[APPROVED] INA DAO social media April

We are aware that Marketing usually is vertical which can support this position. As INA Dao is fairly new though and we are currently only using Instagram and Twitter, we would like to include this proposal one last time in our monthly funding proposal to the Creatives DAO. For May we are planning on applying for funds through Marketing.

@talitafflima has done a great job with posting the last exhibition and spreading the word about the DAO, therefore we would love to have her onboard for another month (and hopefully many more). For April we would like to see 4 posts/Tweets per week on IG and Twitter. We will have another exhibition going on on the 18th of April and will run another artistic competition on Paras.

The reward for the month of April for her is 400 USD.

You can check out our socials here:



It is a pleasure to be part of INA DAO :purple_heart:

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