:

1. Influencers. Reach out youtubers, news makers (reddit, hackernoon, decrypt, cointelegraph, coindesk, etc) and bloggers, got tons of personas that would like to write a post, make a review or create a video about NEAR, so it’s a never-ending story how many influencers can be covered.

2. Partnerships. Get listed on payment gateways so that NEAR coin can become a widely used payment option as BTC or ETH. There are thousands of merchants and service providers that already list several coins as a chance to pay for their goods. Here is an opportunity to collaborate with them – in exchange asking to share “Now you can pay with NEAR for our products!” with their client base, social media followers, email signups offering discounts, chargebacks or other stimulants to promote NEAR as payment option.

3. Creators. Hunt for TOP musicians, artists and creative people. I believe that same negotiators with their charm could engage artists to create NFTs on NEAR platforms. Helping them getting on NFT’s marketplace.

There are first two BIG sections what NEAR Star Guild want to concentrate our work on and are in search of people with good communication skills.

For this DAO we are asking:
George – 900 NEAR
Crypto Space – 600 NEAR
Kênh Trading - 100 NEAR
GFS Ventures - Free of charge (2 videos)

Total: 1600 NEAR

Since NEAR Stras Guild is getting into Sandbox :partying_face: , for fork with influencers we see that reasonable rates for Guild Member upcoming work:

Contacting Influencer/Partner 1 NEAR
(Contains adding info to spredsheat: Account info, stats (subs and views), name, mail and other contacts, and sent personalized proposal to them.

Positive contact 15 NEAR
Work together on content and script, provide work details, additional content/event/project promo with NEAR (means also colab with other NEAR Guilds and Marketing Guild to be synced).

Bad experiance contact 5 NEAR
Happens when work is almost done, something goes wrong, effort is given and no result got from influencer / partner.

If you would like to contact me in person feel free, love when people interact on certain project.
Discord: Edgar Zhunda#8737
Or write me here a PM.

Be a hero and join our small TG group: Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild

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This was “down voted” in the Createbase DAO because Createbase focuses on projects building on NEAR x Mintbase.


Thanks Chloe for your response.
No worries, amount of DAO had to be changed cuz with one youtuber we wont work and wanted to add 2 additional Vietnam influencers for 3 more videos. :wink:
Proposal will be reedited and submited to antoher DAO. Maybe you can give an advice which one would be more suitable for this type of campaign?

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