[Closed] Funding for Existing guild Near Midland UK Dec -Jan 2022

  1. NearMUK Twitter grew to 3-500 followers to start with.Please see this link and Join
    our community. we have already over 300 followers so far.Proposed Budget for Dec 2021-Jan2022…2 Month…£100(£50 a month)

  2. NEAR Telegram group for community and growth to 100 members.Please Join our
    Telegram group to be involved in community and also keep you updated about Near
    growth and development . see this link below please share and joined our Near
    MidlandUK community.
    Telegram: Join Group Chat

  3. Continuously get in contact with experts in Near Protocol and share about Near in
    all our community group and spread awareness…1 Live every fortnight on social media

  4. Access to the new members through Instagram and Facebook live
    (1 hour)once in a week about Near protocol and Invite experts from Near communities
    to talk about it through Steam Yard on all platform simultaneously…To add new
    people weekly with Near…£25 a week(£100 a month)

  5. Create articles and share on multiple websites like (Value walk. com) . Value walk
    is a major online portal in Europe and UK and it has good subscription in
    UK among asset manager and value investor…to Promote Near Platform to build new
    Projects …£200 per article

  6. over 200 members/students of my private Facebook group called
    Decentralised world (all are Blockchain enthusiast)
    200 members/students will be
    targeting for uploading Near wallet. Group awareness through Video about Near
    already in the group.Please see the link below…1 Post a week about Near protocol…£50 a week

  7. We will teach the whole process of sign off through an online master
    class for the people who can sign off for NEAR and we will invite
    people from Near to do a question answer session…person/dates yet to
    confirm…Targeting first quarter of 2022.

  8. Promote Near and its associates on my website
    (kailashrawat dot com)

One article in every 15 days total 2 article on the
website and promote it through Facebook/Instagram/twitter/telegram…one article is
published recently please see the
link(see in a separate message as post allowing me to share only 2 links)…£30 per article.)…£60 a month

Total Budget for 20th Dec till 19th January…£610.



Tagging relevant parties @David_NEAR , @Benz_Near


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MarketingDAO will review this ASAP.

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