[Closed] MintLoom : Transforming NFTs from collectibles into cash-flow generating assets

Introduction: Defining MintLoom

NFT holders usually can’t earn passive income from their assets, and traditional merch designers can’t trade their design stores for more value.

MintLoom changes this, allowing easy creation of tradable merch stores. Creators can sell merchandise related to their NFTs or designs, or sell the whole store for a higher value."

Core Features:

  • Innovative NFT-Merch Store Integration: MintLoom is engineered to allow a flawless integration of NFTs, enabling users to construct merchandise stores and convert digital creations into sustainable revenue streams while preserving the distinct essence of each NFT.
  • Tradable Merch Store Platform: MintLoom offers more than creation; it enables users to trade entire stores, introducing a unique method for trading designs and income-generating stores as assets.
  • AI-Enhanced Design Generation: MintLoom employs advanced generative AI technologies, producing an array of refined and groundbreaking designs, enabling the realization of unparalleled creative visions.

Value Propositions:

For Creators: MintLoom provides creators with a platform to manifest their ideas, achieve acknowledgment, and secure passive income through royalties from the resale of their stores.

For Buyers and Traders: MintLoom offers a portfolio of premium, revenue-generating designs, with each acquisition serving as an investment and a continuous income source.

Loyalty Rewards Program:

MintLoom introduces a comprehensive rewards program, dedicated to incentivizing and acknowledging the community’s engagement and contributions.

Market Landscape:

The print-on-demand industry is poised for substantial growth, presenting lucrative opportunities for platforms like MintLoom. As of 2023, the market size is valued at USD 7.67 billion and is projected to escalate to USD 38.21 billion by 2030, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25.8% from 2023 to 2030.

MintLoom aspires to uniquely position itself at the cross of print-on-demand sector and NFT sector, by integrating innovative features and aiming to be a leader in connecting digital art with tangible merchandise.

BOS Component creation

  • We will develop a Post Scheduler and planner to BOS that will systematically schedule the publication of newly minted merch stores on near.social.

  • This component aims to optimize visibility and manage the growing number of store creations efficiently.

  • The scheduler will feature a monthly planner to ensure organized and strategic post management.

  • This will be released as an open-source component, available for community utilization on near.social

  • We’ll use NEAR BOS’s Web Editor IDE for real-time UI visualization and code sharing, enhancing collaboration and efficiency among developers. This advanced tool provides a superior alternative to conventional editors like VS Code.

  • We’ll also integrate the Remix IDE plugin to easily connect with various front-end plugins and contracts, streamlining our development workflow and ensuring smooth interaction between different components.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: React.js
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Blockchain: Rust
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Storage: Amazon S3
  • Authentication: Firebase Authentication
  • Development Tools: Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • Collaboration: Slack
  • Testing: Jest and Enzyme
  • Version Control: Git and GitHub
  • Deployment: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Staffing Requirements Role in Project Estimated # of Hours Per hour Cost Total cost
DevOps / Backend Engineer Cloud Engineer, Cloud Computing for Data mangement and Server Maintinance 176 25 4400
Smart Contract Development/Web3.0 Developer for Smart Contracting token integration designing plugin for available blockchain platform 56 35 1960
Product Head Lead Team of all Developer including Devops and Front End 176 25 4400
Solutions Architect Product Backend, Frontend, API and Tech Infrastructer development 112 35 3920
Machine Learning Dev Senior Machine Learning Engineer for Training Module and AI plugin integration for availabe Image generating API 90 35 3150
UI/UX Developer For Development User Interface for Buyer, Creator and AI Plugin, Mockup layout 176 30 5280
Graphic Designer Icon, All Types of possinble mockup based on buyer interested and real life usess 56 25 1400
Front End Developer Senior Frontend React JS Developer 176 25 4400
Total - 28910
DIscount 50% FInal Price - 14455

Our objective is to develop products that deliver tangible real-world value and make a meaningful impact on a wide audience. Partnering with Snipthink, a global software solutions tech startup, provides us with a talented in-house team, allowing us to potentially reduce costs by up to 50%. This cost-efficiency ensures that our products are affordable for Creatives DAO while maintaining high quality.

Strategic Roadmap:

  • December 2023: Foundation and Testnet Launch.
    • Testnet Launch: Rollout of initial features and solutions for early users.
    • BOS Post Scheduler Widget Shipped: Efficient and user-friendly post scheduling solutions for seamless user experience.
  • Q1 January - March 2024: Mainnet Launch and Seller Activation.
    • Mainnet Launch on NEAR BOS: Full-scale launch with robust features and functionalities.
    • Onboard First Cohort of Creators: Engage with Creatives DAO communities and onboard early adopters and creators.
    • AMAs and Partnerships: Hosting AMAs with cross-chain NFT platforms and partnering with 1-2 NFT marketplaces for API integration.
  • KPIs: 200-300 NFT Holders onboarded, 500+ NFT merch stores created, and 100 products sold.
  • Q2 2024: Growth and Expansion
    • Seller Activation: Onboard 500+ merch designers via digital direct response marketing, outreach to print-on-demand influencers.
    • On Ground Activations: Host events in design and art colleges to introduce MintLoom to the next generation of creators.
  • KPIs: Onboard 700+ creators and NFT holders, create 800 - 1000 NFT merch stores, and activate 500+ wallets on NEAR.

Marketing Blueprint:

NFT Holders:

  • Develop SEO-optimized content
  • Engage in targeted social media advertising on relevant platforms
  • Execute targeted email campaigns with clear CTAs to MintLoom
  • Maintain active engagement on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Reddit
  1. Designers:
  • Produce educational content and webinars on AI-based art creation with MintLoom
  • Engage with online design communities and forums
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote MintLoom’s benefits
  • Run targeted ads on design-focused platforms with strong CTAs
  1. Buyers:
  • Design a user-friendly platform with clear value propositions
  • Implement a comprehensive loyalty & rewards program
  • Execute personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Provide extensive customer education and support
  • Foster community engagement and showcase user-generated content
  • Run exclusive, time-limited promotions and themed discounts

How this Benefits Creatives DAO:

  1. Wallet Activation: We plan to initiate wallet activations, starting with 200 per month and scaling up to 1,000 per month within the second quarter. These activated wallets will actively engage in trading and minting their merch store NFTs, ensuring real participation.
  2. BOS Post Scheduler and Calendar: We are developing a BOS post scheduler and calendar. Initially, this will be used for our own NFT minting posts and will be made available in the BOS components library for the community to utilize.
  3. Onchain Transactions: Onchain transactions will occur during the creation of wallets by creators and buyers, as well as with automated BOS posts for new stores and NFT minting. These transactions will drive the ecosystem’s activity.
  4. Marketing and Branding Collaboration:
  • Our web app will prominently feature Creatives DAO as our partner, with a direct link to Creatives DAO’s preferred destination.
  • Each Sale NFT will include a thank-you note with Creatives DAO branding, potentially reaching thousands of viewers.
  • In any in-person events we host, we will acknowledge Creatives DAO as our partner.

We remain open to exploring further synergies to enhance our collaboration with Creatives DAO.


We cannot post a link. Join the waitlist on www. mintloom .com


Hi @Santos, thank you for your proposal.

Can you please introduce your team back ground?

Please refer to our Strategic Partnership Program and the Template here to fulfill your proposal. Thank you!


Hi William,

Allow me to introduce our team and their qualifications more comprehensively:

  • Danny Santos, Founder:
    • Danny Santos brings to the table over a decade of valuable experience as a seasoned full-stack developer and an accomplished team leader. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the Founder of Endstream, a successful strategy board game.
  • Abhishek Jha, Co-founder & CTO:
    • Abhishek Jha serves as our Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. His professional portfolio includes the role of Director at Snipthink, a technology-based solution provider catering to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. He is also the visionary behind Social MapWork, an innovative platform connecting individuals with local authorities and NGOs while facilitating transparent work reviews.
  • Mallika Roy, Marketing Head:
    • Mallika Roy is at the helm of our marketing endeavors, bringing her expertise in Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Operations Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an impressive track record spanning more than 15 years, she has previously contributed her skills to renowned brands such as Harper Collins, Salt Media, PETA, and IT Cube Solutions.
  • Otto Müller, Product Lead:
    • Otto Müller serves as our Product Lead, boasting six years of experience in product management with a specialization in leadership roles. He possesses extensive project experience gained at Coherent Solutions, where he actively participated in various projects, with a notable focus on supply chain products within the EMEA region.

I trust this provides a more comprehensive overview of our team’s qualifications and contributions. If you require any further information or have additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I have many questions that still hang on. But before that, I just want you to understand we’re a community funding nodes, not an incubation hub.

I think before we go further to questions related to your proposals, those are not legit for me:


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After careful consideration and comprehensive research of your project, we have decided that we cannot proceed with the partnership. This decision is based on the fact that the essential requirements from the CreativesDAO Charter have not been met, and there are no apparent advantages for both parties involved in the proposed partnership.
With that said, I’m closing this proposal.

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