[INTRODUCTION] introducing Dance DAO

Hi there :raised_hands: great creative council leaders @hevertonharieno @FritzWorm @ted.iv@Monish016 @adrianseneca
I’m @Psalmy its a pleasure to to write to you about Dance DAO as a rep and below are other council member of DANCE DAO

Council members:






Dance is music made visible

Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.

Dancing is so much more than just grooving on the dance floor to your favorite tunes. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many benefits are associated with dancing. Not only does it train your brain and your body’s motor skills but it also is an excellent exercise for your entire body.

Dance is a creative art that is beautiful and a language that unifies people.

And so we are introducing Dance DAO.


*Explore dance as a means of onboarding many to Near, including dancers, dance instructors and dance lovers.

*Publicising NEAR Protocol through various dance activities.

*Creating dance related NFT projects

*Sponsoring of dance related projects.

Proposed Activities.


Starting Near dance groups for onboarding purposes in different regions.

  • sponsoring dance related projects.

Proposed Activities

  • Talent hunt (for promotional purposes)

  • Dance challenge (duet)

  • Dance related NFTS

  • Documentaries on Dance

  • Dance shows on the Metaverse and Nearhub.

  • Onboarding events.
    As we all know everyone loves dancing, we all want to express music with body movements, and with dance we can attract more dance lovers and entertainment lovers to near, tick tock is one of the most active and crowded app cause people love dance and entertainment……
    So Dance is creativity and mind catching

We welcome everyone who wishes to join our Telegram group:

If you love dance and entertainment feel free to join our telegram community

Thanks for taking your time to read, it’s a good tiding I bring you @creativesdao-council
Glad to hear from you​:blush:


Dance with NEAR :smile::smile::smile::confetti_ball::tada::dancing_men::dancing_men::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:
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Lets dance NEAR!!:heart::dancer::man_dancing::dancer::dancer::women_with_bunny_ears::ballet_shoes:


hello! I am very happy to see a Dance Dao! <3 I am not a dancer myself, but I’ve made videomapping with dance some times and I am currently working on dance group creating the soundscape with contact microphones spread on the stage that turns the dancer movement into sound and I apply some effects with pedals on it in São Paulo called Gume. Maybe our Maestro Daniel Carrera @improvise can give more details <3


Hello Dance DAO, congratulations on the initiative!
thanks for tagging me Pink
I’m Daniel Carrera and I am quite new on this ecosystem, still learning a lot from Gambiarra and Nomade Label DAOs.
Originally I’m from the field of improvisation music, I coordinate the Improvise an event with more than 10 years of history and where more than 1000 improvisation artists participated, in parallel I’m conductor of SPIO - São Paulo Impro Orchestra that organically was bringing together artists from different areas such as visual artists, poets and dancers. SPIO, due to this multiple nature, has unfolded into other projects, such as the CIA. Gume, that works with an adaptation of SPIO’s set of conduction codes just for dance.
I would love to collab with Dance DAO, when will it be open for proposals?


Hello Dancers!
I’m glad to see many dance projects related this month, that on the 29th of Abril it the Internation Dance Day.

Check out our monthly event host in Sao Paulo:
-[Proposal]“Dia Internacional da Dança no EAT + Chá com Bolo - Physical Event - Transdisciplinary Tech-Arty rendezvous” - Creatives - NEAR Forum

-[proposal] MobiDance - Creatives - NEAR Forum
the artistic lab of @fly and @l3v1at4

-Gume Project
and also @improvise 's


@amandalealart , @isadora_prata , please check this! dance dao is now opening, I think this can be a place for you also!


Hey Dance DAO, I wanted to develop a project with you about invisible dancers and people who move with any disability. Seeking other ways to express dance with the help of technology. I’m already on telegram and unfortunately I missed the deadline for proposals for May. Shall we prepare this project for next month? Thank you in advance. :dancer:


Hi @LulucaL it would be nice to welcome you on board
Pls :pray: send us a message on our telegrams group {Telegram: Contact @dancedao} there we can respond to you better and you can also get more info about dance DAO….


Thanks @ritamaria! This is so excited! Let’s dance :heart:


Hello! Please search for Dance DAO on Telegram and join us. We are open to receiving proposals at the end of every month.