[CLOSED] Gambiarra DAO - Marketing - September 2022


SITE: https://gambiarradao.com.br/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/gambiarranear

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gambiarranear

FACEBOOK: Redirecting...

DISCORD: Discord

TELEGRAM: Telegram Web

In this month of SEPTEMBER, continuing the action of monitoring the growth of Gambiarra DAO, we still believe it is important for the community to know who are the people who are part of the DAO, what they do, what are their origins, their hobbies. As well as present the projects, initiatives and work already done.

The work of introducing the members continues this month and we intend to complete it this month.

And then we will also present NEAR briefly, so that people can get to know it.


. Projects in progress this month (1 project per week)

. DAO Members and Councils (1 member per week)

. Store Highlight (1 highlight per week)

. Projects already done (1 project per week)

. Member submission site

. Site with featured arts

. Social media with store highlights

. Monitoring discord

Through these presentations it is possible to positively impact members and non-members of NEAR, by the quality of the work already produced, the projects in conclusion and those that are starting. Besides attracting investors (we very much hope so) to our Gambiarra store.

The goal for this month of August is to humbly reach 500 followers in each social network, regardless if we do not. We want to do a great job, there are 3 posts per week fixed in English and Portuguese, totaling 6 posts only on Twitter and Instagram.

We will start our work on the 7th of the month, intending to follow the script.

Report will be delivered on september 31st or October 1st;



Discord management (140 people, over 10 channels) = 120 USD

We will work 3 days a week, with news posts about NFT, Gambiarra DAO, NEAR protocol and Mintbase.

Announcements about the importance of DEFI;

Weekly summary about the NEAR cryptocurrency (high or low fashion);

The artwork and artists that will be the highlights of the week on Gambiarra and NEAR;

Tutorial on converting NEAR cryptocurrency into USD and BRL at binance;

Announcements about events happening in the week;

Instagram account management = 250 USD

3 to 4 weekly posts

Stories (as much as needed)

Facebook account management = 250 USD

3 to 4 posts weekly

Stories (as needed)

Twitter Account Management = 250 USD

3 to 4 posts per week

Spaces (when needed)

Social Media/ WRITER content creation and landing pages = 250 USD

2 posts per week


Graphic Design Creations for Instagram and Facebook= 450 USD

3 posts per week

Production of content on the website= 350 usd

Layout change for landing page containing:

Gambiarra DAO presentation inviting Brazilian artists to join NEAR;

Photo of the events that will take place in September;

Brief presentation of councils and Gambiarra members;

Card presenting the works, with names of the week’s highlights.


Gambiarra DAO: (Page that will tell the history and goals of Gambiarra DAO)

Events: (Month’s events presentation and how to participate);

Members: (Presentation of the councils, with portfolio information, time that is participating in Gambiarra DAO and their vision about NEAR. In the following will be presented the DAO members, each month will be added 3 people to the page).

Highlights: Will be presented the highlights of the month, as well as the members page, explaining a little history about his work shown on the home page, his own history as an artist and his experience in Gambiarra and NEAR).

. juliangon96.near : server monitor in Discord

. vinniegcp.near : site programmer /content creation

. macieira.near : twitter manager / content creation

. natashacremoneseartista.near : social media plan instagram and facebook

. beadias.near : graphic design instagram and facebook

. isadanoninho.near : creation of content for social media and landing pages





We believe that this month we will have doubled the reach on our social networks.

TOTAL = 1920 usd in near

Cleusa Santos

Council / Gambiarra DAO

Wallet Near: cleusaraven.near


Thanks for your proposal,

Few questions?

  • How long has Gambiarra DAO been receiving funding from Marketing DAO? (If monthly, month when funding started)
  • Are you receiving funding from Creatives DAO?
  • Are you aware or have you applied for funding from the new Mintbase Grants program?

Hi @satojandro , hope you are fine.
Answering your questions:

How long has Gambiarra DAO been receiving funding from Marketing DAO? (If monthly, month when funding started)
February 2022 - Approved
March 2022 - Approved
April 2022 - Closed
May 2022 - Approved
June 2022 - Approved
July 2022 - This proposal was edited and runned during the month of August 2022
August 2022 - Approved

Are you receiving funding from Creatives DAO?
Gambiarra DAO is receiving funding from Creatives DAO, however Marketing is receiving only from Marketing DAO.

Are you aware or have you applied for funding from the new Mintbase Grants program?
We do not apply for funding from the new Mintbase Grants program.

Best regards,


Hello @marketingdao-council, hope all of you are fine!
Do you need any more information for approval?
Thank you.


Sharing the link with you… GitHub - Mintbase/Grants-Program: Apply for Grants to build on the Mintbase infrastructure. Maybe it could help.

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Hi @cleusaraven thank you for your proposal

I would echo the suggestion from @Dacha to consider applying for funding from Mintbase.
The Marketing DAO has suppported your project over many months and is currently reviewing our funding priorities.

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Hi @cleusaraven I’d recommend investigating the Mintbase grant funding option as well.

In terms if this proposal, do you have any metrics or details that you can share in this thread that demonstrate how Gambiarra’s marketing initiatives are leading to more adoption of NEAR, active wallets, new users to projects or new devs to the ecosystem?

I think we are in a climate at the moment where we need to be able to very clearly tie MarketingDAO funding to increased adoption of NEAR through specific KPIs in order to approve funding. Anything you can share to support that would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks for providing the additional information.

As stated by fellow Marketing DAO Councils, we are going through challenging times that require everyone to be as resourceful as possible with the funds available. At this time I believe that the funding from Creatives DAO should be adequate and sufficient to support Gambiarra operations.

At this stage I do not support this proposal

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