[CLOSED BOUNTY] Social Media Manager for INA DAO

Hi, creative community!

INA DAO is in need of a Social Media Manager to help promote the goals of our DAO and announce upcoming events and bounties to the NFT community. We would like to have a greater reach in the NFT space. To start we are looking for someone to create and run a social media campaign on both Twitter and Instagram. We want to start with our call for female artists (deadline has been extended to March 5th) for our My Gaia/ Mom project. We will be having a gallery show opening and party on March 8th (International Women’s Day) and need this promoted as well. The Social Media Manager will also be responsible for acquiring followers on both platforms. We will be paying $200 a month to the person chosen to manage the campaign. If we decide to use more platforms, or more work is required, this will increase accordingly.

If you’re a Social Media Manager type and are interested in supporting a female-lead creative community, please post a link to your resumé in comments until February 15th. The council will then choose someone best suited for the position.


  1. Purpose
    Promote the inclusion of women in the artistic world and the crypto ecosystem.
  2. Mission
    Support female artists and projects through mentoring, funding and networking.
  3. Vision
    We envision a gender-equal artistic scene, where the feminine is celebrated and promoted.


INA is “female” in Esperanto. Traditional art history has systematically excluded or masked women’s participation in the arts. While this participation has been increasing since the mid-20th century, there’s still a long way left to attain gender equality in the artistic scene.

At the same time, there is a great opportunity for female participation in the crypto world. This may be due, in part, to deficiencies in financial education related to gender stereotypes.

At INA DAO, we intend to promote female presence in both worlds, understanding that these can be linked in an empowering way. We choose to support not only females, but feminine-focused projects that help raise visibility about this specific experience.

Looking forward to seeing your resumés!


I’m interested in the job

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what is the social network? and how many weekly posts?

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Twitter and Instagram. Number of posts to be determined

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Thank you, please leave a link to your resume here.

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I have experience as Social Media, working in the position in a Brazilian company Currently, I have worked at Pupila Dilatada, and currently do the gambiarra and metaverse dao’s media.
A brief resume is available on my site.
But I would like to talk to you to define the number of posts, if it will be necessary to create the graphic material, etc.

thank you soo much


Hello I am interested , I am Social media manager of Sheepdex and tute UK

Attaching My Resume
Subham-Karwa.pdf (67.9 KB)

Run all the paid campaigns ppc and cpc , Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Campaign s
Worked with organic campagin too

My NearInsight Instagram page created a month back …


I am interested. I love creativity, I will also love to be a part of what INA Dao is doing.


looking forward to seeing your resume!

I’m interested for the job
I have over 2000 followers on Twitter and a good number of followers on Instagram too as a social media influencer.
I guess it’s a good start to reach thousands of person daily by promoting your brand if I’m given the opportunity to be a part of your brand.

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looking forward to seeing your resume!

Hi! Aman this side & I’m interested for this…

I am professional Social Media Manager from India, working in an ad agency & member in NEAR community form past few months.

Please do connect if you think I am fit for this…

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hello! could you provide us with some links? thanks

Good evening. Support you


Login • Instagram -Marketing Mind (IG)

Marketing Mind - FB

https://twitter.com/MarketingMind_?s=20&t=IyNZhltSJ-SntOl5N4gCmg - Twitter

https://www.linkedin.com/company/marketingmindin - LinkedIn

Hi, I manage all their social media handles + create content for them (Marketing Mind). I also handle their graphic work

They run paid ads for brands.

Apart from this, I am currently running a NEAR News Page on IG(Not Official from NEAR TEAM). Mentioning the link below,

Trending NEAR

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Thank you so much @Dacha.


Hello good morning,

I am interested in the job, I am a page manager for Cudo Dao and Vértebra Project

I am available to answer any questions.

Thank you :wink:


I am highly creative.
I was a presenter on a State owned radio and TV station. I was also a Duty Continuity Announcer.
I am an event planner and I anchor shows.
I created and I’m the moderator of a group on Facebook with 700 plus Members. I am also one of the moderators for a page on Facebook.


Hi, @talitafflima!

We love your work with Cudo Dao and Vértebra Project, it will be a pleasure to have your support as we grow. :sparkles:

Thanks to the community for all the submissions, we really appreciate your time and engagement here. Stay tuned for further opportunities!

Have a good one!


Thank you for the opportunity :pray:
I am very happy to help in this growth :blush: