[Closed] C1 Marketing Campaign (Nov, Dec, Jan)

Proposal includes two documents. A slide deck and an action plan. Dates are subject to change

It has come the time for C1 to reach a larger market of collectors in the NFT space.

Our core mission is to to help artists, and especially artists who do not have the means to create. We have taken the first few months and built a community with a number of regular contributors who help with onboarding, events, community engagement, social media, project management and content creation. We are extremely grateful for the opportunities that NEAR Protocol has provided and owe a HUGE thank you to the creatives DAO and NEAR for recognizing our vision. With that we hope to support NEAR in their vision to have 1 billion users in 5 years. We can contribute to this by utilizing the artists with pull that we are connected to, and the marketing consultants we are connected to. We have minted nearly 40 NFTs, and opened a secondary store called the C1 Auction House on Mintbase.

Creating content is not an issue, finding buyers on the other hand can be! We can have all of the NFTs in the world, however if we do not strategically position ourselves in the market place, our goal to reach all corners of the globe while helping artists in need will be severely hampered. Motivation for content creators will be diminished if buyers do not come, and we will loose community interaction. The vision is beautiful, C1 gives opportunities to the under dogs, provides the tools necessary to create, gives a platform for people to generate revenue, and aims to build a community who will forever be thankful for the opportunities presented, like we ourselves are.

With all of that being said, C1 has developed a strategy and is requesting funds from the marketing DAO to conduct a 3 month campaign, outsourcing to a third party NFT Consulting Agency who we will onboard to receive payment in NEAR.

There are a few moving parts to this campaign that I will highlight here.

  1. Onboard a successful artist who aligns their brand with C1’s vision and is willing to trust us with the creation and marketing of an exclusive NFT that will be minted in the C1 Auction House.

This artist is Karter Zaher. Karter is a recording artist originally from Ottawa, Canada who now resides in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Karter has 876k followers on Facebook, 209k followers on IG, 104.9k on tiktok, 1.5 million views on YouTube as a solo artist and over 200 million views in his previous group Deen Squad.

Karter and C1 are going to collaborate on the production of an NFT, and develop a unique care package for the purchaser.

  1. A Marketing Campaign will begin with a company called NFTU based out of Manchester, UK. This will be a three month long campaign to build the community and onboard members to the C1 guild and NEAR Protocol. NFTU will handle all socials, outreach, and advertising.

Project highlights include
Canine Cartel Collection - Sold 2Mill+ USD
Lucky Maneki Collection - Sold 2.5Mill USD


This one time marketing push and community build will tap in to NFTUs services while also pulling in Karter’s fanbase. It will enable C1 to move forward, and create revenue for its artists and DAO which help develop programs globally. We will position ourselves in the market as a go-to place for high caliber artists to contribute and help the cause. Consequently, the expansion model of creating art facilities and educational programs around the world will be realized which will also be used as an onboarding mechanism and include minting all art coming from the programs developed.

A few other honourable artist mentions who will have NFTs minted in the Auction House in time for the NFTU campaign

  • Mac Lethal 1.1 million Facebook followers, 168k IG followers, and 301,816,258 million streams on Youtube.
  • SterryO , a Nigerian record producer and musicain
    Produced ‘In My Maserati’ by Olakira featuring Davido which has amassed almost 100 million Views on youtube

Including the original song, the lyrics video and remix video only on Youtube
In My Maserati (Original song) :

In My Maserati (Remix):

In My Maserati (Lyrics VIDEO):

Produced ’SERE’ by Olakira which has almost 20 million streams on all Streaming platforms
Almost 5 million streams on Youtube

SERE Video:
Olakira - Sere [Official Video] Ft. Zuchu - YouTube

Almost 400k followers on instagram

439k followers on youtube

Produced AYA MI Which has 1.3 million views on Youtube

Produced "Till Dawn” which has 1.2 million views on youtube

Total cost: $45,810 USD for the 3 month campaign

Total cost in NEAR: 4514

Cost breakdown: $30,000 USD NFTU
Creative Director: $5,000 USD
Project coordinator: $5,000 USD
VFX tracker $810 USD
Community management and bounties specific to nftu campaign. $5,000 USD

Target c1.sputnikdao.near

Core team for project:
Karter Zaher

I would welcome a conversation regarding the proposal and plans if you wish to set up a call.

Karter Zaher NFT Proposal Summary (2).pdf (38.6 KB)

[Karter Zaher, NEAR & NFTU November 2021).pptx.pdf (3.2 MB)


Great, thank here are valuable NFTs in the store, all we need is many collectors


Well planned and way up C1 Guild….We need the encouraging push with NFTU for more digits of $NEAR in the DAO.:raised_hands:t6::purple_heart::rocket:


@marketingdao-council - I’d like to also comment to support this marketing proposal from the C1 Guild. A lot of incredible work and planning has gone into this thoughtful campaign for the next 3 months, and even though the price tag might seem steep, it’s commensurate with the really high caliber work these marketing and music professionals will be doing together to bring more fans and users to NEAR.

Also gotta give props to the Canadiana musical talent being featured at the centre of this! :canada:


Hey hey :wave:

This looks killer to me, happy to support - great words from @mecsbecs

Would love to hear the thoughts of @marketingdao-council too! :100:


Thank you so much for the support @David_NEAR and @mecsbecs!


:raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5: Glad you saw the vision


Hello @marketingdao-council do you have any thoughts on this? I would love to get some feedback and perhaps catch up on a call to introduce myself and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @JCB wonderful to see a proposal that really nails what is needed :slight_smile:

I particularly like your reference to the long term goal of onboarding 1 billion users in 5 years. Understanding the bigger picture and long term goals gives me confidence in you proposal.

Building relationships with outside specialists like NFTU should ensure that you get the results needed.

More than happy to jump on a call with you.

Happy to support this one!


What timezone are you in? I can make any time on the weekend available?

I really appreciate the positive feedback and look forward to connecting!


@JCB I am in Italy CET


Would you be available on Saturday 430 CET?

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Hi @JCB unfortunately saturdays are not good for me as i am brewing IRL

Same time any other day works for me…

Just linking this in here for full transparency, 100 USD for the TG are included in the approved proposal to the Creatives DAO :slight_smile:


Hello @marketingdao-council

I am just following up here to see if there has been any discussion regarding this proposal?

Thank you very much!


Hey @JCB ,

Awesome proposal. The Council are working their way through proposals as we speak.

I would love to see this funded, but the MarketingDAO is not in a position to fund requests which are this high.

Could you break this down to 3 separate months and make the total ~ $30,000? So 3 x 10k proposals (which we will review and assess on a monthly basis, so not all at once).

LMK if that works :raised_hands:

Looking forward to seeing it live :tada:


Hello C1, proposal reviewed by Guild ops team. We will address this proposal in the weekly meetings


Flying Rhino works with social media accounts for C1


They started this past month helping with our socials yes. They have done a great job :relaxed:

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Sure, very supportive of their great work on our socials :purple_heart::seedling:

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