[APPROVED] Purchase NFTs from marmaj/letsbbcreativ Mintbase stores - October

Let’s Support Some marmaj Creatives! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The marmaj Foundation manages two smart contracts on Mintbase.io

  1. marmaj.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store
  2. letsbbcre8iv.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

There are various marmaj community members who mint on both of these smart contracts.

The marmaj DAO has a small collection on Mintbase which can be seen here: Mintbase

The purpose of this proposal is to set aside funds to purchase NFTs from the marmaj community on Mintbase.io to add the marmaj DAO collection. This will allow the marmaj Foundation to efficiently support the marmaj community’s creativity.

For the first month of this experiment (October 2021), we would like to allocate $1000 USD towards this initiative. At the end of the month, the DAO council (@mecsbecs / @bianca / @chloe) will assess the effectiveness of this proposal towards achieving the set goal (to support the creatives within the marmaj community) and will submit a retrospective on how the funds were used.

$1000 USD is ~ 150 NEAR

In addition to $1000 USD for collecting NFT’s from the marmaj community, we would like to allocate $500 USD for collecting NFTs from the wider NEAR community (from other Creative Guilds and their members on Mintbase.io and Paras.id)

Total ask: $1500 USD / ~ 225 NEAR


Funding for this project has come from the Creatives DAO [APPROVED] marmaj DAO - October 2021

There is currently a form up on the marmaj website: https://marmaj.org/nft-collection/ where members of the NEAR community can submit their NFTs to be collected by the marmaj DAO.

Funds (225 NEAR tokens) will be send from the marmaj DAO to the “spreadthelove.near” account, which is the account that will purchase and transfer the NFTs back to the DAO address (marmaj.sputnik-dao.near")

We are using a seperate wallet so that it is more efficient to keep track of funding and collected NFTs. The goal is eventually do all NFT collection directly from DAO proposals.

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Payout txn: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marmaj.sputnik-dao.near?tab=1&proposal=marmaj.sputnik-dao.near-64

NFT collection (only showing paras.id NFTs atm): https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marmaj.sputnik-dao.near/treasury/nfts

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