[report] near fashion dao august activities

Hello creatives

Here is the report for NEAR Fashion DAO for August activities.

We now have a bubbling community comprising of fashion designers and digital illustrators all contributing Telegram: Join Group Chat

Our DAO logo was created by @cedrick.near

For this project Near fashion dao web 3 quote prints we created all the necessary merch and minted the digital twins in our mintbase store. The physical copies are available for shipment on the purchase of the NFts from our mintbase store

We created our mintbase store store and have minted designs and contributions from our bounty winners : nearfashiondao.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

We had quotes on these shirts curated by @chaos

Other iterations are in our mintbase store

Our bounty winners for the month are as follows
@cedrick.near cedieee.near

@genvergara.near genvergara.near

@kenzeroart kenzeroart.near

We had @gushlewis create a 3d voxel of the winning design. The Zip file of the voxels are available to creatives upon request

We are still waiting for entries from writers guild in our collaboration with them and we deferred our collaboration with NxP to the coming month due to our funds coming late and they not responding promptly because of NEARCON.

We are in collaboration with Created By Chaos for this project to create stylized urban themes for the DAO’s collection on mintbase

Thanks, we would be submitting our funding proposal for our september activities shortly.

In the meantime yall can support us by purchasing some of our fashion NFTs in our mintbase store nearfashiondao.mintbase1.near on Mintbase


Really cool project. Happy to be a part of it! :smile:

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