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Hi @marketingdao-council

Community Name: NEAR NIGERIA

Country: Nigeria


Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearprotocoing?s=21&t=CwpEJtQbKKpuLAM02IvtSA

Telegram: Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD

Medium: Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) – Medium

Facebook: Redirecting...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nearprotocol-nigeria-463178226?trk=contact-info


Community’s near.social account: NEAR Nigeria | Near Social


NEAR Nigeria Community Lead @Paulp5000, Paul Larry | Near Social

Ejabani (CM) Jabani | Near Social
@kbounce (Social Media)Kabiru Hussaini | Near Social
Favour (Social Media)christiana_4423.near | Near Social
Khady (Content writer)
Vicj2000 (Content writer)
cenwadike (Tech Content writer/Dev) cenwadike.near | Near Social
Moh (Graphics designer/Video Editor/Dev) mrmoh.near | Near Social
evelyn (Graphics designer/Video Editor) Evelyn Sample | Near Social
Kareemc2 (Translator) Kareem | Near Social
Qeeyah (Translator/CM)
mrudawaki (Translator/CM) Muhammad Rabiu Umar | Near Social
@damboy22 (Head of Partnerships) Damilola Oguntola | Near Social

Funding scheme: May, June and July (Quarterly)


Since from Inception NEAR Protocol Nigeria has been on a mission to increase awareness of Near blockchain and its usecase in solving problems currently affecting Nigeria as a whole.

Accordingly, in the next months we will focus on Social Media Management, Content creation, videos, Translations, and organize both offline and Online events.

We want to resume our work on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Medium. Our main goal is to reactivate our users to believe in the future of NEAR and also maintain the expansion of the Near Protocol in Nigeria by implementing and distributing this ground-breaking technology to institutions of higher learning there and offering cutting-edge information to both new and experienced users of the crypto world. For that we are planning to do the following tasks:

Twitter: Share daily the latest news and updates within the NEAR ecosystem on our Twitter account and also spread to other social media handles. This is to increase activities on our various social media handle, Increase awareness of Nigerians to what is happening in NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

Telegram: Increase activities within the near Nigeria telegram group in terms of number and interactions targeting an average of 30 messages per day. The main goal in our Telegram group is to reactivate our users and to increase the engagement again.

Giveaways: To maximize good engagement in our social media channels again we plan on doing small promotions. We are setting up a Telegram activity contest where the most engaged users will receive rewards. We plan to put on little giveaways on Twitter to draw in new followers and increase impressions. For Near Social we are also planning giveaways and contests to attract new members. And we want to onboard people to verify IamHuman. Distribute bounties to community members utilizing our Astro DAO accounts to grow the community’s monthly membership in Near.Social and monthly IamHuman verification.

Translations: We want to translate articles of the NEAR ecosystem into three of our community’s native Nigerian languages, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, and then publish them on Medium. This is to engage more Nigerians for the NEAR ecosystem and also simplify onboarding process as related to creation of Near.Social accounts and IamHuman verification process.

Graphics and Videos: Within the months of June and July we will create educational visual contents (e.g high-quality videos, infographics and gifs, as related to NEAR.Social and IamHuman. This is intended to simplify the Onboarding process.

Events: We want to organize some small events such as AMA, contests and quizzes with other Nigerian communities. We already have a few collaborations established in the Nigerian region, and we wish to work with them again for Near.

Problem Statement

Focusing on the situation in Nigeria there are many investors, developers, and creators in Nigeria are drawn to cryptocurrencies. In local Nigerian communities, there are increasing number of people currently owning cryptocurrency, and they are willing to engage in more in-depth conversation in their native tongue. Many financially stable individuals who are able to invest large sums of money on projects reside in Nigeria. They also operate or jointly own well-known venture capital companies that make investments in the cryptocurrency sector.

The overall environment is constantly shifting in our current circumstances, making it very difficult to create plans and concentrate on the NF’s objectives.

How is the problem being solved?

For the first month we intend to keep up our initiatives in the Near Nigeria community. We’ll first work mostly on increasing activities in our social media accounts focusing on Telegram, Twitter, and Medium while completing the aforementioned tasks.

Over the next two months, we intend to increase the number of activities, such as holding more online and offline events, expansion of our activities on other social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn, also creating videos which will also be posted on our YouTube account, creating more educational contents, Interviews, forming partnerships, and performing additional tasks as needed to meet the demands of MDAO and RDAO as well as the community’s expansion.

We are on a mission to increase awareness of Near blockchain and its usecase, also to connect with builders and devs in Nigeria and build a project on NEAR.


By the end of July, we want to have completed the following:

An active Telegram group and active Twitter account with an increased number of followers in each account.

Expanded our activities on other social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Published educational visual contents including infographics, gifs and videos about NEAR Social, IamHuman, and other important Near Ecosystem news on our social media accounts including our YouTube account.

Have the latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community.

Published 9 (3 per month) articles about NEAR in Nigerian native Languages which are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

Have added up to 300 Near Social Followers.

Onboarded up to 200 people through the IamHuman verification process.

Host successful events with other Nigerian communities.


Social Media → Promotion/Distribution → Twitter:

Task: Share daily news and updates on Twitter about the NEAR ecosystem and our weekly events.
KPIs : Increase in amount of posts and followers on Twitter.
Metrics: 1-3 daily news, +100 new followers on Twitter
Budget : 500 USDT

Social Media → Community Channels → Telegram:

Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity
KPIs: increase group members, amount of daily messages, high contest participation
Metrics: +200 new members on Telegram, 50+ contest participations
**Budget: 700 USDT

Social Media → Others → Giveaways:

Task: Giveaways on Twitter to increase followers and impressions, Giveaways for Near Social to increase followers, onboard people to verify IamHuman.
KPIs : Increase followers on Near Social, increase followers on Twitter, increase members on Telegram, more people to verify IamHuman.
Metrics: Onboarding 100+ new followers on Twitter, 100+ new followers on Near Social, 100+ new members on Telegram, 50+ IamHuman verifications
Budget: 600 USDT

Social Media → Others → Contest:

Task: Telegram activity contest to increase engagement on Telegram.
KPIs: amount of activity contests, high contest participation.
Metrics: 2 activity contest, 50+ contest participations.
Budget: 200 USDT


Task: Translation of important Near Ecosystem news and updates which includes content related to Near BOS, IAH, Near.social, Nearweek etc.
KPIs: In terms of amount of articles, engagement on the articles
Metrics: Total of 3 translations, 1 in Hausa, 1 in Yoruba and 1 in Igbo, 20+ likes and comments on posted Social Media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook and LinkedIn)
Budget : 500USD


Task: Create educational visual contents (e.g. videos, infographics and gifs) in simplification of the IamHuman verification process, creation of Near.Social accounts and information about NEAR BOS.
KPIs: In terms of amount of visual contents, engagements and views on our YouTube channel.
Metrics: Total of 4 infographics/gifs and 1 Video monthly, 20+ Likes with comments on posted Social Media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook and LinkedIn) and 30+ views on our YouTube channel.
Budget: 500USD

Social Media → Online Events:

Task: Host events (AMA, contests, quizzes) with other Nigerian Blockchain communities
KPIs: number of events
Metrics: 2+ events
Budget: 200 USDT


Administration, Monthly Report, AstroDAO, Brainstorming, Ideation, Meetings, Weekly Community Calls, Operation, Partnership, Moderation for All Social media, Coordination.

Budget: 500USD

Additional tasks:

Creation and expansion of NEAR Nigeria activities to other related social accounts.

Total/month = $3,700

Total Amount for the First Quarter (May, June and July) = $11,100

Near Wallet ID: near-nigeria.near

Astro DAO account: near-nigeria-plus.sputnik-dao.near

Name: Paul Oguntola

Telegram handle: @Paulp5000

Email: paulp5000@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!


@rc-admins please take a look


Noted, and I have already added to the Trello board’s list of received proposals for careful review and evaluation later end of this week among other acting councils.


Thanks for introducing your team and the proposal. We hope to meet you on the community call today being wednesday.


Thanks, sure we will today

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nice proposal @Paulp5000. hoping to achieve alot more.


Hey @Paulp5000,

Thank you for submitting your proposal. It’s great to see such large teams being involved in the Near Protocol community.

I would kindly request if you could please provide a format for your proposal similar to the one used by Near Germany, I mean to add more styles to your proposal. This would help ensure that the information is presented in a clear and organized manner.

Additionally, I noticed that some of the links in your proposal are not working properly, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Would it be possible for you to either fix or remove them?

Thank you for your understanding and efforts in improving the quality of proposals in the Near Protocol community.


Please include content related to BOSS, IAH, and Near.social to the translation because members need to know more about the platforms when they join it, could you please?? If yes try to update it.


@Paulp5000 Try to update your KPIs for each task and double-check them, they’re repetitive and as @kiskesis advised, look at the Near German format.

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Hi @kiskesis

Thanks for the review on the proposal.

I have taken my time to add back all active social media links and also restructured the proposal as best suited. Thanks

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Evening @Bakaka

I have gone through the proposal critically and have made all amendments to the KPIs as requested.

Also I have taken my time to restructure the proposal to the format as requested. Thanks

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I think the links are working now

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Hello @Paulp5000 thanks for adjusting the said things.

One thing the RCWG is focused on now is to see how NEAR BOS and IamHuman can be shared abroad. Will these translations and videos focus on these?

RCWG recommend that already made materials should be translated instead. Lest there is no material in the area your team is trying to focus on.


Hello @IgbozeIsrael

The graphics and video we intended to create is to educate new members as to simplify the onboarding process in relation to the IamHuman verifications and creation of near.social accounts, NEAR BOS and other important NEAR Ecosystem news.

Would make amendments to the proposal as related to translations. Thanks

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka

Please check back on the proposal. Thanks


Sure, all links are active

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Hi @Paulp5000 , Thank you for your patience throughout the process.

Before funding was halted, Near Nigeria had a good track record of performance, we all understand the situation in the previous month.

Am happy to support your proposal,

But Note, this is our expect from Regional Communities in the first month:

The goal is to create a media platform that will be lives on its own in the country or region and be the point of communication with the near, for that we need quality and authentic content not just CAP.

But for creating such a media platform: - the telegram news should be not just translated but with thoughts and analytic

tweeter of communities should be fun and interesting to read that drive impressions.

YouTube videos should be something CREATIVE and interesting with views and marketing of the newly protocol or ecosystem features.

AMAs should be well structured

medium articles SHOULDNT be just translations of NF blog posts

Near Social should be with community information and value of community to people and we want to see some engagement there too.

Find a way to communicate with local influencers and media platforms to collaborate and get traffic, very important

Failure in the above KPIs and outcomes will affect your next iteration of getting fund.

Looking forward to your report.


Hi @Bakaka

Thanks for your support.

We are ready to give in our best and fulfill all necessary KPIs this first month.

Hello! Because of M DAO short on funding, we cannot support your proposal for three months, even if RG DAO working group members agree. Thanks