[Approved]Near Social (NS) DAO for November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guide

[Proposal] November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guilde.

Who We Are:
We are “Near Social” A marketing DAO that would be in affiliation with the OWS and would be Called “NEAR SOCIALS DAO”.
The Near Social is a project that would help the NEAR Ecosystem by promoting and reaching out to near customers through the means of WhatsApp. It’s a place(site) where anyone can join with no previous knowledge about NEAR. It’s a site where individuals can contribute by posting near {infographics,memes and other creative content} on WhatsApp status to increase near ecosystem.

Team Members
Wealth1997.near (The web developer)
Psalm.near (the owner of the project)

Our Goals
Our goal as Near Social is to promote and reach the the unreached and to introduce near to newbies,investors and our customers
Using the Means of WhatsApp is a good idea to promote near ecosystem cause most people are more active in WhatsApp than other social media

Plans and Idea
For the Month of December
This project is to help improve sandboxer to participate on WhatsApp! Most people are not active on other platform like tweeter, reddit and Instagram so to make it even for those on WhatsApp we want to introduce (Near Social)
How’s is the site going to function?

1.The site is going to have a sign up page(contributors profile) so participants would be recognized as a contributor
2. There’s going to be a page where all contributors can see at least 3 task from Near to be posted. Different task would be provided daily for contributors to post and to submit there results when it meets the required views(100+views)…
3. Task can include links, infographics,memes, content writing and other promotional materials for Near
4. All contributors would have thier own profile on the site where they can post their daily task done on their WhatsApp status in form of screen shots

My idea of Payment {your opinion is needed}
3task in a day for every contributor each post get 1$ so 3task in a day is 3×1$=3$ daily therefore 3$×30days in a month that’s 90$ payment for WhatsApp post is 90$ per contributors…
Link would be provided to view all contributors profile before submitting payout proposal
Future Payment each contributors that are active on the blog post about Near and comment reasonably, frequently on the site blog post by degens would get 10$ for been active.
*in my own idea 2 degens needed {payment not known yet}

Future plans

  1. They would be provision of a blog spot in the site where 1 merchant and 1 degen specialist would be able to post about near so people visiting the site would visit the blog and know more about near…
  2. We are planning to involve NFT into it and “sylarix.near” would be in charge of that the NFT(avatar) is going to be in the form of creativity each contributors, they would be ama section once a month where NFT (avatar) would be given a reward to the winner and also near would be given to price
    I can survey all task at month end or provision for near agents that would do that can come from you guys(marketing DAO)
    We need your assistance of 400$ current price in Near is 40near for the site(for domain,hosting and for designing the site) and also for Logo
    The site is dedicated to Near, the project kicks off as soon as we get supports

If you have any contribution, thoughts or questions just drop em below. The team is going to add to, edit or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the December Funding Proposal.
Pls your feedback and support is important to us


This is great honestly
I love the idea
And I would love to join the team too
It will be a pleasure to be call on board .
Thank you :heart:


Hey :wave:

Do you guys have any relation to the Flying Rhino Guild? That’s another social media focused Guild in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Would it make more sense to work with them rather than setting up another DAO for the same purpose?


No not at all!
Our DAO deals on WhatsApp,where we can introduce or reach “no coiners” and other investor on WhatsApp? It has no similarities with the rhino


What do you mean by KYC here?

What type of tasks are there?


When I mean KYC like people interested in Near our customers…
And the 3task involved is going to be about near…the task is going to be posted on the site dashboard
The 3task is going to be Near related flyers the task can be about recent activities about near (memes, infographics, content writing and other important update)

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Ah, gotcha. KYC generally refers to the process of passing identity checks so a business can “Know (your) Their Customer”.

So similar to how the OWS operates now, but on WhatsApp, right?


But this time around we are moving to WhatsApp to reach people there so people on WhatsApp would get to know about near


We can work with someone (marketing manager)who can provide the task that should be promoted…
Update from(web3) any Near related source can be provided for contributors to post on WhatsApp
Important news like(night shade on near Blockchain)

Can be posted on the site for contributors to post on their various WhatsApp status


Good am, May I have a link on you tg group ? Thanks


Hi! To be honest we have no group yet I just opened the group of recent all members are people I talked to about the DAO privately and they liked the idea and decided to work with me…
But we had a discord channel

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But I just opened a group now and all members are active now…
This is the group link I’ve opened for a successful team work


Hi, have heard from you @David_NEAR @Dacha I’ve open the group and it’s active my team and I already working on the Logo for the DAO…
Which would be used for our discord channel, telegram group and tweeter handle (not opened yet) another logo would be used for the site…
Pls I await your response


Hi. Please when would our proposal be approved? So we can start our project.


Which demographics are you targeting on Whatsapp? Are they from a specific community, interest group, or country?

Additionally, do you have any links to show the effectivity of these “whatsapp campaigns” either from your experience or for other projects.

Thanks and we look forward to exploring this new initiative!


Demographics? It’s has no specific demographics it’s opened for all it’s related to the OWS but OWS is based mostly on tweeter and other social media but near social we would be needing funds to make a site where all activities would be done and monitored there

The SS(screenshot) I posted is the design for our DAO…
In 9mins I had 6views due to the screenshot I just sent!
Before 24hrs I can be expecting 150 people who has viewed my status.

So my DAO would have a site where all individual can promote near on WhatsApp and submit their screen shot back to the site


Hi @marketingdao-council am planning on doing a little UI UX design for better understanding…
Cause I’ve not heard from you guys for a while now ND no replies to my messages

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You can call attention to the marketingDAO council at anytime by using that tag.

I did join the Telegram group you created, but it’s been inactive for > 1 month. Can you share examples of the WhatsApp group, please?

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Hi @David_NEAR the inactive group is cause December was busy for everybody cause of it’s a festive month and the group would be active when the site is ready and functional