[CLOSED] First Marketing Budget for Children Of The DAO


Hello @marketingdao-council !

I Introduce you Children of The DAO

:black_medium_square:We started inside The Clan with a [Stipend for Creators With Kids]
([APPROVED]] Artist Stipend For Creators with Kids)and last month we became a DAO.

Children of The DAO - March


So we need fund the Children of the DAO Marketing activities:

Social Media:

3 posts per week, organization of the Children of the DAO list, retweet, click on the heart of DAO member posts and tweets of interest.
It is estimated that 50 to 100 followers in the first month.
Reach 600 people.

3 posts per week, 3 stories / Box - DAO presentation / projects (guide presentation for example) and members
It is estimated that 50 to 100 followers in the first month.
Reach 1000 people

Landing page com style (home, envelope, contacts, and events) - Contains a photo and a summary of the DAO (Home), a bit of the history of the DAO the reasons for its creation (Envelope), Social Media and presentation Councils and information on DAO events. Deadline 25 days after project approval for site completion and another 5 days for hosting and maintenance.

TELEGRAM - 150USD Administration of the channel, support new members and every other needed action to support the community’s.

TiP BOT and Onboarding - 350USD - Will be distributed among new members the value of 1 NEAR to - Create Wallet and Mint projects and encourage the NFT buying.
The TIP Bot will be used by the councils and Admin of Telegram to reward active members of community.

Monthly Events - 400USD - Every Month we will have projects as exposition on 3Xr, or others events and projects to help grow the community. We can use this to fund possible proposals of members of the Children of The DAO if applicable.

My intention is create this proposal as a template for every month - only the site creation that will be once budget - asked.
Reinforcing the Childrens of The DAO philosophy is to create material and support for parents and educators who wants to teach early ages. Following the orientation of https://gov.near.org/t/funding-restriction-working-with-children/17254

Total Budget Asked - 2400USD
KYC for funding - cavenaghi.near

waiting for possible feedbacks and orientation @marketingdao-council thank you one more time for the attention and support.

Council of Children of The DAO




Good evening, I’m not sure that I can support your proposal

Hello @Dacha the Children of The DAO produces only educational material for parents and educators about web3, NFTs and related subjects. It’s adults only events, and workshops and everything. It’s made for parents! I am at your disposal to any enlightenment. Thank you very much.

Can you please provide a detailed summary of:

  1. All the NEAR Related projects that the Council and Team Members are currently working on?

  2. All the proposals the current Council and Team Members have had approved/rejected from any other funding vertical (Creatives DAO, Education, NxM, etc).

  3. Disclose any conflict of interest or relevant factors such as on-going allegations of misconduct against sitting Council Members and/or Team Members.

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How is this project related to the NEAR ecosystem specifically? It seems to be an interesting project, but I’m struggling to see how it relates to blockchain?

Also, if it is specifically focused on education and educators, I think the NEAR University might be a better fit.


Hello @satojandro ! Sure thing! I will list every asked point here. Just a question: what do you mean by team? Thank you again! As soon I list everything I will add here.


This is our first created material… it is focused in Artists that are also parents AND educators… We are already making guides and material about blockchain, collectibles…

We are searching fund to the marketing of those material and projects…

Thank you very much for the appointment.


This might be a better fit for the Creative DAO? I’m struggling to see the proper use-case for educating children on Near… It’s no from me.

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Creatives DAO don’t fund social medias and marketing related… I was oriented to ask for Marketing DAO this part. The “creatives” side of the projects are funding by creatives.

You are missing the point - it’s for parents and educators. I am so sorry if you don’t see why. It’s a next generation “see” things. But, me as a parent, community builder and working full time in NEAR projects can’t NOT see don’t educate my kids. If I pass organically my knowledges, they will know about web3, generatives, blockchain in early ages. Remembering - a lot of grownups are interested in the material - cause they have a “children’s knowledge” about those subjects. The fun and easy language helps many people understand something that looks very complex.

  • I want to thank all the feedback given here. I am pretty sure this isn’t the place for my project. @marketingdao-council thank you for the attention. I will close this proposal and move to another place. :pray:t2::blush: