[CLOSED BOUNTY] Create Visual Instagram Posts For Our Feed

We want people to bring their visual style and flavour to our Instagram feed!

This is a bounty for all visual artists, people who work with photos, typography, collage, painting, digital art etc. We want your art on our feed!

We often post on our instagram image cut into 3 posts so that they are one big image in a line (you can see examples bellow) and we are looking for artists to create a GARDEN themed image it whatever visual style and medium they work with.

The Guidelines:

  • Artwork must include ‘GARDEN’ somewhere. (it doesn’t have to be the main focus of the artwork but must be included somewhere)

  • The artwork dimensions must be 300mm x 100mm. (This will then be cropped by us, into 3 separate 100mm x 100mm artwork for the 3 individual posts)

  • You can enter more then one entry. But you can only claim one bounty placing!

How does it work?

Submit your artwork in this forum post + your near name.

Once the deadline is reached we will close the bounty and the council will vote on the artworks to be posted on our Instagram. The artworks will also be minted as NFT’s in our mintbase store.

  • 1st place - $75
  • 2nd place - $50
  • 3rd place - $25

The deadline for the bounty is the 24th of March and the winners will be voted on by council once submissions are closed.

Looking forward to seeing your art! :sunny:

Please keep in mind this is a open and caring community, be respectful, don’t steal or copy artwork. But do invite your friends to participate! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some examples of our Instagram posts with ‘GARDEN’ used for our previous events.
You can also see more of these posts at our Instagram page! feel free to follow us :wink:

Garden Collective Instagram


Dope bounty…
I will participate in this contest

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My entry with a realistic design, can be cut into 3 independent pictures which still stay solid structure.



This is my personal favorite garden. Love to make it in minimal style. mimimamo.near hope I can win :3

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Well I have given my 100 percent to ensure better results.
Thanks for the same opportunity :blush:

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Took inspiration from my friend @adisingha319

My address :-a3475d236deec4302eb8ba935cf14725c257a3998843f80a7d6f04eeb75ce6e8


I can’t decide which one should I join with and aince it is allowed to join woth more than one entry, I will include all these 3. Good luck to all.

Near ID: maryrazel.near


when will this bounty end?

The deadline for the bounty is the 24th of March and the winners will be voted on by the council once submissions are closed.

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Worth noting that our monthly proposal has been approved by the creatives dao, but is still in the voting process as per the new payout process!

If you are part of a DAO on the council of Creatives DAO, you can vote on our proposal here.


Indoors or outdoors, start planting today!
Near id - thenos.near


Mesa de trabajo 1
Mesa de trabajo 2
Mesa de trabajo 3

there is my contribution




Hi. Did a Garden too, hope It fix the bounty :star_struck::+1:


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Why is my image not appearing in the post? :pleading_face:
Well… luluca_l.near :sunglasses:

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Hey! Try uploading again, would be great for all to see :slight_smile:

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when is the final deadline for submission?


The deadline for the bounty is the 24th of March! :slight_smile:

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hello! nice bounty <3
I might submit some art :smiley:

the dimensions for digital art is measured in pixels not in mms, :wink:
image size for instagram needs to be is at least 1080 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall each <3 so I think the image size you guys need is 3240x1080px <3

jut took this pic from the window of my studio <3 good omen <3