[CLOSED] Near positive vibes | September 2023

Near Positive Vibes

An active, creative and fun community in the Near ecosystem. Our offer includes attracting new users to the ecosystem, opening new active wallets. Our community is international and covers almost all continents of the globe. The language of communication in the chat is English, as part of the active users come from the Europe.

How will new users be attracted? New users will be attracted through advertising in crypto chats, our users will share information about the ecosystem with their friends and they will come to our chat, and we, in turn, will introduce them to the ecosystem, show the advantages of the Near blockchain over other blockchains. Our chat moderators will teach the community how to properly use the products released on Near. Everyone understands that cryptos love various drops and we will use this opportunity. Active participants in the chat will be encouraged using the telegram bot NearUptipbot, participants from Twitter, social will be encouraged directly from the wallet.This is necessary for the transparency of transfers.

What kind of work will the chat moderators do? Chat moderators are familiar with and interact with many Near project developers. We will invite developers, influencers to our chat and explain how to use this product using an example. For community members, weekly quizzes will be held with questions about the Neary ecosystem of other crypto projects, this procedure is for the interest of users. User interest will be rewarded with Near tokens. The chat will also host various creative contests, games between chat participants and with other chats.

Plans for two months: attracting 500-1000 new members to the chat, an active community, holding an AMA with Near product developers, weekly quizzes, creative contests, collaborations with other chats, publishing news in the chat from different twitter channels and other telegram and discord chats. The work of the moderators will be to conduct a telegram chat, publish news in the telegram channel, maintain a twitter, search for information on twitter, Facebook, discord,

Where will this amount be used?
Reward for 2 creative contests - $300 .
Weekly quizzes: $400 .
2 AMA sessions with the chat community and with invited developers - $300
Collection of news about new products and other interesting news about the Near ecosystem - $200.
Collaborations with other chats - $200.
Advertising in crypto chats: $200.
Creative competition for marketing - $200.
Salary of moderators $500 , three moderators,1500.
Total amount :3300



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Hi @Frederick – thanks for the proposal. We are currently in the review process for proposals submitted after the August deadline through the first week of September.

This month, here are the MDAO KPIs we are committed to focusing on for community funds:

MDAO September KPIs

While your proposal is seeking to onboard new users, I cannot support this proposal for the following reasons:

  • Your project is very early stage. I recommend demonstrating traction around your community, showing engagement and success with onboarding new users/developers, increasing on chain transactions, monthly wallet use, etc., before requesting funding.
  • It would be atypical for us to fund a TG chat specifically, and we have moved away from funding moderation of different platforms as it is too difficult to monitor and ensure value to the community from the funds allocated.
  • I am also unlikely to support giveaways, tips, etc., as they have not historically returned a lot of value to the ecosystem outside of short-term participation.

Overall, I’d recommend focusing on organically growing your community, reviewing the KPIs post linked above and joining the NEAR NDC Marketing Hub (Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing) to familiarize with more current initiatives and refine the idea before submitting an updated proposal in Q4.


Thank you for your proposal

Your proposal does not align with our September core KPIs, as other members have mentioned about our KPIs.

-Also, 1500$ for 3 mods does not look good, because your community is still new and needs to have a certain audience and engagement to keep the mods busy to get such a remuneration.

  • Try to have or submit a report of what you have done last month attached to your proposal, whether it is funded or not, this is a plus for evaluating a committed community and project.

-Check our KPIs and align with it, i will have a second look into it.

Hello, we have been working for free for a year now and have submitted some proposals. I also ask you to look at our community and what is happening inside it and its activities. Thanks

Hello, thanks for reply.You can join our community, and also see who is a member of our community and what activities were carried out there. We have a permanent community that consists of multinational participants who speak different languages. Our community does not stand still, but continues to grow​:raised_hands:

Nonetheless, you have not responded to my request and have not aligned your proposal with our KPIs. Please, could you recheck my request again

As of the close of the MDAO review period, this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions, lack of reply, KPIs, etc.), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.