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[Proposal] YouTube/Social media
My name is Abdulkareem Oyeneye, I am a student of the university of Lagos, a Youtuber, a crypto enthusiast, a near investor,and a web 3 researcher.

Ever since my encounter with Near protocol, I have enjoyed the process, I have been enlightened about the web3 and the paradigm shift of the society to the decentralized system.Indeed Near Protocol has great adventures for the web3.

I have a YouTube channel that I started about 10 months ago with the aim to network, spread information and leverage my time at the university of lagos.

My YouTube channel has a comic relief component that eased people’s stress.

I have a segment where I ask people fun questions, dares, and interviews. I believe my YouTube channel can be of a great tool to the promotion and growth of Near Protocol to youth and students in Lagos and it’s environs.

I am proposing to start a weekly segment where I would interview students and persons with little or no knowledge about Near protocol.

This would be a learning opportunity where I would make this fun by asking random questions and also infusing questions related to Near and it’s attributes.

I aim to educate and spread awareness to the people I would interview and my growing audience that watch my videos.

This interview would have a raffle draw attached to it; if the interviewee wins the questions, they would be awarded 1 - 2 near.

By doing this, the person would be left with no choice than to open a near wallet to claim this bounty.

I also intend to promote this video beyond my channel. I plan on promoting it on Instagram blogs, twitter and Facebook groups.

Breakdown of funds:

  1. Prize for the winner:We May have 5-10 winners per week.Estimate of 1-2 near for the weekly winners. For 4week = 40near.

2.Videographer and edits: The cost for the shooting and editing of each video- $50. I would be making a total of 4 videos in a month making a total of - $200

3.Promotion: mentioned earlier, I plan on promoting each video to reach a wider audience on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter via micro blogs. Estimated cost - $200

4.Creative Labour time: This includes the amount for my creative work and time spent in making these videos - $150

Thank you,

I look forward to receiving your response.
Best regards,
Abdulkareem Oyeneye.


Thanks for your proposal – I’m curious what kinds of questions you will ask about NEAR and its attributes. Can you give a few examples? Do you plan to promote the videos outside of your YouTube channel and, if so, where/how will you share them?


I am happy to receive your response. Thank you.
The questions I would ask for the first session would be basic questions about Near and it’s attributes that would educate both the viewers and the interviewee. Questions like:

1.What is Near?
2.Where did you first hear about Near?3.What are the transactions supported on the near Protocol?”

I would try to make these questions as fun as possible in order to interest the viewers and make their learning process smooth.I am also open to suggestions on questions to include.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, I intend to promote these videos on Instagram and Twitter via micro blogs and sponsored ads for the first session.


Thanks for answering – curious what input/questions others from @MktngDAO_Advisors @MktngDAO_Advisors may have

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Good evening, could you please share the links on Insta , tw and fb pages? I see only 250 subscribers on your Youtube channel…

@damboy22 what do you think about the proposal?

Thanks :wave:


The whole idea makes a lot of sense as university of Lagos is one of the tech hubs in Nigeria. Problem of low subscribers is an issue here which I agree.
I would suggests giving him a chance, we can just reduce the amount of event proposed as a trial phase

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Good day bro, my question is what population of students know about near protocol , because we don’t want a situation were but you are asking questions from students and they tell you, plain NO, or answer the questions like as if they are guessing

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Thank you for your questions.

From my survey, a lot of people know about crypto but I can see that about only 5% know about Near because of some activities that had taken place on campus; the likes of Larkim’s event and others.

The probability of me crossing path with this 5% that know about Near is 1%.

The intention for this first session is as follow:
1.To create a two-page note about some of the basic feature of Near printed on paper.

2.In the interview, I would give the interviewee 5-10 minutes to read about it.Then ask them questions based on what they have read.

3.This would be made as fun as possible by asking them to pick a question from a basket.

If they get the questions correctly,I would award them with 1-2 Near bounty depending on the amount of questions they get.

The name of the show is “Test Your Intelligence With Near”.


Like I mention earlier, I intend to promote this video beyond YouTube. I would promote it on Twitter via this page that has over 17k followers and a good number of engagement.

I would promote it on my Instagram via sponsored m Instagram ad to reach at least 10,000 views and some micro blogs. Login • Instagram

I would also tell the interviewee that wins these bounties to share the videos on their socials.

I like the idea of a grassroots-style channel YT channel.

Everything looks reasonable to me.

I vote yes.


Ok, thank you.

@Supercoolkay yes, from me. Please, don’t forget share links on your social media which I asked you above Thanks

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Thank you.
This is the link to my social:

  1. Instagram: Login • Instagram

2.I also intend to promotes it on this Twitter page:

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I saw that :smile:…Thanks for the follow!

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Hi there,
I hope you all are doing fine?

I am just checking in to see the status of my proposal.

@Dacha @Klint @so608 @MktngDAO_Advisors


Moving this to Approved as there seems to be consensus.


I am glad this project is approved and ready for execution.Thank you!

Please kindly assist me on how to request for the funds. @David_NEAR @Klint @Dacha @marketingdao-council

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Hello @Dacha @Klint @so608 @David_NEAR

I already submitted my funding proposal on Astrodao and it already has the approved stamp on it since three days ago. But I am yet to receive any fund in my wallet.

Good evening, please follow this topic

Thank You :blush:

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I got it now!
Thank you so much

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