C1 July Report

Budget 1098N

It was a busy month for C1’s initial push as a Guild.

8N mintbase store set up

  1. We created the C1 Mintbase store

400N web development update

  1. We purchased the domain and hosting for c1foundation.io
  2. We have integrated WordPress and picked a theme
  3. We have linked C1’s socials
  4. We developed pages for our mission statement, about us, and created the content
  5. We linked the C1 Mintbase store to the website
  6. Currently under construction is a contact form and email addresses.

The website is currently live, and will be growing as we develop content in the store and featuring new artists. There will be a news page created that will act as a rolling blog.

40N graphics

  1. We went through multiple designs and edits and came across a design we felt fit for C1.

250N onboarding

  1. We have created a discord and currently have 75 members.
  2. 50 wallet addresses listed in the wallets page, in which we are gifting the 4N NFT and 1N activation for their wallet.

400N project management

  1. Created and managed social media accounts
  2. Directed web and graphics schedule
  3. Developed web text
  4. Onboarding members
  5. Event planning - near reality seminar (60 new artists awaiting wallets from the seminar)
  6. Legal meeting with legal guild (follow up scheduled for Thursday Aug 12th at 930am)
  7. Meeting with other guilds like S2
  8. Presentation development
  9. Store management and NFT transfer / airdrop / walkthroughs
  10. City rep meetings (city is currently looking in to insurance issues - you know how cities roll out here!)
  11. Attending community calls

We also fully completed the first drop for the C1 store which includes an unlockable high res via Mintgate.

(I have attached a copy of a presentation I completed through a Muti Dao bounty for a how to guide)Mintbase & Mintgate Guide.pdf (1.1 MB)

Our Mintbase store currently has 4 NFTs for sale, with more on the way!

Current DAO funds 28.64N



Great to see and congrats @JCB and @Dedeukwu on a busy first official month of activity!

A few comments from me:

  • Please include a link to your Mintbase store in this report so folks can easily check out the NFTs you have available for sale.
  • Would be great to hear your experience and learnings here about your first time using Mintgate so my colleagues in Ecosystem Success who are either already or will soon be working with this project can get this valuable user insight (cc: @norah.near @MarcusNEAR @ispytodd @jbeezy).
  • Could we see some growth and user metrics to demonstrate how your Guild has been doing over this month? E.g. how many attendees were there for the NEAR Reality Seminar? Aside from Discord, what has been your observed social media channel growth? How are you envisioning you will be growing your Discord (which ties into # of anticipated new members over the next month or longer)?
  • What is your current launch date for your new website? Looks like you’re on track but please be more explicit in this update about where you’re at presently vs. where you want to be.
  • Are there any next steps or projects in the works as a result of your meetings with the NEAR Legal Guild and S2? Same for the City rep meetings.

Lastly, a subcategory for C1 Guild’s use (in addition to the “c1-guild” tag) has been set up for you under the Creatives category on this Forum. Let me know if you’d like to make changes to your logo and/or description (there is a description limit so not much more text can be added but we can find the perfect combination to introduce folks to your Guild).

Please encourage your members to post their proposals and ideations in this new subcategory for your ease of reference! :smiley: