[Approved] Gambiarra DAO - Proposal Marketing - June /2022

Gambiarra DAO - Proposal Marketing - JUNE/2022

This June, following the progress of Gambiarra DAO we thought how important it is for the community to know who are the people who are part of DAO, what they do, what are their backgrounds their hobbies. As well as present the projects, initiatives and work already

Obviously the work of introducing the members will begin this month and
and will be completed next month.

And then we will also present the NEAR briefly, so that people
who don’t know about it to learn a little bit about it.


  • Projects underway this month (1 project per week)

  • DAO Members and Councils (1 member per week)

  • Store Highlight (1 highlight per week)

  • Projects already accomplished (1 project per week)

  • Site with members presentation

  • Website with featured arts

  • Social Media with the store’s highlights

  • Discord monitoring

Through these presentations it is possible to positively impact members and not members of NEAR, due to the quality of the work already produced, projects in conclusion, and those that are starting. As well as attract investors(we really hope so) to our Gambiarra store.

We would like this month to humbly reach 400 followers in each social network, regardless if we do not, we want to do a great job, there are 3 posts per week fixed in English and Portuguese, totaling 6 posts only on Twitter and Instagram.

Despite not being approved at the beginning of the month, we will start our work on the 9th of the month, intending to follow the roadmapping.

Report will be delivered between the 25th and/or 30th of June;

Proposals already approved by Marketing DAO:







SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagram) PLAN for Gambiarra DAO - 300 USD


We will keep research and analysis, always up to date on what thebest times to post on Gambiarra’s instagram through the first posts, as well as our audience.

Besides a research on what are the best hashtags, and in case of sponsored publication which is our largest audience (from the analysis), in addition to what time, and what location (countries) that access the instagram.


Every week there will be 3 posts in Portuguese and English, according to the roadmapping above (TEXT IN ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE).

CAMPAIGNS (external action):

There will be campaigns and reminders for everyone to click on the heart image of the publication made in Gambiarra’s profile and that if possible Repost and Share the published contente will be done.


A presentation card will be developed for the Stories of GAMBIARRA, so that every week 3 Stories wil be made with the card, but that activates more the brand of the store/DAO.

The Stories will have call to action from the public (BOX, QUESTIONNAIRE…)


At the end of each month the results with metrics will be presented, development, results of the work done, with prints, and files download.


We have many positive feedbacks and many demands in the DAO, as projects, team, to be presented in the social networks, and as we have been consolidating we arrived in this essential moment, to present that the DAO, is composed of artists who work daily for a more colorful society, for decentralizing information and doing a good job as a team.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Twitter) PLAN for Gambiarra DAO - 300 USD



The constant research and analysis of hashtags and profiles related to Blockchain, NFT, NEAR, Mintbase, Art, Photography among other topics relevant to our audience, helps us to always be updated for better dissemination of the Store and DAO Gambiarra.

An analysis of Twitter notifications will also be made to select the next highlights. The same will be done in the Gambiarra store to discover works inserted in the platform.

In addition, the monitoring of our groups in Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord will be constantly monitored to identify new actions and highlights of newly published works in Mintbase.


Every week posts will be made according to the demand of publications made in the Gambiarra Store on Mintbase and also the search for publications by artists who have not yet been featured.

The posts on Gambiarra’s Instagram will also be shared to the Twitter audience, integrating our social networks with the aim that users circulate through all our channels of

CAMPAIGNS (external action):

There will be campaigns and reminders on Twitter and also onTelegram, Whatsapp and Discord of Gambiarra to encourage the use of @GambiarraNear and the hashtag #GambiarraNear in publications, so that the artists are highlighted on Twitter.

Campaigns and reminders for that everyone clicks on the heart image in the publications and Retweet request will also be made.


The Gambiarra Twitter List currently has 58 members, we will continue with its maintenance with the goal that it is always updated with new members, thus further promoting the store


Issues related to Gambiarra DAO will also be disclosed in the profile. We will work in an integrated manner being always transparent about the actions of the DAO.


Every end of the month will be delivered a report with the numbers of the profile Gambiarra’s twitter profile, with data such as likes, retweets and followers.


We have many positive feedbacks and many demands in DAO, such as projects, team, to be presented in the social networks, and as we have been consolidating, we arrived at this essential moment, to present that the DAO is artists who work daily for a more colorful society, for decentralizing information and doing a good job as a team.


We will keep tutorial posts and member notices always up to date as per NEAR website, NFT news posts will be posted daily, posts about Gambiarra DAO projects that will be performed.
Discord: Gambiarra


The discord monitoring will be done 3 days a week, there are members with some doubts still about how to use new channels and every month we update little by little to keep the operation between the DAO and the members more simplified.

SITE (To be done in another opportunity)

In Gambiarra DAO’s website we will add a page to present the DAO councils as soon as the ads are released in the social networks.

Project updates for the month of June as well as their galleries and exhibitions.

Home page with a sample of the month’s news.

The DAO’s page explaining its goals, justifications and roadmapping about what’s coming next month.

Website: https://gambiarradao.com.br


Cleusa Santos


wallet near: cleusaraven.near


Hi @cleusaraven please provide links to your discord and website. Thanks


Hello @criptocredit , here they are:
Discord: Gambiarra
Website: https://gambiarradao.com.br/
Thank you for your attention.


Thanks for your proposal. Happy to support


Hi there,

Looking through your deliverables so far:



The nature of the posts are links to your mintbase store loaded up with hashtags and not much else in the way of content. The overall engagement on discord is also very low.

I cannot support at this time.


Hi @Klint !

Our effort has really been great in doing the best we can. Gambiarra is a new DAO with many artists that depend on this promotion. We will improve our publications and the engagement of Gambiarra members. Thank you for your comment.


Hi @cleusaraven – are there reports available for the previous months’ funding? If so can you link them here as well? Thanks!


Hi @so608 !

The reports for the previous months funding:

Thank you for your attention.


Hello @Klint , thank you for your comment. I would like to make a few remarks.
As for Discord, it has been a challenge because Brazilians are not really used to using it. When we did the FEMINU exhibition which was an exhibition of only Brazilian artists, as curator, I established tasks related to Onboarding, which should be completed in Discord in specific tabs, but the doubts for example, the artists always put in whatsapp. We are holding our meetings in Discord and promoting a greater community interest for this application that we consider extremely useful for its fantastic organization and we intend to grow this month.
Gambiarra made in the last month several events and marketing is fundamental for the success of this movement that generated last month 10% of the total mints in the history of the store, which ends up impacting the Near network.
Near is demanding metrics and ours is very good, having exposed over 40 NFTs in a single month in our gallery at Cryptovoxels. Without marketing all the work of encouraging new artists to enter and mint new works will be compromised. We are doing a job that has been successful and has grown with the community. We hope you reconsider your evaluation.


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Good evening! I’m suggesting reducing to $800 ($200/media). Thanks


I am able to support this proposal for the proposed revised $800 amount.

Let us know if this is acceptable so we can proceed.


Hello @Dacha and @satojandro , although we are doing a job that was successful and grew with the community, and we must present metrics from now on, we know how fundamental Marketing work is. We accept your proposal. Thanks for the suggestion. The proposal has been edited.

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You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign).

Reach out if you have any questions along the way

Thank you soo much @dacha for the news. Thank you for the trust.

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