[Report] June Activities for Near Nigeria

Hello NEARs

Near Nigeria Approved Proposal:

The approved amount is $1,900

Funds Dispensed is $0

Near wallet; near-nigeria.near

Guild Name; Near Protocol Nigeria

Despite our proposal being approved we are yet to be receive funds for June activities. But still yet we were able to push in some events and activities for the community on available social media accounts. For the month of June, we were able to:

Main Contents:

Published Two videos on YouTube on Near BOS.

Link Video 1:

Link Video 2:

Published 3 organic articles on Medium


Published 3 translations on Near BOS on Medium


Igbo: Blockchain Operating System nke NEAR Protocol | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Jun, 2023 | Medium
Yoruba: Blockchain Operating System ti NEAR Protocol | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Jun, 2023 | Medium

Daily/Weekly Original Contents:









Hosted 2 Educational Telegram AMA focusing on Near BOS with 30+ attendees.





Had 2 Quiz Contest/Trivia night focused on Community Knowledge on Near BOS with 20+ attendees.

Links: https://twitter.com/NearprotocoING/status/1672234214958280707?t=aaOLJaq7NsxHA-pgyBfDzg&s=19



Near Nigeria partnered with HealthGo



0 Near/USD


Twitter (https://twitter.com/nearprotocoing?s=21&t=CwpEJtQbKKpuLAM02IvtSA) - 405 in June / 343 were in the last month
Gain: 18.08% (+62 followers).

Near Social (NEAR Nigeria | Near Social) - 29 in June/ 21 were in last month
Gain: 38.10%(+8 followers with good number of likes, retweets and comments).

Telegram (Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD) - 1920 in June/ 1900 were in the last month
Progress: 10.53% (+20 members with an Average of 70 message daily)

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nearprotocol-nigeria-463178226) - 299 in June/ 281 were in the last month
Progress: 6.41% (+18 followers)

Medium (Blockchain Operating System nke NEAR Protocol | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Jun, 2023 | Medium) - 118 in June/ 115 were in the last month
Progress: 2.61% (+3 followers with 300+ claps per article)

YouTube (AURORA AND NEAR NIGERIA - YouTube) - 20 in June / 15 were in the last month
Progress: 2.39% (+5 Subscribers with 20+ views per video)

List of all group members and their compensation for the month.

NEAR Nigeria Community Lead @Paulp5000… 0 Near/USD

Ejabani (CM)… 0 Near/USD
@kbounce (Social Media)… 0 Near/USD
Favour (Social Media)… 0 Near/USD
Khady (Content writer)… 0 Near/USD
Vicj2000 (Content writer)… 0 Near/USD
cenwadike (Tech Content writer/Dev)… 0 Near/USD
Moh (Graphics designer/Video Editor/Dev)… 0 Near/USD
evelyn (Graphics designer/Video Editor)… 0 Near/USD Evelyn Sample
Kareemc2 (Translator)… 0 Near/USD
Qeeyah (Translator/CM)… 0 Near/USD
mrudawaki (Translator/CM)… 0 Near/USD
@damboy22 (Head of Partnerships)… 0 Near/USD


Challenges faced during the month was that we are yet to receive funds for June activities as team members are yet to be compensated and winners of our contest and AMA Sessions are yet be settled. Despite the lack of funds available and low moral to work from team members, we have to try our possible best to make sure that we have some activities done within the month to not only revive our community but effectively promote activities on Near Ecosystem through our social media accounts.

Possible suggestions as to meet our necessary Targeted KPIs for the upcoming months is that there should be provision of funds as early as possible, this will encourage us to perform all activities effectively and efficiently to bring a massive impact to Near Ecosystem.

Plans for the coming months.

For the next months, we intend to increase on-chain activities, such as holding more online and offline events, Hosting workshops to educate the community on how to use various products built on NEAR, Increase in community size organically, push in more videos which will also be posted on our YouTube account, onboarding developers for activities on BOS, creating more educational contents, Interviews, products testing, more business partnerships, and performing additional tasks as needed to meet the demands of MDAO and RDAO as well as the community’s expansion.

We are on a mission to increase awareness of Near blockchain and its usecase, also to connect with builders and devs in Nigeria and build a project on NEAR.

Thanks @IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka


Welldone NPK Guild, it is nice to see the community moving forward!

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