[CLOSED BOUNTY] Creation of a 3XR Gallery + Feedback 5 x 10$ (usdc)

Hello all!

Incubadora DAO established an official partnership with 3XR (3xr.space and create.3xr.space) and is engaging with the community for the creation of curated 3XR galleries and getting feedback from enthusiasts.

  • We have 5 x 10$ (usdc) to reward the first 5 galleries + feedback report.

  • To participate, first watch this video tutorial: 3XR - Como criar uma galeria customizável - YouTube and join the Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @threexr

  • Then, go to create.3xr.space and create your gallery. Mint it in the 3XR DAO store. Wait for the gallery to be approved!

  • After that, reply to this bounty with the link for the gallery and 5 bullet points with your feedback. We are looking for insights into ‘templates’, ‘position’, ‘color’, ‘formatting’, ‘interface’, etc.

  • Basically, we want to know, from your artistic perspective, what can be improved to better your experience while creating beautiful virtual galleries :slight_smile:

  • We will only reward serious participations.

  • After we have 5 submissions or after the 14th of May, in case we don’t, we will send 10$ (usdc) to the wallets, so remember to add it to your submission.

  • We are excited to see the collections you select and hear your feedback! Good minting! Thank you all!

(tutorial to swap usdc into NEAR: Como trocar NEAR e stablecoins na Ref.Finance - YouTube)


Itchy finger here to participate, should I?

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everyone should! :)))

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Oh yeahssss. On it! :sunglasses::raised_hands:

Success! Your gallery creation was proposed to a DAO.

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Hello, greetings :star_struck:

Here’s my gallery link Collection of 12 by fabiianolf.near | CUSTOM 3XR

Near Wallet: fabiianolf.near

First of all, I would like to congratulate 3XR and the Incubator for this wonderful project, they really deserve it.

Let’s go to the considerations:

  1. The ease of submitting to the portfolio and creating the gallery is a super positive point.
  2. The main interface of the 3XR website is beautiful, but I think it could be better if the font was changed.
  3. I would also suggest some different styles of galleries, for example: open spaces (parks and gardens).
  4. On the home page, I think there could be an easy access link to the creator’s profile, I had difficulty finding it.
  5. the art search system is a super positive point, I found all the NFTs and a few more.

Near Wallet: fabiianolf.near


Olá, saudações :star_struck:

Segue o link da minha galeria Collection of 12 by fabiianolf.near | CUSTOM 3XR

Primeiramente, gostaria de parabenizar a 3XR e a Incubadora por este projeto maravilhoso, estão de parabéns mesmo.

Vamos às considerações:

  1. A facilidade em submeter à carteira e criar a galeria é um ponto super positivo.
  2. A interface principal da do site da 3XR tá linda, mas acho que poderia melhor se trocada a fonte.
  3. Eu sugeriria também alguns estilos diferentes de galerias, como por exemplo: locais abertos (parque e jardins).

Carteira Near: fabiianolf.near

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hey! Não te esqueças da parte do feedback! obrigado! :)))

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Oh, yes. We already talked about. I will share it here too. Remember that my experience is solely from the mobile perspective, I don’t have a PC.

  • More templates
  • Better show of Gif/vídeo/audio
  • 3D and AR out of the walls
  • Statistcs about vistors
  • Guestbook
  • Art organize inside the gallery
  • Edit final Nft of gallery

Well, that’s what I remember now. We keep talking. Thank you for everything. You rock!


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10 usdc sent to each of you!

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3 slots to go!! Let’s go everyone

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You are the best :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: tnx!

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Not easy to find royalties information.
Nice options but more templates needed :slight_smile:

using Chrome browser the galery visit is mot that smooth

But in general a great experience :smiley:

Keep up the great work

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thank you!

2 slots to go, 2 days to go :slight_smile:

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This is a whole new experience to me and I really enjoy it

  • The resolution of the art are very detail and clean I wish we could have space to adjust the size of the art.

  • The space look really real, I wonder we can have 3 or more people in the same gallery at the same time to create more event in the future.

  • More variety of template in the future and more color combination.

  • The layout of the UX/UI are friendly and easy to use 9/10.

  • The position are ok, as I mention more template mean more position in the future.

Thank you for new experience, my wallet: mathh.near

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Hello, I have mint gallery for several times, this one is the latest with the collection of NFTs I did throughout activities with DAOs on NEAR


My thoughts:

  1. Templates have fixed numbers of max NFT, it could be rearrange the space between NFTs if there’s not enough number to the maximum so it looks better.
  2. Preview sometimes loading a long time
  3. Should be template for 1 pic only with a very attractive design to showcase arts that special
  4. Should have a separate page to browse/find gallery easier
  5. Purchase for NFT inside the gallery without going to another window of Mintbase is perfect.

My wallet: duyhoa.near

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hello @tiagus @MathewNm and @duyhoa

Thanks for participating. 10 usdc sent to your wallets!

Attention please, don’t send usdc directly to an exchange IF Near protocol is not the network used. Follow this tutorial to swap your tokens: Como trocar NEAR e stablecoins na Ref.Finance - YouTube (portuguese but with EN subtitles)

The bounty is now closed!