[Closed Bounty] Logo Design for INA DAO

Hi @Natashacremonese, nice to hear from you and get to see your work. :art: If you could share your logo proposal in comments, that’d be fab. Speak soon!


Heya @Japajou! Thanks for your interest in our project. We look forward to seeing your proposal, if you could post it in comments, that’d be fab.


Hi @Eli22 good to know we’re aligned! We look forward to seeing your logo proposal.


Do I present the ready-made proposal, the logo? or do we build together in a meeting?

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You’d be replying with your ready made proposal :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Belen_Zuazo! I’m a designer from de NEAR Design Guild

I took a look into your post and based on your briefing I created this Logo design proposal for the INA DAO. I think there are a lot of important discussions around Gender equality and participation in all kinds of work environments that need to be done.

As for the inspiration here: I had this feeling about using some elements from the ancient feminine tradition and at the same time create some sort of “brain/hair” which brings us to an idea of connectivity and technology.
This elements can be used separately too and become icons and even a pattern to be used in all your visual and branding materials.

Looking forward to get to know more about the INA DAO’s projects.

In case you like the proposal I will then export all the images in their final formats.

Thank you!


Those are beautiful!

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Hello, I made two sample logo design for INA DAO. On this logo, I got inspired on women power, feminism, and gender-equalty. I made one colorful to represent that every woman has their own color, and the other one just plain that looks neat. This logo fits on black and white background.



Hi there, hope everyone’s having a great month so far.

so i created a sample with merch for the ina dao brand using geometric shapes and negative space.
as the I in a full block shape Represents the strength and solidity of the ina dao cause
and the D is still solid and strong it also has an artistic sharp curve to show that the artistic system can also be fluid and feminine.
here are the samples for ina dao.

Alternate sample and lock ups for INA DAO.



Let’s go to my participation!

I tried to insert into the creative process everything that was mentioned in the briefing, developing an iconography that represented all races, colors and their peculiarities within the digital universe of cryptos.

The eye represents an opening of horizons, possibilities for new discoveries, ideas and ideals.
The colors refer directly to the digital universe, excluding that idea of the fairer sex with more feminine colors.

The typology sought a weight to reinforce the issue of empowerment, struggle and conquests.
I hope you appreciate my work, I really appreciate the opportunity, I was very happy to participate.
I wish you all the luck in the world and success for this project.


can i propose one more?


Would love to participate in this bounty

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Yes you can propose more


I present my logo proposal for INA DAO. :purple_heart:
Inspired by the forms of the Goddess Maat, the stone sculpture Venus of Willendorf and the Wicca Mother Goddess.

The color violet was chosen because of the amethyst crest, the argyrea flower, and I would like it to remind a little of the color of the year chosen by pantone https://www.pantone.com.br/cor-do-ano-2022

I created this icon, as a symbol of strength. For us to strengthen ourselves inside and outside of social networks, on the platforms, but also to strengthen ourselves internally, by remembering how unique we are.

The spelling I created was thinking of movement, so that there are changes, transformations, and also reminds us that the color violet is considered the color of transmutation (according to some mystical beliefs), as well as other meanings.

The font also has a footprint of urban as the interventions and protests.

I will be very happy if my proposal is chosen.
I got to the very end but I made it.

Transparent Background
White Background
Icon / symbol
brand application in mockups
AI file for future changes;


Congratulations on your work! The mark looks very beautiful! :star_struck:

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I’m seeing this late, is it 25th end of day or no more submissions on the 25th? I am in Pacific timezone so its still the 24th here and was wondering when the precise cut off is as I would like to submit something also.



Come on, my latest contribution! I wanted to be able to represent an iconography that represented the struggle and achievements of women, but with the identification with the arts and the NFT (near) universe that will provide the opening of new horizons in several aspects.


Loved the inspiration on Maat and Venus statue! We hope this bounty is accepted :slight_smile: Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you very much! I am immensely happy that you liked my proposal. I will also be happy if she is chosen to represent INA DAO :heart:

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thank you soo much !!!