[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ next international month influencers cycle

About which time period you mention?

Im cool without stats it trust.
She does it for Frying? Flying Rhino… ))
Dacha, in our communication i don’t ask her what she does in Rhyno or Wizards guild, how much she gets or doesn’t get paid.

That’s an old one.

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Aldo, would like to say that $200 is too much for agents, ~ 15-30 minutes of work per blogger.

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It the reason why I put your attention on her work. Instead of fairly take a look of her work for Stars Guild you’re continue arguing with me.

I definitely disagree to pay any rewards from Marketing DAO (community treasury) to private company members who using your guild for shilling their clients.

I believe you need to take a time , update some procedures in your Guild , review team members work and come back with new proposal in February.

May be your agent @JThompson123 from Wizard guild can help you.
Have a great day.

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Dacha, this is not 30 min work. Maybe from side it looks plain and simple tho process looks like this.
Agent goes trough youtube or uses his personal contacts (its already really valuable) to get conversation warmed up and price qoutes, before scanning if youtuber is cheating anywhere.
For me to create this list of 150 youtubers to start conversation took two months. Youtube limits contact gathering option for 10 youtubers per day and to do it quiltive it took me 4-5 hours per day.

Second step. Contact them, see what they got and can offer. In table you see that 10% of youtubers have price qoutes, for rest it’s unsucessful communication (offer too pricy, coudnt find common path or just simply no reply).

I (as guild leader) with Yana do gather all info to promote to give ir well prepaired to Agents. This is my part of work.

Third step, agents recontact youtuber and give them topics to chose from, help gather info about certain NEAR project details and hold to our guild requierments for them and keep youtubers warm.

Fourth step is to supervise their work. After individual DAO request aproval funds to YT are sent (5 min work, not hard one) If all the links and description are put correctly, same promises with influencers SMM that agents agree on. Go trough the scripts, some youtubers send the written one (enjoy working with Hot Crypto News). Then YT send link of prepared work, we rewatch it, see if texts and links are correct and put comments if something needs to be changed or redone (worst scenario for YT, cuz then redoing parts and montage takes effort). If all good than video is launched, after it Agent stays tuned, wathces for suspicious view growth and comments, in two weeks after asks for stats screens for report.

And yeah, think that’s all about the processing schedule. And yes, agent takes it’s own risks so that youtuber won’t run away with given funds.

30 minute work? Naah, looks a bit harder then expected.

Dacha, it looks like from 9650 till 10k USD we got 350 USD to squeeze in.
If you got a youtuber that can do some magic with this sum. 200 USD from my side to you for a closed work with influencer.

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yeah, somehow we dont understand each other Dacha.

Once again, she got 1000 USD in December for her past work in October and November. For December and January none of funding was asked.

I don’t remember in which guild she works as volunteer

Current funds are asked for work in February.

Yana will remain as part of NEAR Stars Guild.

From your side for 3 month i see you trying to influence me at all costs to remove her from our team. Why are you doing this, what’s your motivation?

To be honest for me the only reason are simply relations between you and her.

Ill stay with the same one proposal.

@JThompson123 how you and Wizard guild can help solve conflict between Dacha and Yana?

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Guilds are trying to hire Yana because she is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the NEAR ecosystem. I think that NEAR DAOs should do more to support guilds and community members contributing to the ecosystem and they shouldn’t allow gangstalking or abuse.

I don’t know what you are referring to as “agent”. The one time the Wizards’ Guild received payment was for LiteLiger to produce a NEAR DeFi ecosystem review video and all funds were transferred directly to him.

I and the Wizards’ Guild team do not want to be involved in personal disputes here so please do not involve us.

Thank you

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Hey guys,

Let’s keep this discussion on-topic and focused on the proposal from NEAR Stars Guild only.

Happy to discuss this more on a separate thread or in DM, would be interested to know. We wouldn’t tolerate a drop of gangstalking, nor abuse.

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Hello @Dacha I really much appreciate your work in The NF
I’m just here to point somethings out
First the inactivity of The Guild Telegram Group
And Secondly the Fair Bounty

Let’s go straight to the inactivity of the guild ;
Perhaps last month Near Stars Guild did Nothing ,
Go through December you will find out
Am always coming in somehow to drop some msges but no reply from community members
This can be perhaps results to one thing
(I) the inability of the guild to support more members due to fact we always try to squeeze ourselves to fit the budget.
Last month @Zhunda brought the Ambassador Program Which was going to be beneficial to everyone both in the guild and outside the guild … By giving 70% a chance to participate in the guild activities ,
It’s still pending approval ,
I discussed with @Zhunda
About hosting ama’s in the guild bi weekly next month
To discuss guild plans
Our difficulties

You think the bounty is not fair
Have you scout a YouTuber before for a month plus
Then you will probably know it’s fair
Here is it I will give you only two names
Make a deal with them
Let’s see how much the will ask

Make a deal with Satosh
Here is his deck


Try and make a deal

Secondly crypto Hustle


His deck :point_up:

Perhaps you won’t know how stressful it is to scout a YouTuber for months then you can’t make a deal
You turn to another until you see a YouTuber

You see how tough it might get ?

Concerning you @Dacha and @Yana
I think something is personal
Anywhere her name is mentioned in the NF you are always available to criticize
She is doing alot and she is highly skill
I personally have alot of things to learn from her ,the energy she put in
And the Time she spent is inevitable

So @Dacha reconsider this
We need more people like @Yana in the forum

I don’t have much to say :smiley:

Yeah, starts to get like off topic discussion. :roll_eyes:

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For sure. Appreciate your responsiveness, @Zhunda

Stars Guild has a track record of delivering, so I, personally, don’t see any reason this cannot be funded.

@marketingdao-council - for review


Agent - the one who brings youtuber in and works with him to create a video.

Idk, if got some ideas how to name them inside context, opened for new naming.

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From whom you get the list of topics for promotion?

Stephen, before wanted to tell a story how your workflow went but chosen to give my own sample.

Thanks for sharing your story! :heart:

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There are no any conflicts.

Idk, plenty of ways were used.

Most working one is participating in NEAR community calls and not being afraid to show my face and make a shoutout about Stars Guild and offer assistnce.

Go to awesomenear.com find a cool product that i enjoy, catch admins and they share info.

Now after approval will catch national guilds to see what they are up to. I don’t know their leaders so a fun way to meet and talk to initiative people.

Some just come trough mouth-to-mouth contacts and write me personally.

Then i feel that everything for now is solved.

Mostly projects there have their marketing budget. How do you chose specific topics ? Any discussion in your guild? Any pools?

Still no from me, before I see “Community work” in your guild.

Ok, thanks for information. Hope to see more discussion on your TG guild account.

I appreciate and respect people who ready to do something from the bottom of one’s heart for Near. Who will never stop their work even they didn’t get rewards.

Read once again previous comment.
Discussions - outside PM, just some on TG.
Pools - Dacha, give a sample of a pool how it should look, if team agrees will make you an admin of chat to post it, or on my behalf if 17 topics about NEAR are not enough for 10 youtubers in name of Stars Guild you can make such a pool on forum, or give your recommendations which NEAR projects are worth mentioning.

Fine with that. Will post a proposal to Marketing DAO then.

Zero content on tg in October and one post in November (+ 4 links).

Ok. Thanks…