[CLOSED] For Engagement DAO Month of July

@marketingdao-council please review and give us feedback

Hey brother, can you edit the title with the DAO name in it so it’s easy to classify the proposal?


Ok thanks pal :blush:
Done that :white_check_mark:

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@marketingdao-council please can you review our project and give us feedback

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@cryptocredit @satojandro @Klint @Dacha
How’re you doing today? Please revert on our proposal
Thanks :pray: :blush: hope to hear from you soon

Good evening. I am looking forward to seeing a reply to my question here.



Saw your comment and I’ve responded to it.
Hoping to get replies concerning my proposal from the @marketingdao-council

@so608 @Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors
Are you guys active…
Been waiting for response from you guys

Hi @marketingdao-council how come am not getting response from your team.
But you guys where active couple of hours ago?
And responded to other chats.
Almost mentioned all council of the marketing still no response.
Posted this late last month, so activities could start this month.
Can you guys go through my proposal please.

I am Curious About these DAO , May I know is this DAO also Helping to Onboard New users on near space.



Yes it does!
We’ve been shilling and talking to people about our DAO and bringing them onboard.

Hosted a game today and made provision for does without wallet so winners must have $Near wallet to review reward.
We want to make more marketing and campaign tools to build and bring in more people from different communities to our DAO

Can you please provide a list of all the projects you are involved with and all the previous and current proposals you’ve submitted?

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Hi @satojandro



A council member on dance DAO

I moderate too on discord for Near NFT projects….
Been on the forum for almost a year now. And I’ve been active since then, moderated for Mintbase and know much about NFT.

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@so608 @satojandro @Dacha
Good day!
Please can you review my proposal and give feedback :pray:

@Dacha @satojandro @so608 and other @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors its a week now haven’t heard from you.
We’ve been using funds from our pocket to build and promote our server and tweeter too.
We are 77 members after our shillings and promotion.

Now we need to make a campaign and start with some design that help to talk about near.
With this funds process would be done faster.

Thanks for the proposal – I appreciate what you are aiming to do here: onboard more people into NEAR, but I can’t support the proposal in this format. Here are my reasons:

  • This is a brand new DAO, and I would like to see more organic growth and demonstration of community building here before approving funding.
  • Marketing, in my POV, is best done when there is an existing product/service with a proven product-market fit and demonstrated growth over time. This DAO is very early, and I would like to see how it progresses before funding.
  • I don’t see any substantive content here to review – memes, videos, motivational content, etc. are mentioned, but the proposal in this format doesn’t show me what we’d be approving funding for other than a lot of shilling.
  • While shill-based projects and payments for participation was a strategy many projects used early on, I think the NEAR ecosystem has enough people who are active just because they want to be involved. Just my POV, but I do not think payments for comments and reactions are going to create true, long-term engagement.
  • I do think learn-to-earn, play-to-earn and other similar strategies that use high quality content to onboard new people into the ecosystem can be valuable, but they require the build out of high-quality educational content with widespread appeal. If the proposal was more focused on building something like that vs. shilling, I would be more likely to support.
  • To me, effective high quality content must be directed toward a specific audience for a specific purpose (i.e. not just anyone who is willing to comment for $), have a unique and engaging message, purposeful, clear and understandable, free of typos, good design. I don’t see enough of that here yet to support.

I encourage you and your team to continue to develop your ideas and share progress as you move forward.


Hi @so608 thanks for your response :pray:
Like I mentioned earlier most organic building and growth of the DAO was from my pocket and am out of funds.
Would be great if the market supports this project so we can pay for services and graphic designs to grow the community in a professional way. Am not a graphic designer or an editor for the content we want to create.
The idea of this project in later future is the make our community a big community so other community can come to us for promotion and engagement.
$Near project can connect with us if they’ve an AMA to hold so we announce in our big community and people can join the AMA. (Future plans)
This project in excess is a fun zone to learn and earn, play games and earn and other activities to keep our community lively and ready.
We have a channel on discord where we drop near jobs/bounty from forum and twitter to bring our newly onboarded on-chain and connect to $Near

@so608 provision of this content people find it difficult without charging us.
Which we also need support from you.
Since it’s a new project, you can give us a try cause we have zeal to move this project to another level

Near protocol in a whole has a token and that’s what we are promoting using this memes and video non other project, we are promoting $Near as a layer 1 blockchain and for the new shilled members would know about near in a simple and understanding way other than reading a full blog post.

We are active on discord more that’s why you seem not too see any active going on.
And a project without funds is no fun at all, rewards engage the community and when we’ve their attention we can build their trust that $Near really is a fun place to be in.

We have a channel to also help community members get opportunities to engage on $Near bounty and jobs if they’ve the qualifications and zeal to do them.
This is to help the community be useful and not lost in the ecosystem
@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

I second everything Lorrained has explained here.

Additionally, I also note that you are already involved with multiple projects, most of which have received funding, and are also able to perform paid work as moderator with other NF projects.

Two key messages here; we are asking applicants to be resourceful and prioritise their projects that require funding. A lot of community members are doing a lot of work for onboarding and growth without any expectation of remuneration, community funds are limited and I believe we’ve been quite supportive and generous til now. I encourage you to keep working on this project and come back once you’ve gained more traction.

As three Council members have rejected this proposal, I’ll be closing this thread now

Hi @satojandro and @marketingdao-council i know the proposal has been close can you at least approved the aspect of graphic design so we can pay people for graphic jobs so you can see our work.

I don’t know where you got this info from though. But the only paid work am doing now is Zomboduck NFT project, I’ve no other project since the break down of crypto market.
At least support the project with half funds, we as council member wouldn’t request for pay. This product we are promoting here is 80% $Near and 20% our DAO
So we hope you talk within councils to consider the proposal.
I’ve no funds to continue and have promised people participating for promote this project incentive.
Please make your research well I only have one project which I work as a mod for and I get paid less cause of the current market conditions.