[CLOSED] For Engagement DAO Month of July

I second everything Lorrained has explained here.

Additionally, I also note that you are already involved with multiple projects, most of which have received funding, and are also able to perform paid work as moderator with other NF projects.

Two key messages here; we are asking applicants to be resourceful and prioritise their projects that require funding. A lot of community members are doing a lot of work for onboarding and growth without any expectation of remuneration, community funds are limited and I believe we’ve been quite supportive and generous til now. I encourage you to keep working on this project and come back once you’ve gained more traction.

As three Council members have rejected this proposal, I’ll be closing this thread now

Hi @satojandro and @marketingdao-council i know the proposal has been close can you at least approved the aspect of graphic design so we can pay people for graphic jobs so you can see our work.

I don’t know where you got this info from though. But the only paid work am doing now is Zomboduck NFT project, I’ve no other project since the break down of crypto market.
At least support the project with half funds, we as council member wouldn’t request for pay. This product we are promoting here is 80% $Near and 20% our DAO
So we hope you talk within councils to consider the proposal.
I’ve no funds to continue and have promised people participating for promote this project incentive.
Please make your research well I only have one project which I work as a mod for and I get paid less cause of the current market conditions.