[Closed] - NEAR Nigeria Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - August

Hello NEARs

Community Name: NEAR NIGERIA

Country: Nigeria

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nearprotocol-nigeria-463178226?trk=contact-info

Medium: https://link.medium.com/EO5Qlqlxmlb

Facebook: Nearprotocolng Npkguild

Community’s near.social account: NEAR Nigeria | Near Social


NEAR Nigeria Community Lead @Paulp5000, Paul Larry | Near Social

@Ejabani (CM) Jabani | Near Social

@kbounce (Social Media)Kabiru Hussaini | Near Social

Favour (Social Media)christiana_4423.near | Near Social

@Khady (Content writer)

Vicj2000 (Content writer)

@cenwadike (Tech Content writer/Dev) cenwadike.near | Near Social

Moh (Graphics designer/Video Editor/Dev) mrmoh | Near Social

@evelyn (Graphics designer/Video Editor) Evelyn Sample | Near Social

@Kareemc2 (Translator) Kareem | Near Social

Qeeyah (Translator/CM)

mrudawaki (Translator/CM) Muhammad Rabiu Umar | Near Social

@damboy22 (Head of Partnerships) Damilola Oguntola | Near Social

Funding scheme: August (Monthly)



NEAR Protocol Nigeria was established to raise awareness about the NEAR blockchain and its potential applications to address the challenges faced by Nigeria as a nation.

Our main goals are as follows:

Expand the adoption of the NEAR Protocol in Nigeria by implementing and distributing this innovative technology to institutions of higher learning.

Provide cutting-edge information and resources to newcomers and experienced users in the blockchain world.

Provide user engagement, exploring activities and events as things continue to unfold in the NEAR ecosystem.

Defined Objectives

Our objectives for the month of August is to carry out the following activities in line with the KPIs from the NEAR Foundation as we drive to get more awareness of the bOS platform, onboarding more developers from other communities and promoting the widgets and tools they build.

Some key metrics for success are:

number of active Developers

number of active Users and Transactions

number of Tools on BOS

Transactions increase via interactions with products on NEAR: We intend to involve our community in using near products such as neardrops and Astro DAO through an online workshops. In relation to bOS we intend demonstrate to the community on how to use near bos even use widgets attached to near.org, after the demonstration people will be asked to create accounts on our widget or fork ours then we send rewards via astro-dao to their wallets.

Developers activities on BOS and Interactions on Github: In order to increase developers activities within the community, we intend to create a bounty to stimulate community based web3 and web2 developers to use NEAR BOS and GitHub and also organize a workshop with various tech groups in our local community. We intend to use this avenue to engage more developers to start deploying components on the BOS.

Articles and Translations: Write and Translate articles on bOS into three of our community’s native Nigerian languages, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, and then publish them on Medium. This is to engage more Nigerians for the NEAR ecosystem and also simplify onboarding process as related to creation of Near.Social accounts, Near BOS and various products built on NEAR.

Workshops: We intend on hosting workshops on how to use various dApps and platforms built on NEAR. For this month we will focus on educating the community on how to set up and use astro dao, ref.finance, how to open a near.social account including its benefits and how to use mintbase.

Events and Community based Rewards: We would be shifting our social media attention up to 70% more to near.social and 30% to twitter and other socials. As our weekly trivial nights, monthly referral contest will be on our near.social. Also any update made on any social will be first made on near.social.

Business Partnerships: We intend in fostering further partnership with local businesses and organizations, student bodies, tech bodies and startups building in Nigeria to promote the use of the NEAR Protocol. This can help increase the number of transactions on the network as more businesses start accepting NEAR tokens as payment.

We are on a mission to increase awareness of Near blockchain and its usecase, also to connect with builders and devs in Nigeria and build a project on NEAR.

Near Nigeria KPIs

Transactions Increase: Aim to reach 100+ transactions from our community wallets on NEAR.

Developers Joined: Targeting to onboard at least 2 new developers to use BOS.

Rewards on near.social: Our aim is to distribute rewards to at least 20 active members on near.social.

Tool Usage: We hope to see at least 2 new users on Github and other developers tools.

Community Growth: We’re aiming for at least 200 new community members and a 20% increase in activity.

Business Partnerships: We hope to establish partnerships with at least 1 local businesses to work with NEAR.

Developer Events: We plan to host at least 1 developer event, with at least 10 attendees each.

Workshops: We are planning to conduct one educational workshop for the community.

Local Adoption: Our target is to see a 30% increase in local adoption of NEAR products.

University Blockchain Partnership: Our objective is to foster partnerships with universities, aiming to onboard student developer groups and encourage their active participation in the NEAR ecosystem.


By the end of August, we intend to evaluate our progress using the following metrics.

Daily Transactions increase via interactions with products on NEAR by our community.

Increase in community based web3 and web2 based Developers activities on BOS.

Larger community growth with increase in members and followers on our social media accounts involving majorly our Near Social, Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Providing 24/7 support on all channels to keep our community up-to-date on what is happening in NEAR Ecosystem.

Translate/Create 3 quality articles about NEAR in Nigerian native Languages which are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

Increase in on-chain activities, events and engagements on our NEAR Social account.

Successful partnerships with local businesses and organizations student bodies, tech bodies and startups in Nigeria.

Have an increased number of Nigeria Developers to join in our community through our online workshops and events.

Have our community based developers build and create useable widgets on Near BOS.

Have our community fully understand how to use various dApps and platforms built on NEAR such as bOS, near socia, astro dao and ref.finance.

More interactions on Github and other developer tools associated within the NEAR ecosystem.


Foster Transactions increase via interactions with products on NEAR:

Task: Engage the community to interact more with near products such as neardrops, near social, bOS and Astro DAO through our online workshops.

KPIs: number of workshops, high contest participation.

Metrics: 2 online workshop with 20+ participations.

Budget: 300 USD

Developers activities on BOS:

Task: Increase the activities of community based developers to build more widgets on Near BOS through our bounty program.

KPIs: amount of widgets built on NEAR BOS, high contest participation.

Metrics: 1 bounty contest with 20+ participations.

Budget: 300 USD

Community Expansion

Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest on Near Social, Telegram and Twitter.

KPIs: Increase group members on Telegram, amount of daily messages, high contest participation, Increase in amount of posts and followers on Twitter and NEAR Social.

Metrics: +100 new members on Telegram, 20+ contest participations, 50+ messages per day on telegram, 1-3 daily news, +50 new followers on Twitter, +50 followers on Near Social with +20 likes/retweet/comments on each post.

Budget: 300 USDT

Contents Writing/Translation

Task: Write and Translate important articles to help the community understand how to use various products built on Near such as Near BOS, GitHub, near.social, NEARDROP and AstroDAO.

KPIs: In terms of amount of articles, engagement on the articles

Metrics: Write 2 articles and provide Total of 3 translations, 1 in Hausa, 1 in Yoruba and 1 in Igbo, 20+ likes and comments on each Medium post.

Budget : 200 USD


Task: Create visual contents for announcement of our online events and other important Near Ecosystem updates.

KPIs: In terms of amount of visual contents, engagements and views on our YouTube channel.

Metrics: Total of 15 posters for all of our activities plus 1 Video monthly, 20+ Likes with comments on posted on Social Media channels (Near Social and Twitter) and 20+ views on our video on YouTube.

Budget: 250USD

Online Events and Community Rewards

Task: Host online events (Near Social referral contest and quiz night) on our NEAR Social account.

KPIs: number of events

Metrics: 1 referral contest and bi-weekly (2) Trivia nights on Near Social.

Budget: 200 USDT


Task: Educate the community on how to use various products built on NEAR such as astro dao, ref.finance, near.social account with attached benefits.

KPIs: amount of participants, numbers of events held.

Metrics: 2 events with 20+ participations.

Budget: 400 USD

Developer tools Interactions and Products Testing

Task: Engage developers and users to participate in product testing and also interact with GitHub through our bounty program and online workshops.

KPIs: amount of participants by developers and users, numbers of events held.

Metrics: 1 bounty contest and 1 online workshop with 20+ participations each.

Budget: 200 USD

Total Amount for August = $2150

Near Wallet ID: near-nigeria.near

Astro DAO account: near-nigeria-plus.sputnik-dao.near

Name: Paul Oguntola

Telegram handle: @Paulp5000

Email: paulp5000@gmail.com

Thanks for the support!

@marketingdao-council, @Dacha


Nice. This is more chain and audience focussed. Good job @Paulp5000


Hello! Thank you very much for your proposal.

I suggest postponing your proposal to next quarter and focusing on the oncoming Elections in NDC. We all need to get at least 500 people to participate so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding.


Thank you for your detailed application. As mentioned, we’re in the midst of focusing our efforts on generating traction for the NDC election. At the moment, this proposal doesn’t align with the initiative to drive more engagement toward those elections. Therefore, I cannot support this proposal at this time.

Thank you for your proposal.

Unfortunately, i won’t support your proposal

Your proposal is out of scope for our August core KPIs.

I encourage you to apply next quarter. Thank you

Hi @Paulp5000 i have reviewed your proposal and would echo comments from fellow council @Dacha and @Klint regarding the current funding situation. We appreciate your work and i would suggest you resubmit in Q4.

Unable to support. Moving to Closed

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Alright thanks for the review @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint

We will push in another proposal for the next quarter.