[PROPOSAL] Ghetto Onboarding Campaign using urban Black and White Photography to create NFTs of Ghetto Dynamics and Metabolism in Artistic Fashion for Web3 and Crypto Education Using the NEAR Blockchain

This project is an onboarding and educational campaign for people in the slums using black and white photography of the individuals in question while paying them for modelling using NEAR tokens and opening a NEAR wallet for them and also putting their NEAR wallet in the smart contract of the NFTs minted so that they can be beneficiaries of the NFT. This project would enlighten ghetto people about web3, NFTs and self awareness of art value in the art world with NEAR Blockchain as a use case.
Comprising 10 photographs with different individual models in strong emotion provoking concept, dynamics and angle. The project would in its best form depict life in the ghetto from most spheres of daily metabolism within the area

Photography is a great tool for provoking emotions, this project would serve as a means of crypto evangelism on the heels of the beauty created while also being a contribution to the LENS DAO as an NFT project. There are creatives in various slums of west africa who are educated and technology savvy but have not been able to identify with a portal for which their value or skill can be utilized. This project would serve as a new dawn for these creatives who are in the ghetto to engage web 3 and understand that their content can be sold as NFTs for which they can profit and create an artistic reputation from. While opening NEAR wallets for them i will be educating them in layman’s language about NFT marketplaces on NEAR like mintbase and Paras and how their wallet would be automatic beneficiaries by the smart contract of the minting. This would awaken these creatives to a new dimension of reasoning of self value market and spark up an enthusiasm for web 3. I will see to it that they are registered to the NEAR gov forum and show them how to engage with the community. The project would for a certainty onboard 10 creatives who would be models for the shoots and also most likely onboard other enthusiasts who see these creatives benefiting from the project in remuneration and enlightenment

Budget ( To be requested per each milestone)

10 models (from the ghetto) : $30 x 10 = $300
NEAR wallet activation (0.2N x10) = 2 NEAR (4 x 2)= $8
Transport, logistics and miscellaneous = $70
Bounty = $50
Sub Total = $428

The success of this project would be evaluated by

  1. The 10 ghetto creatives onboarded to the NEAR community with their near wallets and gov forum ids commenting in the report.
  2. The 10 Photography NFTs minted in the Lens DAO store with the ghetto creatives near wallet as part of the smart contract of the minted NFT
  3. Marketing benefits for both DAO and author since both parties would be promoting the content on their social channels.
  4. Beautiful way to represent Lens DAO and NEAR Blockchain in an onboarding campaign

I am an urban settler and I see the potential of the beauty to be created in this project. I’m interested in this project.


I highly commend this proposal, the one step at a time funding system is quite catchy. All the best with this :heart:

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