[Closed] [Bounty] Minting Together - 5 NEAR

Do you know Mintbase allows you to create your own NFT platform?

After you deploy a contract (open a store) you can add other people as minters, and your store will show up for them as a place to mint. This means that even if you don’t have your own store, you can still mint with Mintbase as long as someone added you as a minter. :dancing_women: :dancing_men:

There are many reasons to have several people minting together under a single contract, and we want you to be creative with this unique Mintbase feature, that’s why we are launching this bounty.

This is how it works:

  • Add at least 5 minters to your store
  • Have at least 3 different wallets mint in the store
  • Tell us why you are minting together. What can you accomplish beyond only you minting in your store alone?

Reply to this post with a link to your store, to the NFTs minted, and briefly describe your use case for minting together.

We will give 5 NEAR to completed bounties, and the best use cases will get an additional 25 NEAR.

We will choose the bonus use cases for the extra rewards in a few weeks, so go add minters and get them minting! Looking forward to what you will create. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.S. as with all Createbase bounties, we kindly ask you to not submit any DAO proposals until we have given you the green light here in the forum.


The website is too slow, I can’t access it.

Use case: Mila Martin (the other minter) was minting on another blockchain (BCH SLP). She does not have her own store on NEAR blockchain. Provided her with a place to start, now she have own store: anfta.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store Think it was a good collaboration.


Hello @lenara hope you´re doing well here its some numbers

FavelaLx NFT Arte Project
Minters Wallets


Mint Wallets Shop

About the Project

We are a collective of artists focused on bringing to the NFT world as much of the system’s neglected bodies as possible, we are the creative base of capitalism, we are the physical working base of capitalism, we are the first to die of police violence and government neglect. FavelaLx Projeto is a rescue of bodies through art as a tool for social, economic and political transformation. Our job is to question the status Quo and demand alternatives that include our existences. Our project symbolizes life, financial and psychological security and the strengthening of a community full of creatives of all kinds. we are multiples of ourselves and that is why we believe that integrating Blockchain as a collective can give us more strength and create new ways of occupying spaces. With that we´re doing a collective exhibiton and we arehttps://www.mintbase.io/favicon.ico planing to do more and more, becouse whithout us the past, present and future would not exist.
you can see at the shop many minted art alred done and we´ve more.


Project : Art NFT
Includes Artists (Wallet):

About the project :
We are artists who love the new. Want to be the pioneers to bring works of art to blockchain. For us art is life, reflecting the world around us. We consider mintbase.io to be the place to express all of our art.

Our works are posted at:


CODAME ART+TECH reporting in :smiley: We spark visionaries by celebrating the value of playful creativity.

We came to NEAR via Mintbase when we were searching for a carbon neutral shop enabling easy splits of sales and royalties with artists. There is a program to introduce our collective of over 300 artists to NFTs on NEAR.

So far these 3 artists have minted, in addition to myself:


You can see my DOOMSLUG mint in this FRAMEWORLD NewArt.City show that Yagmur put together!

The rest of the FRAMEWORLD artists will be minting in the CODAME shop during the show. In addition to the NAC gallery we will have IRL popups in San Francisco, Egypt, Alabama, and… potentially your town?! Join us in the celebration!

Also… I’ll be running an NFT Minting Playshop on July 11th for CODAME.

If we are selected for a BEST use case award we’ll be making the proposal to send funds to the CODAME Sputnik v2 DAO :sunglasses:


@starpause awesome that you have a DAO for the CODAME artists :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And happy to see several examples already of stores with multiple minters @TRENDHEO @kalagary @stoyan

We will be giving the green light for first payout submissions in a couple of days, and will be asking for your wallet address so we can identify the proposals when we vote.

Tip: if you expect a high volume of mints from your store, you could even choose to direct the 5 NEAR payout to your minting contract wallet address (yourstorename.mintbase1.near), in order to cover your minting storage in the future.


Can I submit a DAO proposal? I would love to mint more NFTs with everyone.


Not sure about others, but about my store I don’t think there will be a lot of minting (as quantity). The idea is for new artists to just start there (if there is interest maybe just one mint sold), then they can create their own store with the profit and start building their own brand. 100% of the royalties going to the artist, maybe I’ll get a small shared payment from the first art to keep the store. Of cause they can continue to share my store but think most people want to build their own separate branded store, not to mix with others permanently… Maybe I’m wrong…


That is an interesting strategy… I know that now the stores allow a percentage of the royalties to go to a default address, so you could even put the store contract wallet in that…

Your idea is to have your store as a stepping stone, a place for people to mint their first NFT, and after selling it they will have enough to deploy their own contract, right? Good use case :+1:

Also as a side effect, if they become successful then their genesis mint will be in your contract, this can be of historic significance and make those NFTs quite valuable. Good to keep that in mind too when deciding on default store percentages… :wink:


Didn’t think about the side effect… Maybe it is a nice thing. In fact, they can keep their first art if they want. My original idea was: The people usually I’m interacting with came from different blockchains (mostly BCH - SLP, ETH OpenSea, EOS - wax), they still are not famous and they don’t even have any NEAR. So having something already working, without first need to pay 7 NEAR will be an easier way to start. Mean more people can start with Mintbase right away. If there are enough profits to pay the initial 1 NEAR for the wallet and some small amount for enabling initial Mintbase transactions, it can help to onboard many new artists.

With Mila (my first co-minter - is there such word…) I asked for just one NFT in my store, cause I’m an engineer, not an artist. She was generous enough to make me a lot of NFTs :wink: As I said above - nice collaboration, happy to do this again.

I think Mila is doing the same thing with her store now - she even has more co-miters than me :slight_smile: - anfta.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

It will be interesting if all profits from some store can be redirected to sputnik.fund DAO (so putting DAO address in the shared profits, not mine address…) so funding new artists can be more automated…


Yes, and @starpause is already planning to send funds from NFTs and from this bounty to their DAO.

The NFTs minted always go to the minters wallet, no matter which contract. But since there is the option to set up default royalties and first sale on the contract owner side, this is definitely something to think about.

I personally think the genesis mints are important from an historical perspective, independent of the artist becoming famous or not at some point in the future. And if you think about it, every famous artist had to start somewhere at some point :wink:


Please @TRENDHEO @stoyan @kalagary @starpause you can submit a payout for 5 NEAR to the Createbase DAO - put in the description “Minting Together Bounty” and link this forum post.

If you know more people who have several minters on their stores you can tag them on a comment to this tweet:


Would love to submit our letsbbcreative Mintbase store for this bounty: letsbbcre8iv.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

We currently have 9 minters from the community (please ping me if you’d like to be added) and we have 3 NFTs minted (although one seems to have a bug sadly </3)

Payout target for the bounty would be: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

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I have registered with the account: trendheo.near . How do I pay the bonus? Thanks!

I mint NFT but got error :frowning:

@chloe @lenara and all colegues from the Near Forum
Can I propose a NFT podcast in portuguese for luso speakers?
It´s a hard workout project that I would love to do with Samantha @MXIII that´s a artist and art educator that have being working with me at the Arroz Artistic Residence, she also have her won projets to submit here at the Near Forum. I´m mesmerazed by the postencial of all that Near Project so The podcast its in itself a large project that need to be dived in 2 parts the tecnical and then the recording of it, so maybe we need to make it in 2 parts, but we´ve capabilit to make it in once if we get the buget for it. The proposol also have the intent to work 100% with Near using the coin to manager all the preprodution and final results. After finishing my exhibition at Arroz I would love to come back here and make or proposol ^^ You all have being amz with me, thanks for that!!

More DAO payouts, that’s so cool!! :sunglasses:

Please submit a payout for 5 NEAR :pray:

and @TRENDHEO we are voting on payouts normally in a few days maximum.

The bounty will go on for one more week and then we will chose the best use cases for the bonus payouts.

@kalagary the podcast looks like a great idea :+1:

You can create a new post for your submission following these guidelines: How to apply for funding with Createbase - Createbase

Looking forward!

Boa sorte e qualquer pergunta é só escrever.

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@lenara thanks os much fo your appreciationon mondey we´ll be back with somthing proper in “hands” ^^

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