[APPROVED] AUGUST Social media boost, management and contents creation -NEAR Health Guild

Hello everyone, hope y’all are doing well!

We’ve been a little busy this month(July) in pursuit of becoming self sustainable and more, we spent most of the time this month working with;

1-Decentricity and Alex from Debio Network for which we’ll help them grow the platform’s users and register more labs under it.

2-Orrin from QSTN designing the project on bringing health related questions for users to earn and also health data ownership.

3-We had two of our team members from Nigeria(@Ibrahimbk @Musaaminu) that took an integral part in the Blockchain Developer Summit held at Baze University in Abuja which was organized by Domieneum blockchain solutions which took place on the 21st and 22nd July, they had the opportunity to introduce NEAR to the crowd.

That’s basically what we did so far in July, our proposal for June activities was closed, we did a big percentage of the activities without funding and we also decided not to request for funding in July due to the market and all.

We are now requesting $1000 from the @marketingdao_council for social media boosting, management, graphic design and other content creation and so sustain out lecture series.

NEAR Health social media accounts:

1- LinkedIn - 670 followers
Aiming for 800 followers

2- Telegram -1010 members
Aiming for 1500 members

3- Twitter -325 followers
Aiming for 500 followers

4- Instagram -527 followers
Aiming for 600 followers

5- YouTube channel

6- Medium

Funding details:
1- Social media boost and management =$400
2- Short lectures series =$100
3- Graphics, short describer articles, explainer videos, infographics = $500

Total requested amount in USD = $1000

Near wallet ID: nearhealth.near

@marketingdao-council @Dacha @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint @satojandro @David_NEAR


Happy to support! Have a great day .


Thank you @Dacha, good luck


It looks like a larger audience at the Blockchain Developer Summit than many of the panel discussions at NFTLA. Really exciting to see this!

Looking forward to seeing this project grow.


Hi there,

Thank you for your proposal, can you please breakdown the projects and deliverables per channel.

  1. Social Media Posts
  • Channels
  • Number of Posts (weekly or monthly)
  • Types of posts (Infographics, explainer videos, event promotion, etc)

2. Lecture Series

  • Format (Live, Recorded, Online / in person)

Please elaborate on the projects and deliverables

Can you please elaborate on activities that you got involved with for the Blockchain Developer Summit?


Hey @Klint

  1. Social media

*Channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram
*Number of posts:
-Twitter = 2/3 posts per day
-LinkedIn = 3/4 posts per week
-Instagram = 1/2 posts per day
-Telegram = Unlimited
*Types of posts: all 4 channels above will take posts types like infographics, event promotion, text threads, short explainer videos, memes.

  1. Lecture series

*format: currently we do telegram sessions that involves messages and voice notes, we are planning on starting weekly twitter space and podcast to post of all social media

The Graphics are just designs to help pass information on our socials, describing projects on Near and introducing Health ideas to reach more individuals

I wasn’t actually the one that attended the summit, it was @Ibrahimbk and @Musaaminu from our team, the review I got from them was that “they got their table for a Round Table Session where they talk about Near and answer questions”



Thanks for the proposal – when is the lecture series taking place? Is there a plan for that or are you going to organize it after receiving funding?

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We exhausted the schedule for this month and last, as we are planning on delivering the lectures in more formats this month, we are waiting for the proposal to set so we could add other formats as they require more work. Here is our previous schedule tho.
NH lecture schedule.pdf.pdf (229.4 KB)

I have reviewed your proposal and the replies to comments from fellow council members, i am happy to support.

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Thank you, have a good day

Thanks guys – happy to support. Moving to approved. Please note the new payout instructions:

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Thank you, new instructions noted!

Hi, sorry i missed this! looks like an amazing event!!

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Hello @marketingdao-council
it looks like our poll goes really down, even newer proposals got approved and we still need one more vote before it expires some hours to come. I think from @cryptocredit, @Klint or @satojandro


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