[Closed] Mãe Solteira Records DAO Management and marketing developing (June’s funding request)

Project Name: Mãe Solteira Records DAO Management and marketing developing

Project members:

Sofia Garrucho aka Astrea: @sophiatheastrea.near

Kássia Laureano: @laureana.near

DAO: maesolteirarecs.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Period: June

This month, Mãe Solteira Records is focusing on how we can get known and also to advertise Near to people in a way they trust us. The majority of people are still suspicious of cryptocurrencies.

Bringing people to the Near Ecosystem also requires to inform people what is Near Foundation, what is Web3, tell all the pros and cons and bring awareness to the dangers that this universe can bring (scamming, for example). We want to create informative content to post on our social media accounts in portugese so people can feel secure and have some reassurance to come to the cryptocurrencies world and to the Metaverse.

We also need to promote our label and work in the social media and on the streets so, for that, we need stickers and money for the job of managing social media and also social media ads.

We also had to increase our team and invited Luis D’Alva Teixeira to be our Financial Analyst, while Astrea is concerned with other bureaucratic issues and will thus be able to continue their creative work, as well as project management connected with Near Procotol. Luis is going to create a Near Wallet and will be onboard by Mãe Solteira Records team.

Management and marketing:
110$ - stickers
165$ - Financial Analyst - Luís D’Alva Teixeira
110$ - Social media promotion (Facebook and Instagram ads)
500$ - Social media management
415$ - Design and text for informative posts for social media about Near & Web3
1300$ - Total

The total of this request is: 1300$ = 244,82109227871942 N [conversion made on tuesday, 7th of june at 10:56pm]

After the approval, all payout proposals will be made on NEAR; members of the Mãe Solteira Records DAO council and members of the community will have the reference of 1N = 5.31$.

I hope you like our monthly budget and agree with it! Have a nice month!


Good evening, Facebook and Instagram?


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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter :slight_smile: Mãe Solteira Records | Linktree in the end of this link you’ll find our social media accounts!

I had to change the definitions not to go to our last tweet, but to our profile. You can check it now!

This proposal is interesting but it doesn’t align to the type of projects I normally support through the Marketing DAO and driving more users towards the Near Ecosystem. It’s a no from me.

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Good evening; a dubbed proposal for both DAOs


I do not support this proposal.

This is not necessarily an assessment of the underlying quality or value of the project, and you should not be deterred from continuing your work. However, as we strive for our goal to onboard 1 Billion people, it is clear that we are not able to fund every single project. We are required to be very strategic, specially during tough market conditions. I do note that over the last few months we’ve funded an overwhelming number of proposals in several niches that overlap with this current proposal.

What does closed means? Creatives DAO funded the whole proposal by themselves.