[Closed] Increase funding request for the crossword puzzle challenge and community engagement activities

Could you please jump into your group and type the word “buy,” then find your name in a search section, but probably you have already deleted the posts or edited them like this :ok_hand:

Four hours later


The proposal demands that the puzzle and Shitzu be apart. As I clearly stated, this is unacceptable. The two projects are intertwined and work in unison to promote Near. A significant amount of time and effort
has been dedicated to bring back shitzu’s community from apathy. If you are a community builder, you know that apathy is a tireless nemesis. Redirecting the community to focus on the puzzle became our lifeline. So no, we disagree with the recommendation.

Mike and myself have worked tirelessly to mutually benefit our communities. If you are unaware , please refrain from misguided comments.


Those posts are in wrong order. I mentioned I would modify the message in order to satisfy your requirement. Yet, here you go again manipulating the timeline. Please go to our Telegram and check the pinned messages.


Gotcha, that’s your choice to agree or disagree with the recommendation. I just added my comments on the personal attack thing and to appreciate Mike for creating the crossword puzzle and you being promoting it.


Oh so edited this just now, okay so that comment also appreciates your and Mike’s efforts. There is no misguidance in the comment.


Thank you for showing the reason of loss.
Two audits plus shilled on all the platforms of near and still getting this mesage.
Thank you for showing me that i miss common sense.
Will remember next time buying aurora token which is over 96 percent down.
And coming down on aping at 0.05 for stablecoin ausd was prfitable for me even after not aping at 0.05 to be precise.
Thank you again for pointing out for me missing common sense. :v:


You fail to get his point, he’s saying that we are the ones who make our actions,if you are blaming us for encouraging people to buy shitzu which we did no so such thing then you should also blame stader labs for letting an hack happen and letting investors try to take an advantage on the speculative aspect

@zubairansari07 you Said he pointed out suspicious screenshots
Those things point out to nothing!
Those screenshots were not suspicious,he only pinned such a message to give clarity
Pls don’t confuse it
If you think that from those screenshots he made people buy then you are wrong

This is definitely an attack and since it is a free platform, it’ll be stretched out Until there is a solution that is suitable to both parties
How can a DAO member in quote be the only one to make a decision and convince other parties to do the same!

The other council members didn’t even read through properly before closing the forum down and how only can only 3 members make a decision?
Where’s the Decentralization in that? How’s that called a dao?!

The research he did was not sufficient as he didn’t seem to notice the impact of the quiz and only looked for evidence on the impact on the token and again those evidences are not sufficient to dismay shitzus efforts


Not to mention “utility” Tokens like myria,deip even octopus token which are down a lot by a Massive margin,I do not harbour any hate to them but it’s an example to show that shitzu should not be discriminated for it’s token because those Tokens have made people lose as much as shitzu has in quote.

Also you might not believe in meme coins (so do I) but they are key in an ecosystem and are one of the things that increase chain activity and volume,take a look at bsc and Eth,they have lots of active addresses because of this memes and there’s lots of volume too.

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I’m tired of you saying untrue statements it’s obvious at this point that you are not fit to be a DAO community member, sorry to say.
Your decisions are being solely made on your emotional spite towards the shitzu Community, everyone here and stated what the shitzu Community stands for and yet you change the narrative each time!
It’s quite frustrating for people to tell the truth severally but you ignore them for your personal belief.
If you are complaining about token price,pls call out myria,deip,octopus, Aurora for the making people lose Massively!
We have stated that we aren’t here for shitzu to pump solely,if it is going to pump then fine,let it pump but we want to educate the people through our community and make it engaging and you emotions cloud judgement.
You are not being logical.

Also you haven’t sent the screenshots that @mikedotexe requested, prove you did the required thing before closing out this forum

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Don’t substitute decentralization and weird meme token shilling which Rekt our Community.

Just wondering what the question was?

  • What it the best token in the world?
  • How to get a lambo?
  • How to become a millionaire?

It’s funny until Community lose money.

@David_NEAR could you please close the thread for further comments ? Thanks


Your bias is something else. That puzzle’s aim was to celebrate the IBC integration to Near announcement. We frequently add funny questions related to Shitzu. Meme coin banter is commonly embedded there as well. I promise you, a puzzle will not sway people to get rekt. Why do you insist on this accusation? Also, those 3 people who DM you b/c they got rekt from buying shitzu have not come forward. Let them know to contact me to discuss reimbursement.


I have participated in some educational crossword. I know the full question is “Meme coin of Aurora”.
Why you can deduce yourself and always think you are right. Put your ego down and make real suggestions, not guess.

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Great educational content

Thank You for the improvements :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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All lies sir
Octopus token rekt your community, stop them From having activities, myria token rekt your community too,deip too,ref too
So stop them from collecting grants

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@David_NEAR pls do not close the thread in the name of Decentralization, there is no reason for that to happen, he’s asking for that to prevent us from speaking further which is centralized

Putting shitzu there is for

  • a lesuire question
  • to get awareness of the meme coin of aurora
    That’s all, it’s not an investment decision

You failed to look at the rest of the questions,no?

It is becoming obvious that you have a vendetta towards shitzu Community

Hey all,

This thread has devolved into something which is adding little, if any, value to the ecosystem. As such, it will be closed.

Although I disagree with the final evaluation of the MarketingDAO in this instance, the way it is structured means that Council Members have the final call here.

This is changing. At least, some aspects of the Creatives and MarketingDAO will be evolved after NEARCON. We’ll communicate more on this

I’d’ like to encourage @agt and the team to revise their proposal and include some of the guidance here in order for it to be reassessed.

Additionally, I’d like to encourage those who support this proposal, but are not direct recipients, to leave their comments on the new thread. The MarkeitngDAO is issuing community funds, not a coffer that only they are privy to.

This is not a decentralised platform, nor is it aiming to be.

The thread is, sadly, devolving into finger pointing and, in some cases, personal comments. That’s not the environment we seek to nurture here.

Please, all, refer to the Community Guidelines.

Side Note: Unless the user on the forum has the NEAR Core tag, they are not a part of the NEAR Foundation/Pagoda team. Being a member of the Marketing/CreativesDAO, or any other DAO, does not constitute officially representing NEAR Foundation.


After reading through the entire thread and talking to several of the involved parties, it seems clear that:

  • This proposal, and the way in which is has been approached by fellow Council members, is conflating to separate and very different issues:
  • First, which actually relates to the subject matter of the proposal, is the creation of the Crossword puzzles as a Marketing and Onboarding tool.
  • Second, which is the contentious issues, is the fact that it is the Shitzu community the one organising these marketing efforts.

On the first point regarding the Crossword puzzles:

  • Team leverages a really cool solution built buy a NEAR Core engineer (fully privately funded) to create educational resources that promote projects on NEAR
  • There is a clear track record of successful execution, not the least including previously approved proposals for the exact same reason
  • The value of the proposal is tiny compared to the relative value it creates for every projects it engages. To date, all of the requested amount is for the Rewards only and do not include any charges for ‘Social Media Management’ (as many other projects do as a matter of fact despite having a fraction of this project’s engagement) and no remuneration for ‘Council Management’ (or related terms as some of other applicants feel entitled to request for every application, regardless of efforts or output). Considering the results to date, I would actually encourage the team to increase the amount requested.
  • The team is not only delivering on the proposed Crossword puzzles but is also actively engaged I the community, looking for ways to add values without expected remuneration - retweeting, onboarding, twitter spaces, etc. The presence of the team is noticeably and increasingly a core part of the active NEAR Community set
  • It should be clear that on these grounds alone, I support the approval of this proposal

In regards to the second grounds, Shitzu:

  • Shitzu has a curious origins and troubled history. Wherever the project may be today, some may argue that it is growing to be part of the Aurora/NEAR pop culture in similar ways as NFTs are. It is certainly keeping the community engaged
  • As a rule of thumb, I do not support dog projects nor am I personally involved (investment or contributor)
  • Anyone that buys a dog coin MUST know it is a gamble at best. The entire thing is very obviously a meme and someone who is not able to discern this should not be allowed to spend money at all and immediately be placed under adult supervision and a legal guardian. We are all adults, most people inc crypto embrace the ;degen’ aspect - high risk, high reward. Complaining about losses and exaggerating them to eh point where ‘my wife left me, etc.’ are not also a meme. Simply put; I strongly reject the idea that the team, but for outright fraud, should be responsible for someone else’s losses.

I invite my fellow Council members to reassess this application separating the Crossword puzzle as a marketing initiative and the Shitzu layer. If needed, simply remove the Shitzu rewards. I want to be clear about this: we are destroying more value by stopping a successful campaign marketing and onboarding such as Crossword puzzle and alienating the active community behind than the money we are ‘saving’ for ‘users’ that would lose money on Shitzu. Truth is, the poor judgment and handling of this proposal, and many like it, threaten to wipe 100x more value of the NEAR market cap as we fail to onboard new people and lose the few we have now.

@Dacha @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint