[Closed] NEAR Bitesized - Threads and short-form content

Hey, my name is Charlotte and I am here to offer my services.

Time frame & services :

  • 1 Month
  • 12 high-quality threads posted on Twitter and converted into video carousel/ video format which I then post on TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Funding: $600 / $50 per thread & conversion into short form videos. (275 NEAR)

I am a virtual assistant & graphic designer, my business offers an array of services such as graphics, copywriting, social media services and much more.

I have been involved with crypto for around 3 years and I am now wanting to combine my business with my passion.

I have put together a service I feel NEAR could truly benefit from, the service is creating new threads and restructuring long-form existing articles into threads but with a twist. Not only will I be creating and posting threads on Twitter, but I also will be creating the threads into short-form carousels/ videos for TikTok and YouTube shorts. This is a method that is unique and not many do, however, the results based on my personal experience is great.

Threads and bite-sized information are really beneficial as they are easier for the reader to consume and digest. Well-structured threads can also get the reader going down an educational rabbit hole, for example, if I am writing a thread and mention something I have done a more in-depth thread on, I can plug it into the thread, in which the reader can go deeper into the educational rabbit hole.

Break down of the work-

Research: First, I spend time researching topics for the threads, selecting suggested thread ideas or looking at new articles to restructure.

Once I have my selected topics, I begin researching each topic and creating bullet points for the thread.

I also research trending sounds, keywords, hashtags and more, in order for the thread to get the best reach possible.

Creating the thread: Once I have all information I begin constructing the thread and creating any graphics, I also plug any additional information such as other threads of mine that relate, articles or links.

Video conversion: Once posted on Twitter, I then convert the thread into video format, I do this by creating a graphic for the carousals and then adding the thread. I then upload it to TikTok using one of the trending sounds and appropriate keywords and hashtags, I will then upload the video to Youtube shorts.

Follow-up & Analytics: Once posted I will follow up by posting it in the NEAR discord and Reddit. I will also spend time keeping track of all data/ Analytics so when I report back, I will be able to show the results of my work and have a clear path of moving forward and improving.

Type of threads I will cover-

-Conversion threads from Articles.

-Suggested threads.

-All things NEAR, educational, why near, why Aura, useful NEAR tools, top NEAR projects & creators and much more.


I have already created graphics and fresh social accounts (found below) to start posting on, I will also be pushing the accounts within the NEAR and crypto community.


I will be posting 3 a week and for the first month i will be posting on different days/ times to see which days and times get the best response/ reach.

Why me-

This is what I do for a living and my whole business is around helping other businesses, brands and projects. Being in this position, I am able to spot upcoming trends in marketing, so I can keep things fresh. Combining this with my passion and knowledge of the blockchain industry, I feel it positions me well to offer such services. I am extremely passionate about the quality of work I offer/ provide and already being invested in NEAR will make it easier for me to offer good quality content.

I would just like to note that the above proposal is set below my going rate, this is because I want to establish a good connection with NEAR and to show NEAR the benefits of my services and how beneficial this could be.

Any feedback or questions I would love to hear, when filling out the form I can also include my business website, some references etc.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEARBitesized
TikTok: @NEARBitesized
YouTube shorts: @NEARBitesized

Here are some graphics i have already done-

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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Can you share your past experience, it would be great to see your some past work


Thanks for showing interest, here is a portfolio showing some of my work: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFappos7mU/jxwVu7kKUtiuPRI2otrjBg/view?utm_content=DAFappos7mU&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

Hello, I’ve filled the form out. thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @NEARBitesized, unfortunately, I can’t support your proposal now. Please continue your great job and re-apply later.

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Hi @NEARBitesized – thanks for sharing the Canva. Do you have examples of your TikTok or shorts work you can share?

I’ll be transparent that we typically fund proposals from people who have experience and a track record in the community. Have you participated in the NEAR ecosystem yet or are you new to the space? Thanks!

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Hello, that’s no problem, thank you for your time. If i may ask, what was the reasoning for not wanting to support? i only ask so i can take the feedback on-board if i need to re-apply later! Thanks

Hello, Thank you for your interest, I can’t upload videos here but heres the link to my VA business TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@csassisting

As you can see I don’t have a massive following but the traction I am getting on my videos are great. I have had to remove a few of the carousels that had a few hundred likes and views, as they got mixed up. But hopefully you can see the potential and attraction we can achieve.

I am not new to the space, I have been invested and researching blockchain/ crypto for around 3 years, I have invested both time and money in the NEAR ecosystem for 2 of those years but i have not got too involved until now as I am wanting to expand my business with my passion (crypto).
NEAR is the blockchain I am most knowledgeable on, which is why I am wanting to start here.

Hi @NEARBitesized

Thanks for submitting your proposal. As much I can appreciate distilling information into things that are easy to consume, I’m not sure this medium is going to move the needle.

The nature of the example content you submitted isn’t skimmable unfortunately.

You’ve got a great background, but I still don’t think it’s at the right level to push this material. There aren’t any examples of your video production work.

The price points to repurpose twitter threads is quite high as well.

With all of the above in mind, it’s a no from me.


I appreciate and respect your decision but I would like to call a few things out if that’s okay!

  1. NEAR are wanting to explore other ways of marketing etc yet I bring something new to the table which you have not explored and it seems you’re afraid to try it.
  2. I respect your opinion that you think it isn’t skimmable, however, I must disagree strongly. I have broken the thread into short, easily digestible paragraphs and I have used clear headings and subheadings. I find the structure of the thread really easy and simple to read.
  3. From someone with 14 years of marketing experience and their own marketing agency, I’d have expected you to have a better understanding of the cost. Many other community members have called you out on this in a previous post where you said $80 a thread was too expensive and I am charging $50 per thread, creating graphics and converting it into video format in which I then post on three social media platforms. Given you own a marketing agency, I am curious as to how much would you charge for this kind of work. As you must be up to date with the cost of copywriting and graphics. Perhaps you do not fully understand the work/ time that goes into what I propose which is fair enough but please do not insult me.
  4. You claim I have given no video evidence when you can clearly see the comment above yours, there is a link to my TikTok (TikTok is a video platform In case you were unaware, this is an example of my video work).

You are paid a lot for this role and imo I could say you’re expensive given the quality of work you’re providing is not proper due diligence nor a proper understanding of marketing material costs.

I do understand that I have set up fresh socials and have no followers just yet, so it might be a bit harder to get off the ground and more of a risk to fund but I was willing to put the work in for below what I normally charge. Please do not insult me by saying it is expensive when it is actually below my rate, I have clients paying my full rate and they have no issue with it as they understand the work I put in. I offered NEAR an introductory offer as I know it is a risk but I really saw potential and you don’t know until you have tried if it works or not. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the potential I could but to grow you need to take risks and explore new things.

I hope you take this on board and value my feedback.

Thanks for your proposal.

I am unable to support this proposal at this time.

In line with the latest guidelines we consider both the quality of the work and the distribution channel. I’ve taken into account:

  • The proposal lacks the body of work required for funding. Twitter has two followers, including me, and I’ve just become the first subscribed on Youtube. Always happy to support and amplify new content creators, but unfortunately it is too early to become eligible for funding.
  • Generally, threads and shorts that are able to convey complex ideas in simple, eye-catching ways are always in demand. There has to be a distinction between identifying a core area of interest and having the skills to successfully create content in those verticals. This is why we’ve limited proposals to projects that can demonstrate traction (let the content speak for itself).
  • Finally, while it has not influenced my decision making, I do want to note that the entitled and passive aggressive way in which you are addressing fellow council members is unacceptable. Personal attacks are in breach of community guidelines and obviously unnecessary given it is very unlikely you will prove a point and cause a change of mind to gain support for your proposal. If there are any grievances, please express them respectfully. Ultimately, we have to agree to disagree and move on.


With your reasons, I do not disagree and understand with new guidelines in place it is harder to take risks on new proposals/ ideas especially given I have only just set up the socials so that is more than fair!

Perhaps I should have done a short trial to showcase it before applying for funding, so I will explore this!

As for being passive aggressive, I am sorry that you feel it come across that way however I was simply being genuine and curious with what I said.

The points I mentioned were more than fair and true, similar points have also been raised before by multiple community members, the community should not be afraid to speak their mind and question things.

I fully respect the work you do!